Monster Integration - Chapter 1505 - Mira Vs. Raina II

Chapter 1505 - Mira Vs. Raina II

Chapter 1505 - Mira Vs. Raina II

The arean turned beautiful as it divided into two seasons; half of the arena is filled with a frozen cold that could even freeze the Kings instantly while the other half is filled with autumn, not only chrysanthemum flying everywhere, there is also beautiful sunlight.

They both are pus.h.i.+ng against each other, but no one is getting the upper hand in the arena each.

The contest went on for a few minutes before both then launched the new attack and this time with their weapons. Metallic clashes begin to ring, which created a ripple across the forcefield.

While they fought, the cold and autumn around them grew as they continued clas.h.i.+ng, pus.h.i.+ng against each other.

It had created quite a beautiful scene, the most beautiful scene that ever happened in the battle. I wanted to skip watching this battle and work on the upgrade of my Inheritance, so I could finish it as soon as possible, but the scene in front of me too enchanting for me to take my eyes off.

There is another reason I did not do that. Once Mira comes to know I did not watch her battle, she will chew me alive, and she likes to hold a grudge, so I better keep my eyes on this battle.

While I am watching the battle, I am also trying to crash on the upper floor of my Refinement Tower; during the past week, I had been making progress in it, and I felt like today would be a day I would break through the fifth floor.

I really need the boost that pure energy gives and also multiplied storage. Elijah, Ellen, and Jill are not simple opponents; to fight against them, I will have to use all my strength.

Even with my current strength, I am not feeling confident that I could defeat them, all three of them are very powerful, and the real abilities of Ellen and Elijah are a complete mystery to me.

It is only Jill's abilities that I have some idea due to her inheritance connection with the academy, but I might wrong seeing how different moves Inheritances holders have even if they have the same Inheritance, especially when it comes to powerful Inheritance as the Abyssal Star Inheritance.

One harnesses abilities and moves from Inheritance that suited them best, an Apex Inheritance have thousands of moves and arts in them, and it gives one what is most suitable for them.

So, I will be fighting blind against three of them; I hope Mira and Raina revealed some of their abilities; it will be quite helpful to me if we met in the next round.

All the battles till the final will be finished today, and tomorrow there will only one battle. If I win all the battles today, I will reach the final, accomplis.h.i.+ng the dream that the academy held for more than a thousand years; it is not only for the academy but also for me.

I want to fight the strongest members of my generation; this will be the only chance I get as once the champions.h.i.+p is over, all of them will change, hideaway and train in secret locations or change their ident.i.ty to fight in Grimm Battlefield; I will have to do the same.

Most of the people from the Top 1000 will do that. After every champions.h.i.+p, the rows of occurred. Grimm Monsters used, spies, or they themselves tried to kill any partic.i.p.ants they found.

People like me have to be extra careful to kill those who entered the Top 10; Grimm Monsters even sacrificed their tyrants. It is a fair trade for them, seeing they are only sacrificing the normal tyrants for an Elite who kill hundreds of our level, and it held true when we became Tyrants.


I was daydreaming when a sudden change occurred on the battlefield, and both of the partic.i.p.ants used their power moves and move of Mira shocked all those who were sitting in the partic.i.p.ant's area and those who could see what her move represent.

Life and Death

Mira launched the attack that has the shadow of life and Death. Life and Death are one of the Prime Laws that govern the whole universe, and a bare show of them changes many things.

I am feeling quite shocked; Mira having the Life and Death element Prime Crysanthemum Bloodline changes things. Having the two elements in her bloodline is guaranteed her becoming a super powerhouse in the future, and Grimm Monsters will have to try very hard if they want to kill her.

It is saying in the world that those who touched my Life and Death Element are very hard to kill. I don't know if its true or not, but I like to believe it, as the rules I had comprehended have descended from these two Prime Laws.

With Mira revealing the true nature of her bloodline and using her core moves, she gained the edge over Raina; till now, they have been an equality match, but now it is Mira who had an edge.

It should not be a surprise to anyone, the Apex+ const.i.tution is powerful, but a bloodline with two Prime Elements is even more powerful.

In just a few minutes, Raina had gone on completely defensive; she had summoned the defensive method, which is about average, but with the power of her const.i.tution, it had become powerful.

But the powerful defensive method is under strain with a constant barrage of powerful attacks.

Mira is launching one powerful attack after another, not giving her Raina even a little breathing s.p.a.ce. Within a few minutes of a barrage of powerful attacks, Raina's defensive method came close to breaking point; it won't be long before it is destroyed.

Raina seemed to understand that, and because of that, she decided to stake it all in one powerful attack, and what attack it was, it had shocked the audience but regretfully, Mira successfully neutralized her attack and attacked her with her own.


Raina crashed on the forcefield hard, as she could not defend against Mira's attack, but Raina did not seem disappointed; when she got up, there was a soft smile on her bloodied face.