Monster Integration - Chapter 1419 - Exhibition Battle II

Chapter 1419 - Exhibition Battle II

Chapter 1419 - Exhibition Battle II

This attack may seem simple, but it is an amalgamation of what I had learned after fighting the Ghouls for six months. Those thousands of years, monsters have perfected their techniques to the peak, and I had learned a lot from them.

It is because of my technique, Elena was not able to gauge the power behind my attack and had to take a step back.

"Don't be smug, Micheal; I will not make a similar mistake again," She said, and I felt her soul sense covering me mixed with some kind of sensory rule power; she has utilized the same move as my sensory field and seeing how sophisticated it is, I know this move is from her Bloodline.

As she activated her sensory move, she came at me, and this time, her Spear is blazing at a greater intensity and emitting an aura that is a lot more intense than before.

It only took her an instant to appear in front of me and swing her blazing Spear at me. This time, she is a lot more careful, with her soul sense even minute movement I make.

I swung my Rapier with the same grace as before, but those who are watching the can it held a lot more power than before.


Our weapons clashed again, and this time, her fire held on, and she just shook a little as a force of my attack and intense energy clashed against her.

I have to say her bloodline energy is very powerful, far more powerful than any bloodline energy Ive ever experienced, h.e.l.l it is more powerful than any Inheritance Energy and other energies Ive experienced.

Phoenix's bloodline energy is the most perfect energy ive ever seen; it automatically strikes at the weakest part one, and having the greatest lethality that Ive seen in any energy, it would be easily able to strike against even those who are stronger.

Still, the energy is not able to affect me at all, Ive created my Inheritance in mind that it will able to handle all type of energy, including the ones that are as powerful as the Phoenix Bloodline energy.


Elena begins to launch attack after attack, and Ive counter all of them. I am in no hurry to attacks; I want to see what Elena has in store for me, and on the way she is attacking me, she seemed to have quite a lot in store for me.

In the past six months, Elena had progressed a lot; it could be clearly seen in her fight.

Her techniques are clear and crisp and aim to strike at the heart of the weakness, and if I had fought with thousands of years old monsters for months, I would have easily be swept in the web she is trying to weave.

Elina always had the best technique; if not for my sensory powers and experience, I would not have been able to compete against her when it comes to technique; h.e.l.l, 99.99% of this world couldn't compare to her.

Not everyone has the privilege of having Tyrant relatives and trained by them. Technically, my mother is also Tyrant, and I have Tyrant relatives, but it did not count as I did not learn anything from them.

Ive always been a little jealous of that fact and also slightly angry at my mother when I came to know she is a tyrant. If she wanted to, she could have taught me many things that would have made my life much easier, but she did not.

Though I understand why she did not teach me anything, I still couldn't help but get slightly angry at the fact of her not teaching me anything combat-related.

Minutes pa.s.sed by as Elena continued attacking me, and I pa.s.sively defend. I could tell she is getting angry that she couldn't make any headway with me, and it wouldn't be long before she began to use her real moves.

I couldn't help but feel excited at the prospect of her using her real moves; they would be real amazing seeing what Bloodline she has.

"Micheal, it looked like normal moves won't work on you; I will have to use my real moves if I want to have any chance of defeating you," She said as she stopped attacking me.

"I am very much looking forward to them," I said with a smile, "Bear the Feather Embrace then," she said, and the next moment hundreds of Purple Violet feathers materialized before her before they came at me.

I am surprised seeing the way feathers are coming toward; I thought they would strike me like deathly arrows, but they are coming to me like a gentle wind; it looks like gentle wind bringing them toward me.

It is an illusion that I did not fall for; the feathers may look slow, but they are fasters than arrows, and if I did not do anything right the next instant, I am going to regret it very much.

Seeing that, I immediately activated the 'Old Set.' Till now, I had not activated the single move fighting her; I was fighting with average power, but now, I am finally activating the old set.

In the Ruin, I had to activate the 'Old Set' the moment the fight started, but here I do not need to. The Ruin had made powerful enough that I could kill above-average King without activating the single move.

The ruines inside me lit up, and power begins coursing through my body. As the power flowed through me, my Rapier moved, radiating the intent to crush through anything.


A metallic sound rang out as my Rapier begin to clash against the feathers at an extremely fast speed, crus.h.i.+ng them one after another.

To the inexperienced eyes, my moves may seem simple as other kings could do this too if it is safe enough, but these feathers are anything but safe.

Each of these feathers contains the power to kill a king, and as my Rapier clashed against them, they are transferring all their power to my Rapier to vaporize me from inside, but the power they are holding is enough to do that.