Monster Integration - Chapter 1428 - Discussions II

Chapter 1428 - Discussions II

Chapter 1428 - Discussions II

Aside from being extremely powerful and easily pa.s.sable to the next generation, the Chrysalis Bloodline of the Alexander Family came in two variations.

The first variation is common, while the other is Prime variation. The Prime variation of Bloodline is disgustingly powerful that only four people were able to activate the Prime variation of that Bloodline in the ten thousand years, and all four of them are extremely powerful people who achieved great things.

Still, it was quite a shock to me that Mira Inherited the Prime Bloodline. She had never shown; she had always been powerful, but she had never shown the power of Prime Chrysalis Bloodline of legend.

Not that I could blame her; if I had been in her place, I would have kept it hidden for as long as possible. Once it is known, the Grimm Monsters will do anything to kill her; they would even go as far as sacrificing their most well-placed spies to it.

They have done it many times; it is very worth it. A very smile price to uproot future trouble that would kill their powerhouses by millions.

"I a.s.sume you did not know about your Girlfriend, Prime Chrysalis Bloodline?" Professor Jenkins asked. To that, I shook my head; I did not have even the slightest idea about it.

I could detect a slightly sharp tone of her voice, but I did not take it at heart; anyone at her place would expect me to know some secrets about my girlfriend, but regretfully I did not.

We have not mixed practice with a relations.h.i.+p, and now that I think about it, it is also one biggest reasons we clicked so perfectly.

We both had our secrets that we won't tell others, and to enforce that, we used to practice at our place, which helped keep our secrete to ourselves.

The only time we have spent very close was on the airs.h.i.+p on the way returning home that time too; we barely practiced, most of the time had been spent in each other's company.

"Moving on to the next is Jonathan Pearson from Silverstone Academy. His Inheritance is extremely powerful, and we have intel of him fighting against six well-known Emperors of his organization and beating them all in less than ten minutes." She informed, expanding the image of a thin brown boy.

He is looked like an average person you will walking on the street; one would not see anything special about him unless they see his eyes. Those blue eyes of his really something; even in projection, they seemed to be radiating the sharpness.

"The last one is Jonah Simon, from Bloodsun," Professor said and stopped for a moment, which she never did between four other introductions, which made me very curious about him.

"He is the rare case, with both Bloodline and Inheritance." Professor Jenkins said, hearing that I couldn't help but frown.

It is rare for one to have Both Bloodline and Inheritance but not unheard of. Usually, these people had to seal up one as the Bloodline and Interferes with each other working.

Even if the Bloodline and Inheritance are of the same type and element, they still create interference with each other.

This interference usually come in the form of slow practice speed, but sometimes it goes extreme; people have exploded due to interference between the two forces, so those with Bloodline usually refrain from taking Inheritance, and even if they want to, their Bloodline won't let them imprint the Inheritance.

"The Inheritance and Bloodline of his are different type but work seamlessly and even increase each other's power by many folds," she informed, "People, I had talked to theorized that he had some kind Const.i.tution that helped him balance out the Bloodline and Inheritance," She added hesitatingly as if she does not fully agree with conjecture.

While she may not fully agree with it, I fully agree with that conjecture. I have a special const.i.tution and know how many things I am able to do with it. Having a special that was able to create the balance between Inheritance and Bloodline is not strange for me.

"Regrettably, we have no recent battle recording of these five; we will have to work on old ones to find their strength and weakness," she said as she opened all the battle recordings of the Jonah.

Except for Jonah, we have also studied the battle recordings of the other four. They are in the Top Hundred people we have to look for in the compet.i.tion, only Jonah had been remained unknown till now.

Time pa.s.sed by as we watched battle after, fight after fight. We watched from oldest to newest, watching his progress, what area he progressed the most, and in what he had progressed the least.

Summering all that to find the most exploitable points in its fighting Style. It is not easy as it looked, but it became a little easier when two powerful experts helped.

Still, both professors are helping very little, making us do most of the work, which is fine. The little help they give is already more than enough to decode all the moves and fighting style.

I have to remember the latest footage we are viewing is a year old, and these people would have advanced by leaps and bounds by now. Still, there is huge information we could glean from it.

"We will stop for now; I am sure you don't want to be bogged down by too much studying," Professor Jenkins said, that couldn't help but make Elena rolled her eyes at her.

We have been studying one person for the past six hours, without taking a second break. It is very hard to get away when Professor Jenkins is sitting in front of you.

She reminded me of my sharp eyes teachers who would take control of the rowdy cla.s.s in few words, and that cla.s.s would behave till the teacher say otherwise. We are like that in front of Professor Jenkins.