Monster Integration - Chapter 1412 - Last Days I

Chapter 1412 - Last Days I

Chapter 1412 - Last Days I

"F.u.c.k, they are too much!" I said as I dodged multiple powerful attacks and flapped my wings at the greater intensity to run away from the large group of Green Kings.

It had been twenty-nine days since Green Kings have appeared, and in less than an hour, they will disappear; the Diary was very specific about these Green Kings staying for only one thirty days.

The moment Green King disappears, a new cycle will start, and if everything I know and learn from the Diary is right, I would be able to return to the academy day after tomorrow.

I still can't believe that I might be returning in two days; I had dreamed about it thousands of times, especially in the past month where every moment had been a struggle of life and death.

These Green Kings have got more and more powerful each day, and I had given my all to defend against them. Everything, the experience will worth it when I return, but before that, I will have to deal with thirteen Green Kings that are chasing me.

Yes, thirteen Green Kings are chasing me, and they are using all their strength to kill me.

I had been running from them for more than four hours, and I have to say, it is one of the most dangerous chases of my life and I am really grateful myself for designing the 'Everwings.'

The speed Everwing is providing me is unmatched; it is because of them I am alive. If not for it, I would not have lasted for even a minute during the chase, seeing how many Green Kings are chasing me.

According to Ashlyn, all the Green Kings in Ruin have divided themselves into three groups of with each group having above twelve members and three groups divided the whole ruin into three regions in which they will hunt.

As for what they are hunting, it is me. In the last, they have formed groups of hunt me, the human they have not been able to kill for nearly thirty days.

If my calculations are right, I would only have to run away from the groups for ten more minutes. After ten minutes, thirty days will be over, and these Green Kings would their power as, like a balloon, the Cosmic Energy of the Ruin will be punctured away.

It will take a little more than a day for Cosmic Energy of the Ruin to reach its lowest, and when that happens, the Ruin gate will be opened, and that I will be able to return home.


I was having my daydreams when I suddenly felt intense energy behind me. At first, it was only from one Green King but soon, second, third, fourth, and all Green Kings begin to release than fluctuation.


It did not take me a moment to realize this fluctuation; I had experienced it many times than I could count in this past month.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have begun to burn their core; most of the time, I had killed them as soon as they begin to do that, but three days ago, when the five Green Kings besieged me, I have become little late and experienced the true terror of their 'Core Burning.'

In that encounter, I was barely able to save my life. The Diary is right; once they activated the 'Core Burning,' I should finish them off as soon as possible; once more than five seconds pa.s.sed, I don't think I will able to finish them off.

I was going to wait for few minutes before using it, but since they have begun to burn their core, I have left with no choice.

'First Boost!' 'Second Boost!'

Pop Pop Pop!

I activated two boosts, one after another, and just as I did that, veins all over my body begin to burst out as the pressure of power is too great for my body to handle.

Ive never used two of my strengthening moves together, 'The Boost' and 'Everwings'; both are the strengthening moves, and each provides an extraordinary level of power.

It would have been fine if I only used 'First Boost' and 'Everwings' together; my body would have been able to handle their power just fine, but I used the 'Second Boost' on top, which burns my blood to generate more power.

The power 'Second Boost'generate is too huge that my body can barely handle it and add the power generated by 'First Boost' and 'Everwing'; it is like a volcano in my body.

The Volcano is what I need right now. If I only used the 'Second Boost' only, I would not have finished these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in time with the power I am feeling inside me; I might be able to finish them just in time.


A smile came out of my bloodied lips as I activated 'Second Move of Everwings' and flew toward them; usually, I used vines to deal with a large group such as this, but now wings would be more than enough to finish these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

With my wings bathed in blood-red energy, I moved toward the Ghouls; these Ghouls are quite intuitive as they immediately activated their s.h.i.+eld, seeing me burning my blood.

They wait for a few second when their core have burned enough; they will have enough strength to overpower current me; unfortunately, I am not going to give them the time they need.

Khuch Pachac Khuch Pachac…

The next second things that had happened were beyond what I had expected; the volcanic power I had is far greater than I had imagined as what I did was ma.s.sacres.

With my wings, I teleported next to them begin tearing them apart; they reacted, but their reaction is too slow, and the s.h.i.+elds which were supposed to buy them the time had been cut by my wings like paper.

Not only their s.h.i.+eld but my wings have cut through their weapons as well; in front of my wings, their resistance has become an utter joke.