Monster Integration - Chapter 1429 - Mira

Chapter 1429 - Mira

Chapter 1429 - Mira

"So, are you going to go meet your girlfriend?" Elina asked as the door of the conference room closed behind us.

"How do you know?" I asked back. Yes, I am going to meet Mira and I already a little later. "Humph, the way you were fidgeting for past half an hour and sneakily looking at your holowatch every few minutes, it was very clear you have somewhere very important to go," She replied.

I couldn't help but feel a little embarra.s.sed hearing that. If Elena beside me could notice it, I am sure that Professor Jenkins would have noticed it too; no wonder that woman was focusing on me too much past hour.

"Still, its a good thing you have fidgeted around; it had helped us leave the discussion early; Professor Jenkins tends to go for hours," she supplied.

I gave her muted smile; being one of the most important people in the Academy, I wanted to make a great impression on her on our first meeting, and I did well in the first few hours.

With this small blunder, I will have another opportunity to make a great impression on her.

"I will leave you them; I am already half an hour late if I am more late, Mira will chew me alive," I said apologetically.

"Go, meet your girlfriend, your deserved it after what you have been gone through in the past half a year," Elena said with a smile as she patted on my back lightly.

I nodded her thanks and began to walk out of Mansion; as I walked out, I directly took the air and flew toward the restaurant that Mira had asked me to meet.

I wish I could go faster, but there is a limit to the speed at which I could fly. If I had been a Tyrant, I would have been able to fly at as much speed I can.


Its a good thing, this city is quite small, and I was able to reach the place within ten minutes.

The café is very beautiful with only a one-story building; it has big gla.s.s windows and expensive high-grade plants that produced wonderful lights, making the café look quite vibrant and enchanting.

"Micheal Zaar," Said the Hostess when I was about the introduce myself when she called my name.

The Hostess is a beautiful woman in her late twenties wearing a long s.h.i.+mmery black dress that hugged her body well; what surprised me her strength; she is a Peak King and powerful one at that if aura around her is any proof.

"Yes," I asked, "Miss Alexander is waiting for you," she said and began to lead me upstairs toward the roof.

Soon we reach the roof, where there are a lot fewer tables than below, only twenty. I did not look at the other tables, the one I was looking for was already waiting for me.

I saw Mira sitting at the corner table with the great view, staring at the entrance. As she saw me, her face stilled before she appeared in front of me, and I found my lips on hers, kissing her pa.s.sionately.

We did not have to say anything; all we have to say is getting said between the kiss, which is very painful to me as I could feel her pain she had felt when she comes to know I had disappeared.

"What you have put me in this past half year is simply unforgivable," She said as she broke the kiss, "I am sorry." It is the only thing I could say as I wiped the tears away from her eyes.

The Hostess has already disappeared but not that we need her; as we walked toward our table, I, like a gentleman, pulled her chair before sitting on mine before beginning to observe her.

The past half-year has changed her; she looked even more mature and red dress she is wearing.

She had also reached Peak King from High Stage of King she was half a year ago. This progress is not surprising; if not for she being suppressing herself at King Stage for nearly years, she would have been at least a High Emperor by now.

While her level changed, her aura did not. She still possesses that distinctive aura of Cryssalis Bloodline; it is not much different from other Crysallic Bloodline holders; I sensed before.

If not having solid intelligence that she had Prime Crysilis Bloodline rather than normal Cyssalis Bloodline, I would have definitely doubted.

"You know, I had never thought I would be studying my girlfriend such a way that I am studying in the past week," I said; I did not say anything about Prime as it is still a secrete and should not be said out in public.

"Really, what did you learn with all the studying?" She asked back with a teasing smile, "Many things," I said mysteriously.

"Then, I hope those things would surely help you last more than five minutes against me, as what I got from studying you, you won't be able to last even a minute," she said with having a sweet smile on her face.

"Don't worry; I can definitely last more than a minute against you, surely you know," I said with a teasing smile, which brought faint blush on her face.

"I had missed you very much!" It couldn't help but come out of my mouth. Only after seeing her, I had realized how much I had missed her. The empty feeling I had been feeling for quite a had healed itself minutes after talking to her.

"I missed you too;" "I had come to your Academy, you know," she said, "I know, and you have no idea how bad I feel about worrying you," I said.

Teacher had told me about her coming to the Academy just two days after I had been stuck into the Ruin. She had not only come to the Academy; she had even spent a week there before leaving.