Monster Integration - Chapter 138 Mutated Treants Heart II

Chapter 138 Mutated Treants Heart II

I don't know how I endured these three grueling hours but now the wait is finally over.

After I set up a tent, I decided not to eat the mutated treants heart right way and decided to wait till the dinner was over.

There were mainly two reasons for this, first is that my body was feeling quite weak.

For me using the power of the fourth Tide forcefully and the second reason is that I didn't know what effects it will have and how much time it will take.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirped excitedly, ''Wait for a minute, Ashlyn!" I said as I checked closed my tent carefully and remove all my clothes except for my innerwear.

I remove the Mutated Treant heart from the storage beside me.

It still looked the same as earlier, it is a little bigger than the adult fist with the crystalline green color.

Specks of bright red crystals could be seen inside it.

"Here take it!" I said to Ashlyn, she hopped with her tiny legs and started to take small bites.

I am a little surprised seeing Ashlyn only ate the small corner worth of single normal bite and laid on on her stomach after that.

I thought she would at least eat half of it seeing how glutton she is but she just ate a normal bite.

I tried to sense her emotions but she had closed off them. She had somehow to learn to close her emotion in the past few days.

Even I cant closed off my emotions from her, no matter how much I try.

She looked to be a pain but despite that, she is not making a single sound.

Seeing she is not in danger, I put my mind in calm and looked at the mutated treants heart in my hand.

Making my mind, I took a bite of treant heart.

As it entered my mouth, suddenly it melted and warm sensation filled me but before I could enjoy it and take the second bite, a searing pain spread through me, especially my heart.

I collapsed on the ground externalizing such pain, it felt like I am burning in flames of h.e.l.l.

That melted treant heart is like matchstick that lightened fire to all mana I have.

All the mana I have in my body started to burn at an amazing rate and a few moments later, I felt like my body is burning with the real fire.

There isn't a speck of mana in my heart that isn't burning, the mana inside refinement engine is no exception.

Normally refinement engine will s.h.i.+eld mana inside it from all the danger, it is very hard to breach mana inside of the refinement engine.

But now this Refinement Engine source of my biggest pain as central mana storage in my refinement engine is 95% full and now all that mana is bubbling giving me unimaginable pain.

It's like I have a cauldron of bubbling lava I have in my heart.

I now understand why that glutton Ashlyn didn't take a second bite.

Experiencing this burning, I can't even lift my finger much less my hand, it is taking all my willpower to not wail loudly in the pain.

I am falling on the ground and I am chattering my teeth so hard that my gums are bleeding.

I am feeling lucky that I didn't bite my tongue accidentally otherwise I would cut it directly with my teeth.

I don't know how much time had pa.s.sed but it felt like it had been hours its been going on.

I can't even open my eyes through this pain, I am at my limit that, I just want this pain to go away.

If this pain went in for a few more hours, it will surely mean with head.

I can feel stickiness in my palm, I am sure my nails must have bitten in my skin, drawing out blood.

In this immense burning pain, even forming rational thought become hard much less think hard.

I had a feeling that I am forgetting something and I should use this pain as an opportunity but no matter what, I can't seem to remember what I am missing.

Time pa.s.sed by but I don't know how much but now I am holding my backpack very tightly to me.

I don't know how it came to me but now I am tightly holding it in my arms and legs to bear the pain and for closure.

It is acting like a rock that I have been holding tightly in a raging river if I lost grip on it, I will be swept in the river.

Endure! Endure! I kept saying in my mind to keep myself from making noise.

I know once I started shouting, I don't think I will stop then, the whole camp will know about and I will become a walking joke in this camp.

I don't want that, in this past few days many people had made a joke out of themselves for various reason and whenever people saw them, they will laugh loudly.

As time pa.s.sed on, my willpower also started to give up, my whimpering became louder and louder and I was just about to give and shout loudly when a thought came into my mind.

I got the feeling earlier that I am missing something earlier but now I remembered it.

Supreme Combat Exercise, I was forgetting about circulating supreme combat exercise earlier.

This is the best opportunity to circulate supreme combat exercise as the pain I am feeling right will surely dwarf the pain of supreme combat exercise.

As I started to circulate my mana, I stopped suddenly due to intense pain, my mana is burning and as the mana circulates through the pain, it felt even more painful.

It felt like I am circulating lava through my veins, wherever my mana circulates, it brought back immense pain.

Currently, I am feeling the most pain in my heart and if I circulate supreme combat exercise, I will be feeling this pain all over my body.

Still gritting my teeth, I started to circulate mana in direction of supreme combat exercise.