Monster Integration - Chapter 1460 - Battling Reagen III

Chapter 1460 - Battling Reagen III

Chapter 1460 - Battling Reagen III

"I had expected I would need more than one move to defeat you but had not expected, I would need to use it this early in the battle," She said with a sigh as she had completely dominated by me.

"Draught of Fencer," she said softly, and the next second, I felt myself under the glare of the harsh sun, sweat started to pour off from my body, and I begin to feel parched. There is also a weakness that spreads into every part of my body, making me feel Ive walked hundreds of miles, and now it is time for me to rest.

This move is a combination of Soul and Aura power; these things I am feeling are not only the soul effect but also the aura effect which had infiltrated into my body, bypa.s.sing my defense.

Whoever created this skill must be a great genius; the aura directly bypa.s.sed Armor without triggering defenses of my Armor; not only that, even when it spread through my body, the defenses of the const.i.tution did not wake up.

My body did not consider this aura a threat; it is considered harmless as air, and the aura is harmless itself. It is acting like a relaxant, making me feel like I am very weak, and I should relax and let it make me feel good.

"Nice Move," I said admiringly as I attacked; it had been a moment since she activated her move; though it affected me, I am perfectly capable of countering it, both mentally and physically.

She seemed surprised seeing me countering her attack, but it did not seem to faze her as she smoothly moves her rapier to counter me with far more speed and strength before; the move not affected me but also affected her, sensing her aura, I could feel this move have given her great boost in power.

As her sword come, it produced a glare that struct right in my eyes and blinded me for a moment; if anyone had been in my place, they would have found the sword in their chest before their eyes turned to normal but not me.

I could still see even when my eyes are blinded, Ive met a very nasty Silver Ghoul, who fight very dirty; that b.a.s.t.a.r.d was the pinnacle of the level at which one could fight directly, and weapon glare are one of the things he used on me.

That fight was quite nasty that I was barely able to win, but due to that fight, I was able to add many mechanisms in my Armor, and one of them sliding mechanism.

If I got blinding for any reason, the blood vision of my killing rule will active that instant. So the moment I got blinded, everything in front of me turned crimson and slowed down my little.

I could see the sword coming toward me, and it is changing its target from neck to my stomach.

"I did not know honorable fencer like you play dirty," I said, as I smoothly moved my sword to counter hers.

To my surprise, I did not saw any guilt or shame on her face but a smile, "It is battle, not a dual, and I planned to win it," she said, bringing out the smile on my face.

She is right; this is not a formal dual but a battle that we are fighting in a dueling style that we both want to win and using every trick we have, no matter how dirty it is.


A huge shockwave released from our weapons, powerful enough to tear a bunch of kings into the thread.

The energy of attack she released also is different from before, the swords that came hot like a scorching sun but also promised oasis if I did not put up any resistance against it and I have to say, the compulsion is very strong that those with weak will not able to resist it.

I activated a couple of my formations of the Old Set and felt amazing strength coursing through me. It is very powerful; I need to deal with the move she had activated; what she had used now was not even one-tenth of the strength of the move; I could feel a huge amount of strength coursing through her, which she had yet to use.


We begin clas.h.i.+ng at our at great speed, that even powerful Kings will have a hard time seeing our swords move.

Our Rapiaers are moving at a lightning-fast speed, so fast that a normal person would cut ten times before he realizes what is happening, and with each move, our strength is increased.

It had become dual of strength, technique, and control.

I am steadily increasing my strength with each move, and in few minutes, I would reach the limit of 'Old Set' and have to use another move to maintain the edge, its a good thing I am not the only one who will reach the limit, Reagen too will reach it, and she will have to reveal another one of her moves.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and we continued to fight crazily, using every means we have in our current power to win the battle, but it is hard when your opponent is also quite talented, and there is another restriction that we both can't reveal our power to much.

I will be fighting 'Monsters' in the Top 100, and for that, I have to reveal as little as possible otherwise, I would have been able to do much more even in my current state.

Revealing too much will give my opponent an edge, and I don't want them to know, especially Ellen; she knows me quite well, even the slightest clue could give her too much information.

I have reached the limit, so is she, and now we have equal strength; we are trying to win with our technique, but n.o.body was able to gain too much upper hand on the other.