Monster Integration - Chapter 139 Mutated Treants Heart III

Chapter 139 Mutated Treants Heart III

Each circulation felt like lava coursing through my veins, normally I can complete few circulations within the second but now completing one whole circulation takes minutes and feel torturous.

Except for the pain of my burning mana, I did not feel any other pain, I am not feeling even slight pain of Supreme Combat Exercise.

I gritted my teeth as I kept circulating move after move of the exercise, every move felt utterly torturous but I still keep circulating move after move.

I am doing this because I know this perfect chance to advance create the fourth seal.

I have been stuck on the 22nd move of the exercise for the past few days and wasn't able to advance due to the immense pain I was feeling but now I see the hope.

This pain I am currently I am feeling is many times more intense than the pain I was feeling at the 22nd move.

I am currently at the 7th move, every move felt painful but I still kept circulating it.

Before I can think of creating the fourth seal, I have to reach 22nd circulation first as this was the level I was previously at.

Normally I require less than three seconds to reach 22nd move but now, I think each circulation of the move taking me minutes.

Enduring the pain, I kept circulating more and more moves of supreme combat exercise, I reached the 17th circulation and kept circulating forward.

The only good thing about this circulation that pain is not increasing at every circulation as the pain I am feeling is the pain of burning mana.

The pain of supreme combat exercise is comply dwarfed by it.

Time pa.s.sed by and I finally I reached my previous 22nd circulation, now the real test starts.

I started to circulate 23rd move and I am surprised to find that there is no change in rithm if circulation.

The sudden spike of pain I am expecting did not appear, except for the immense pain burning mana.

Without stopping I kept circulate the 24th move, in twenty firth move also, I didn't feel any spike of sudden pain.

Now is the final moment, if I am breaking past this 24th move, I will be able to create the 4th seal and will gain enhancement in my strength.

I circulated peak of the 24th move and crashed against the final wall but there is no change.

My momentum isn't strong enough, enduring the pain, I increased the speed of circulation and crashed against the wall again but this time also there is the only ripple but no change in the wall.

I gritted my teeth increased the momentum of the circulation, I didn't want it crack it slowly.

I want to crash it in a single move, the pain of circulating move getting on my nerves.

I did not crash against the wall but keep building momentum, I build and build till I no longer can bear it and crashed it against the wall.

'Boom!' a loud boom rang through my body as wall broke in a single move.

I can feel that the seal is forming in my time but other than that I am not feeling anything.

Suddenly a thought came to my mind about where would the energy come to form the seal but soon I let of that thought.

I am at the limit of enduring pain and can't even lift my finger much less drink a potion to support the creation of the seal.

As time pa.s.sed, I did not feel the sucking sensation off my body, is it because I am too much in pain and can't sense anything or it is gaining its energy from somewhere such as the mutated treant heart, I ate earlier.

Time pa.s.sed by and I got the slight sensation of getting the fourth seal completed but I did not get rush of coll refres.h.i.+ng energy as I always got after the completion of the seal.

No matter how much I try to sense, there is nothing except for the pain of my mana burning.

That sensation also dwarfed by the immense pain I am feeling.

I am hoping to get relief of a few seconds from this pain but all my hoped get dashed as I felt nothing but pain.

The only proof of healing energy is my healed palms and gums.

After I felt that seal is stabilized, I again started to circulate moves of supreme combat exercise.

This is the perfect chance to advance Supreme combat exercise and it wouldn't be fair if I didn't use this opportunity well.

I felt no spike of pain from supreme combat exercise as I circulated the 1at move of the fifth seal, seeing that I started to circulate supreme combat exercise at my full speed.

If this going on, I may be lucky enough to create the fifth seal of exercise which will definitely give the edge in surviving this realm.

I am circulating 9th move when I felt Ashlyn opened her mind and next moment she entered inside me.

As she entered inside me, I felt like the pain I am feeling is lessening, it's like she is sharing my pain.

I wanted to say thank you but I can't seem to form thought to say that.

'Chew chew!' She somehow understood my thoughts and chirped soothingly in my mind.

I understand now that Ashlyn's pain gone, it would take much time to also because of that I increased the speed of exercises circulation to the limit.

I was right! A few minutes later I felt my pain lessening as I am circulating 15th and as mana burning pin lessened, I started to feel the pain of exercise.

Still, I kept circulation and only stopped at the 17th circulation when I felt too tired to go further.