Monster Integration - Chapter 1413 - Last Days II

Chapter 1413 - Last Days II

Chapter 1413 - Last Days II


I took a sigh as weakness came over me; I had used the 'Second Boost' for less than three seconds, but I am still feeling quite tired and would need to rest for at least half an hour to went back to my peak condition.

At my current state, I could use the 'Second Boost' for about a minute without getting any serious side effects. If I used it for more than a minute, then it would take me months to heal from that damage, and if I used it for two minutes, then I would cause irreversible damage to myself.

I looked at the bodies of Ghoul, which are turning to smoke; the higher the strength of Ghoul, the greater time they took to became smoke.

For a normal person, there is no difference, and he will see them turning to smoke instantly, but these Green Kings have taken nearly a second to turn into the smoke.

"All the Green Kings have been killed," I said slowly; the Green Kings that have been chasing me were last of the Green Kings; the Green Kings from the other two groups have been killed already by Ashlyn.

Ashlyn had become very powerful in this Ruin; as for how powerful, I have no freaking idea, but she does not have a problem dealing with groups of Green Kings; she even played with those Green Kings for a while before killing them.

I stored the Green Kings' core before flying toward the closest Silver Ghoul; Ashlyn and I had been killing Silver Ghouls wantonly in these past months and had already collected thousands of their cores.

Still, I want more; they are extremely valuable; they not only provide an increase in strength of body and soul but also cleansing. Normal King's would go mad even for a single core.

I want as many as possible, with a huge number of them, I will be able to get a huge amount of resources, and I really need resources.

With the appet.i.te of my Runes and the strength of my body & soul, I have become a resource guzzler, every breakthrough of mine, be it small or big, will require me to have a huge amount of resources, not forget the resources I would need for my daily practice.

So, I must take advantage of my current situation and collect the maximum number of cores for my future.


I continued killing the Silver Ghouls for about fifteen minutes when the whole Ruin hummed, and the next moment, I saw Green Coffin appeared in the sky bathing in ghostly green flames as it begins to suck the Cosmic Energy at an uncontrollable pace.

I did not think it is a coffin; if not for the Diary, I would consider it a huge square burning in Green Flame.

The Diary did not mention why they had referred to it as Coffin rather than Square; well, they likely wanted to find out myself; the Diary did mention that as long as I can bear the flow of energy, I should able to see the reason.

I am going there anyway; this torrent of Cosmic Energy is the last training resource this Ruin had to offer, and if I used it well, get a huge increase in the strength, and I am very much planned to do that.

I moved toward a huge coffin that is floating in the air. As I got closer to it, I got in contact with a torrent of Cosmic Energy that is moving toward me; as this Cosmic Energy energy entered my body, the herbal essence inside me begin to melt faster.

I kept flying higher and higher, and soon, I found the energy that is coming inside is a rate similar to that of injury caused by the Green King.

Gulp Gulp Gulp!

Within few minutes, all the Herbal Essence I had in my body had melted, and I had to drink another vial of it to counter the energy.

I did not restrict the flow of Cosmic Energy; I do not need to as I need to have as much Cosmic Energy as possible, and since there was no injury this time, I do not have to worry about it increasing by the second.

I could control the flow of energy by my Armor or changing position in a torrent; currently, I am floating without moving as energy at my limit. If I got further, I would automatically start the Ghoulification process.

I do not want to happen, so I remained in my spot; as my body and soul get stronger, I move up slowly.

Gulp Gulp Gulp

Time pa.s.sed by four hours have pa.s.sed, and in that time, I drank hundreds of Herbal Essense bottles. The Essences in my storage are depleting rapidly; I don't know whether it will last till the Coffin sucked away nearly all the Cosmic Energy of the Ruin.

I want to make complete use of this opportunity; I am sure that it will surely take me to my limit, which had become huge with my breakthrough into the king stage.

Squish, Squish, Squis.h.!.+

I continued to drink more and more essences, Ive even started to the lowest level ones I have and raw herbs; I would squish them and eat them.

It is a very bad idea, as the amount of impurities my body will collect will be humongous, but I am not worried about it. I could still consume one 'Green Source' of the Green King, which would be enough to cleanse all the impurities I will acc.u.mulate in my body.

Time pa.s.sed by, and by the time twenty hours were over, I had consumed nearly all the herbs present in my storage and went back essence, which I don't think will last me more than three hours.

I now wished I could have used the loads of crystals I have piled in my storage to buy the herbal essences; they would have come in very handy to me right now.

There is no need to cry over spilled milk; I shoul focus on melting all the essence and getting closer to the Coffin; I want to take a closer look at it before moving away from torrent due to lack of the herbal essence.