Monster Integration - Chapter 1459 - Battling Reagen II

Chapter 1459 - Battling Reagen II

Chapter 1459 - Battling Reagen II


Her sword clashed against mine despite her many tries to stab her Rapier at my neck. She may be cla.s.sically trained in the dueling since she was a child, but I had learned through thousands of life and death battles.


As our weapons clashed, she tried to slide her Rapier through mine and approach my head, but I did not let that happen and move my Rapier according to hers, keeping her Rapier locked with mine.

I have to say, she is the very talented swordsman Ive ever fought in my world. Though the Ghouls in the ruin were quite talented, they have thousands of years to perfect their art, while Reagen did not have even twenty.

Seeing I her attempts are becoming futile, Reagen took back her Rapier and attacked again, and this time it is blurring slash.

The dueling Rapier is not slas.h.i.+ng weapons due to their thin build and range, but War Rapier is good for slas.h.i.+ng as they are for stabbing, and they also little greater range than the dueling Rapier.


I stopped her slash as I had her stab; this time, too, she had tried to play tricks, but I had easily dealt with it.

"Hehe, you are quite good," Reagen said, smiling for the first time since the battle started, "You are not much bad either," I shot back in a smile.

"Well, let's get serious then," she said, and a sharp metallic aura blasted out her, but this aura is very controlled like the Rapier in hand.

"Blight Of The Fencer!" She said solemnly, and her Rapier in her hand shone gently as she came at me like a bullet.

"Old Set!"

She had activated a very powerful move, is not much flashy and very controlled, but those with experienced eyes would be easily able to see, the strength hid behind the move she had activated.

The Runic Formations of the 'First Boost' activated, filling every part of my body with strength, giving me a feeling of drunkness for a moment.

She appeared in front of me and slashed, and her target is my neck; seeing how experienced her move seemed, I am sure she would have decapitated lots of Grimm Monsters.

Not backing down, even for a moment, I moved my Rapier, and it went for her chest with double speed than her Rapier; her eyes got alarmed for a moment before she flawlessly moved her sword to block mine.


Her Rapier blocked my attack, but it was just a start, and as I whipped back my Rapier and attacked again at an even faster speed and with more skill, which she immediately noticed and moved her sword according to it.


Our weapons clashed, and a large host of sharp energy tore into my Rapier. This Inheritance energy is very sharp; when it touched my skin, I felt like I had been attacked by thousands of tiny swords.

The energy attack of her very powerful but, just as it touched my Armor, all of it got sucked by my runes and converted into raw energy for me to use.

Just ou weapons clashed, I moved my Rapier backed up before whipping out another attack at Reagen.

Usually, I stayed pa.s.sive in the battle, get to know every move, my opponent, move before launching my own attacks but seeing the skills of Reagen; I took the lead in the battle.

There are very few people who are as talented swordsmen as Reagen, and now that I had come across her, I wanted to test my skill against her.


A defeaning sound and huge shockwaves spread through the ring every second as we begin fighting in earnest. There are no flashy moves that filled the whole ring; no, we are just two swordsmen who are testing our skills against each other.

Battle or Fight would be the wrong term on what we are doing; It is a dual truest sense as we are not using flas.h.i.+ng moves; we are dueling with our rapiers.

I continued to launch the attack after, after attack, not giving her a single chance to launch the attack of her own. While I am leading the battle, she is not at much disadvantage; she is easily countering every attack I am throwing at her.

She is a cla.s.sically trained fencer; every move she uses is honed to perfection through the thousands of years of work.

Compared to her elegant moves that looked like beautiful sword dance, I looked like an immature swordsman who is attacking her left and right. It is quite fun fighting when your opponent is such talented.

"I know you were quite skillful with a sword but not this skillful, and not to forget you are using a Rapier which is totally opposite to the greatsword that you usually use," Reagen said while defended against one of the lightning-fast attacks.

"Thank You," I said with a smile before suddenly increased my speed and level of skills I am using on my sword.


A flash of surprise appeared in her eyes before it morphs into a soft smile as she begins defending against my lightning-fast attacks than; in few moves, the soft smile that had appeared on her face began to look strained, and a minute after that, its disappeared as face Reagen face became that of the concentration.

Reagen had nearly reached the limit of her move defending against me; her current move could provide her more power, but despite that, she is defending against me but not much longer.

She will have to use the better more; otherwise, she will get hit by my sword, and honestly, I will only need to strike her once, and I will win the battle.

Like me, she also did not want to reveal too much of her strength before the Top 100, but she is also reluctant to accept defeat, as defeating me will give her a perfect score of nine wins which will not use in the Top 100 as she already qualifies for that but still, winning all matches of one's group is honer itself.

So, I am very sure in the next minute; I will get to see a move she had not used in this Champions.h.i.+p before.