Monster Integration - Chapter 1420 - Epiphany

Chapter 1420 - Epiphany

Chapter 1420 - Epiphany


I finished off the last feather, now except for faint energy traces, nothing had remained except for fluctuations of the powerful attack.

This time, there was no surprise on Elena's face as she had expected something like that to happen.

"Phoniex Rage," She said as her aura begin to rise speedily; at the same time, thick purple violet fire came out her swirl around her; seeing how easily I dealt had with her first attack, she had directly taken of the big guns.

"Watch out for this, Micheal," She said, and the next moment she disappeared from her spot.

Numerous formations light up across my body Armor, providing a boost in every category. The attacks of her from now on going to be very powerful; I will have to use some power of my Armor to deal with them.

She appeared in front of me and swung her blazing spear directly at my chest, the spear emitting sheer power and deathly fire, which would even obliterate even a soul.

Unlike other fire Phoenix Fire, affect the soul as much as it affects the body. One might quickly heal from the bodily injuries, but it is extremely difficult to heal from soul injuries.

If the soul injury is serious enough, then one might never heal from it, cutting the practice path forever, and it is one of the reasons people are so afraid of the Phoenix fire.

I moved my Rapier to counter her counter Blazing Spear while going once more over my soul defense; it never hurts to be too careful.


My Rapier clashed against her blazing spear, stopping it on its tracks. As I stopped the spear, I felt a huge amount of burning energy coming toward me through my Rapier, and I was surprised to notice that 75% of the energy she attacked me with is of the soul nature.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face seeing that. It is common knowledge that the soul is always weaker than the body, but despite knowing that not everyone had a way to attack the soul, Elena has it, and she decided to use it without holding back.

Regrettably for her, it is not going to work on me; my soul is as much strong as my body, and now when her soul fire came at me, I did not put any soul defense. I let my soul directly clash with it, to temper my soul with Phoenix Fire.

What I am doing is extremely dangerous; the slightest mistake on my part and I would have my soul damaged, but I still did it, the benefits are worth it.


Elena harrumphed, seeing her attack stopped by the delicate Rapier before moving her spear slightly to launch another attack at the greater speed.

Seeing her attack coming at even far speed, I took back my Rapier before whipping it back at the blazing spear at even greater speed.


All of a sudden, her attacks became faster, sharper, and accurate, it is not just a change power of her attacks that increased, but her technique has also become a lot better.

I was confused by the big change in her, but the next second, I understood it all when I looked at her eyes.

'Well, isn't she luckiest little miss,' I said. First, she got that huge power-up by consuming thousands of necrotic cores, and now she is going through an epiphany that is advancing her technique and battle sense at rocket speed.

Epiphanies are extremely rare since I had begun practicing; I had only gone through the three Epiphanies, which is a lot considering some people never go through it in their whole life.

I had heard that people with Bloodlines go through a lot more epiphanies than normal people; I had never believed that theory but seeing Elena having Epiphany and during the battle at that seemed enough proof.

Battle Epiphanies are extremely rare; usually, Ephopahinies come when the mind is calmest, not when it is tensest during the battle.

Seeing today being her lucky, I decided to make it even luckier. I slowly begin to increase the power of my attacks, the increment behind the power of my attacks are extremely smooth; I am using all the experience I had to make it smooth as possible.

Any sudden increase in my attacks could break her out of her Epiphany; I don't want that. Getting an Epiphany is extremely rare, and I want my friend to take full advantage of that.

Time pa.s.sed by, I smoothly continuously increased the power behind my attacks, and Elene, who is Epiphany, continued to absorb it all. I could tell how she is learning from my techniques, melding them according to her style.

She is making enough progress by the minutes that I took a day to make while fighting a life and death battle against the Silver Ghouls.

If I had a similar level of strength as her, even with all my techniques, she would have finished me within a minute.

As I continued to fight her, I noticed she is getting stronger; not only her techniques are improving at a visible rate, but she also begins to harvest more power from her Bloodline.

It is very clear as the bloodline energy in her aura is faintly getting stronger by the second. I had noticed it first since I am not using my sensory field, but when that bloodline aura got thick enough, I had noticed it immediately.

It made me immediately believe that her Ephiphany is Bloodline induced.

Now that I had noticed it, I especially focused on it. It is a rare chance to collect data on Bloodline, a Phoenix Bloodline at that. If I can collect enough data, it will surely help me optimizing my Inheritance further.

Time pa.s.sed by, and six minutes pa.s.sed since Elena went into the Epiphany, and in these six minutes, she had made absurdly huge progress that shocked me from my core.