Monster Integration - Chapter 1395 - Ghoulification

Chapter 1395 - Ghoulification

Chapter 1395 - Ghoulification

I calmed down, and the first thing I did was reverse the formation of Cosmic Energy. It had always been active and sucking 35% energy, bringing my doom closer than I would like.

As I reversed the formation, I immediately felt a change in the Cosmic Energy that is coming at me. The extra 35% had cut off and another 35% from injuries that are sucking the cosmic energy with their power.


With Cosmic Energy formation activated, I took a vial of herbal essence and gulped it down whole in a single chug. As I did, it begins to burn my body up like a fire; the herbal is essence is very powerful, powerful enough to make me explode.

This essence is from the Blood Sorel; it is power equal to that complete Miasmic Essense Rose of King Grade, and I had gulped it down whole.

If I had learned anything from the last injury, then it is to get strong as soon as possible to heal from the injury sooner. If enough times pa.s.sed and cosmic energy became reached an uncontrollable degree, then there is no saving.

The herbal essence of Blood Sorrel begins to burn me from inside. b.l.o.o.d.y smoke had begun to come out of me, and at the same time, my skin begins to become dry and hot; it became so hot that if a normal person touches it, he will get a third-degree burn from it.

It looked like I am performing painful suicide drinking such a powerful herbal essence, and they might be a little right. The power of herbal essence is too great that my body is not able to handle it currently, but that does not mean it will not a few seconds later.

The Cosmic Energies that are coming from all side is clas.h.i.+ng with herbal essence and melting it, and that melted essence is merging with my body and soul, strengthening them every second.

I am in a very peculiar state; every second, my body is reaching closer and closer to exploding but at the same time, the explosion of me delaying by seconds as my body is getting stronger and stronger.

The Herbal Essense is taking me closer to death but also saving me from death; feeling the irony, my dried face muscles couldn't help but move for a smile.

Still, I am not sure whether I will explode it or not, and despite knowing that, I drank the essence. It was a necessity as the risks' benefits were too great for me not to take it.

The most visible benefits, of course, are getting rapid strengthening, but there is another invisible benefit too, and that is burning.

The herbal essence burned my cell; it is a bad thing for me, but also a good thing as most of the cells it burns are the ones that are most affected by the Ghoulification process.

Burning those glorified cells helped to slow down the Ghoulification process. In such times, every second count.

Aside from the great risk of death, there is one more disadvantage of this method and pain. It is extremely painful, I could feel pain from every part of my body, and it is taking my all not to scream as loud as I could.

As the seconds pa.s.sed, more and more Cosmic Energy is getting sucked by my injuries. My Armor is doing all it can, but it could not stop more than 35% of the Cosmic Energy.

The Comic Energy is entering me inside like a flood; if not for me consuming such a huge amount of Herbal Essense, I would have turned into Ghoul by now.

It is just a starting; what will happen next will be real horror; I was not injured by the normal Ghoul or Silver Ghoul but a Green King, the chances of me surviving are less than 3%, and I am very generous about my surviving chances.


It took two minutes and fifty seconds to digest the whole Herbal Essense that is equal to the King Grade Miasmic Astral Rose, and I drank another one before it could be finished.

This one, too, started to burn me from inside out, giving me so much pain that I had nearly screamed out. This Herbal Essense that I had drunk have 30% more efficacy than the previous one, and in my storage, I have only two other herbal essences that have higher efficacy than it.

If I want to have something with even higher efficacy, then I will have to start taking the Emperor Grade essences I have, and I don't think my body will have the ability to digest them; I will explode as soon as I consume them.

I looked behind me and saw how far we had left the Green King; Ashlyn is very fast that within minutes she had left the Green King far behind, and if not form we are the same territory, the distance between use would have been even greater.

The Green Kings are very territorial; the other Green Kings would not invade the territory of other Green Kings not matter how enticing the treat is; they will only come inside the other Green King's territory when they are invited.

Staying in one territory is the safest option; each Green King is different, and some even have weird powers.


Two more minutes pa.s.sed, and I drank another bottle of the essence, and it also begins to melt under heavy a.s.sault of Cosmic Energy, strengthening my body further and further.


A painful sigh couldn't help but escape from my mouth, seeing that. I could feel my end is near. The quant.i.ty of energy increasing by the seconds, which is making the energy melt faster.

Though, the melted energy is merging with the body, strengthening it. It is not enough to stop the a.s.sault on Cosmic Energy; in three minutes, I will finish with the highest efficacy king grade essence. That time, I will have to use a similar efficacy essence or use Emperor Grade essence.

The worst thing is, I could not do anything else other than chug the essences after essence.

I wanted to circulate the energy to create seals; Diamond Seal will increase the chances of surviving, but I can't circulate the mana; the cosmic energy is obstructed it.

The melted energy I could circulate, but its quant.i.ty is low, and it quickly merged into the body. If I want to circulate it, I am going to need a huge amount of melted energy, or I have to get a break from the cosmic energy, so my energy would not feel the obstruction.

If the diary is right then, I will get a chance at both options, but I will not have time to circulate it as the real process of Ghoulification would start that time, having the special flavor of Green King.

It won't be long before something else take the place of Cosmic Energy, and that something else is very vicious and extremely fast in its working. It has the power to turn me into a complete Ghoul in less than five minutes.

That is why I had said that once that thing appeared, my chances of staying alive will plummet to less than 0.1%; there is no stopping it.