Monster Integration - Chapter 1400 - King II

Chapter 1400 - King II

Chapter 1400 - King II

Without wasting any time, I sat on the ground and took out resources or resources; I do not have many resources left in my storage, and the most I have will be needed to survive the month here.

With the current strength of my body and soul and appet.i.te of my ruin, I would need the humongous amount of resources, and fortunately, I have something that would be more than enough to satiate my need.

I took out a cube from my storage; it is made of all herbal colors, but Green is the majority.

It is an essence cube which I had got from the storage of Mamabaman, I had it tested in Academy, and it is Emperor Grade. A Grade Essence Cube, which I should not be using.

Essense Cube is made of extremely distilled essence of the herbs, its very powerful that just a pinch of dust from it would be enough to explode a normal King, but I will too be in considerable danger if I ate a small part of it.

If it had King Grade Essense Cube, I would not have any problem, but it is Emperor Grade. I would have lowered its danger by diluting it, but I do not have the alchemical skill to do that.

So, I have to take a risk with extremely powerful Alchemical Energies of it and hope my body will bear them without any danger.

I closed my eyes and went into my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and looked at a huge Runic Giant made of a hundred thousand runes. Every time I see it, I couldn't help but let out of sigh of marvel; this wonder I had created is a sigh-worthy.

I admired it for a moment before finally tapping on it few times, just as I did; I was thrown out of th ruin familiarly.


My runes buzzed loudly, and the next moment something happened, that shocked the h.e.l.l out of me.


The Essense Cube exploded in the dust before that dust-covered my whole body till I could not see anything. As it happened, my runes growled like a beast and began sucking the energy from the dust in a frenzy.

Diamond Seal had brough many changes in my Inheritance Ruin; one of these is it made them look like they are made of the Diamond from the Alexandrite, and it had also changed their colors.

Now my runes only had two colors instead of a bunch of them; one is red with a tinge of Gold in it, and the other Green, a forest green. The red color occupies 70% in runes while the Green occupies 30%; they made my diamond runes look amazing.

I don't know whether it will stay the same way though, there is a complete overhaul of runes going through my body, and it is very painful but not as painful as a huge amount of wild essence energy drilling into me.

I am feeling like every part of my body is getting trampled by the horde of Beasts and Treants, and my body is bearly holding on against this a.s.sault of energy. If Its not for me having a strong body, these energies would have torn me apart, piece by piece.

The Grimm Monsters make the Essence Cube, and it is a very cruel process. They not only use the herbs to make it but also monsters and monsters go through utter torture during the process.

Shake Shake Shake

My abode begins shaking a little as Green King had upped its attack; I am getting voice updates from the abode every few seconds, and according to it, I have twenty-eight minutes before the abode threw me out.

That is only if it kept attacking in similar strength if it had upped its offensive, then time will shorten even more. I don't want to throw out as this time; even Ashlyn will not be able to help me as she is inside me making breakthroughs just like me.

Whether I will throw out or not is completely dependent on my Runes. Currently, my strength isn't rising; it is just runes going through their complete overhaul, which sucking absolutely huge energy from the Essense Cube.

There is a chance that runes will finish with their business within twenty-eight minutes, the runes inside me acting at a very fast speed.

Every second hundred of runes will be destroyed, and thousands out take their place, and all it to happen, they need a huge amount of energy, it is so huge that my body had come under breakdown, as at every second the amount of energy would only increase.

To be honest, I begin to feel fear for my life; the runes are sucking more and more energy from my body, and it under extreme strain. If the energy flow reaches above what I could not handle, it will turn very nasty for me very quickly.


I had just observed the energy when I suddenly noticed something; I felt worldly energy acc.u.mulating over me and begin to pour into my body.

A second had pa.s.sed since the whirlpool of energy have been created, and it is already pouring a huge amount of worldly energy into me, and not forget every second it is getting bigger and bigger.


I asked myself; I created a special formation to stop the worldly; I had just answered the question when I got the answer.

'The complete overhaul of the runes,' The runic formation that stopped the summon of worldly energy had destroyed just now, only its place a better formation appeared but it will not work as I have to activate the new formation manually which I could not do during the breakthrough.

Now, the cloud of worldly energy is growing at an amazing speed that, within ten seconds, it covered the whole hall.

It is going to attract a lot of attention but is a good thing for me too; with the addition of worldly energy, which is extremely soft, the blow from the Essence energy lessened considerably.

Now, I don't have to worry about it tearing me apart.