Monster Integration - Chapter 1399 - King I

Chapter 1399 - King I

Chapter 1399 - King I


Suddenly a change occurred in the wisps; they began to move toward each other, merge becoming bigger and bigger.

"F.u.c.k Me!"

I said as I flood of melted energy merging into my body every second, it had been barely a second since all the Ghostly Green Fire Wisps merged, forming a huge fireball.

That ghostly fireball melting a huge amount of Herbal Essense every moment, and my body is absorbing all with the help of Diamond Energy, but the problem is that it is vibrating like a mad, and fluctuations releasing from clearly shows it becoming unstable by the second.

It is going to explode soon, the diary had mentioned about it. I had thought it might not happen, as the chances of it happening are 50%.

When both of the excellencies got injured by the Green King, the only ghostly fire inside the Ramona Hawthorn merged and came on the verge of exploding. The fire inside the body of her excellency Roosevelt did not behave like it.

I am scared s.h.i.+tless and even tried to level up by entering my Inheritance Place, but this ghostly green fire is stopping me from doing it somehow, so I could not even level up.

There is nothing I could do except for putting my trust in Diamond Seal, who is acting like nothing is happening.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and its fluctuation out even bigger, and now it had become so unstable that it was not even able to maintain its shape anymore.


Finally, it became completely unstable; whatever the holding it back broke down as suddenly the ghostly fireball begins to contract rapidly till it became to tinier than the grain of salt before exploding forward.

It released such high fluctuations when exploding that I know that even after my body had gotten so much stronger, not even a speck of it will remain; the power of this explosion is great enough that it will vaporize me directly.

My mind comes to half seeing the explosion happening, I don't want to die, but there is nothing I could against it.

Everything has turned extremely slow in front of me; an explosion which I wasn't able to follow a moment ago have now become very slow.

I saw an exploxion which I was considering to be in green color is seeing; the color of fire is now purple, and as it became bigger and bigger, it melts the essence energy at a greater rate.

The Essense Energy would have taken more than a minute to melt and had now melted in less than a second.


The explosion got bigger and bigger and about to vaporize me when dense diamond energy suddenly came and enveloped the explosion inside it before sweeping it back inside the seal.


I did not chance to think that I had survived when a buzz rang through my body, and I saw the diamond energy covering every cell of mine begin to merge with my body and soul.


The process lasted for a couple of seconds, and just when its about to end, I felt a sharp pain in my head.

When my mind cleared, I saw everything is over; there was no sense of energy in the body or melted energy. There are not even wisps of Ghostly Green fires, and injuries that produced them have also been completely healed.

The Diamond Seal, which had glowing and releasing energy, is now silently floating alone in my temple. There is only one seal that remained in my temple, and that is Diamond Seal.

The pain I had felt a moment ago was due to the small memory that Diamond Seal had given me. It is a new map of circulation; from now on, there will be no normal seals, each complete circulation will give me Amethyst Seal directly.

The new map may have shorted down the process to create the seals, but the path of circulation has become bigger, but it is still way shorter than the combined path of ten seals I have to circulate to get the amethyst seal.

I do not know what diamond energy did in its last bout when it merged with me as it did not increase my strength, but I am sure it is something good, as any step was taken by the diamond seal going to be good.

"Ashlyn, land quickly!" I said to Ashlyn, even after such an increase in strength, I do not have any confidence in defeating the Green King.

Just a casual attack of it was enough to turn me into the mist. I don't want to take any more chances further. I am going to make a breakthrough into the King Stage.

It is the most viable choice for me, seeing I had reached my limit and finally fulfilled the unrealistic requirement I had needed to merge with King Stage Inheritance successfully.


I landed on the ground unstably as I jump off from Ashlyn as I did not properly get used to the strength I had acquired within a minute.

I activated the Abode just as I laded; with my strength increased, its activation time also been lowered; I should be able to get in before it reached me.


Soon, the Abode fully activated, cutting the cursing that Green King shouted at me. It speeds far greater than I had; it reached way too quickly.

If my not for Abode activated, one of fourth of its usual time, I would have had to face it again, which I really don't want to before reaching the King Stage.

My Abode is a little special; its power directly depends on my strength. Currently, the Abode will not be able to defend me for more than thirty minutes before throwing me out if Green King attacked me with full strength, which it had already started doing.

The status screen of the Abode already appeared in front of me, showing me how much longer it would able to defend before throws me out of it.

So, I have to level up as soon as possible; as I get stronger during the level up, the more time it will provide me.