Monster Integration - Chapter 1394 - Punch

Chapter 1394 - Punch

Chapter 1394 - Punch

Its punch appeared very close to me, just half a meter away. Seeing the attack so close, I begin to wonder whether I would explode into the mist directly or some tiny pieces of flesh and blood will remain.

I am willing to believe there will be some tiny pieces that will remain; I have strengthened my body quite a huge degree, it would be a shame even if tiny pieces of it had not remained after the attack.

As surviving its attack, that thought hadn't even entered my mind. The Green King is extremely powerful; this punch attack of its casual attack, I could feel for the attack it is even using much power.

This attack is even lesser than a casual attack, seeing that I couldn't help but feel a little shame. I did not want such death; I would have really liked it if my enemy had killed me using every it has, every last bit of its strength, but alas, not everyone could get their wish.

Time seemed to slow down as the punch got closer to me; my movements have become non-existent as the punch's speed became slow.


The punch got closer and closer to my chest till it hit me, and I could feel a huge amount of energy entering into me. The amount is so huge that I came sure that there not be mist would remain of me.

I could speak of powerful ghostly green fire in the energy released by the punch, and this Ghostly fire is powerful enough to vaporize me. The body I had worked so hard to strengthen will vaporize like water.

The energy of punch spread through my armor, and before moving toward my body and I was surprised my armor held; it did not immediately collapse; it is likely due to runes that brightened up as they created the suction force for this energy.

It would have been great if my body and soul were strong enough to be a carrier of this energy till they reached, but unfortunately, I am not strong enough.

The energy touched my body and began vaporing my flesh as it reached deeper and deeper, and for some unknown reason, I could feel pain as my flesh disintegrate.


I was watching my flesh disintegrate when suddenly, a vibration came out of deep inside me. It came from so deep that I did not I had such depths before.

As the vibration rang through me, I saw a golden violet disc came out from inside the cursed sea and moved toward the energy that is evaporating my flesh; as I watched it coming up, I realized this Golden Violet disc a s.h.i.+ed.

It had a simple concentric circle design of gold and violet and gave off the feeling that it could defend against anything.


Soon, it reached the energy, and as it did, a loud sound rang out as they clashed and as the s.h.i.+eld effortlessly begin to push back energy out of my body.

Crack Crack Crack…

The s.h.i.+eld was pus.h.i.+ng back the energy when an extremely powerful feeling spread over my body.

Only to see, Curse Sea which had been silent for more than a year and had created the huge wave as it was trying to break through the runic nets that are covering it.

I watched in horror as I saw it breaking through one net after another.

I am very aware that what will happen if all the Curse Seals were broken. The energy from the Ghoul will kill me in a single attack, but this curse, which had become sentient, will not give me an easy death.


The mysterious s.h.i.+eld seemed to understand it as well. It gave the final push to the energy to throw it out of me before burrowing back to the Curse Sea.

The Curse Sea did not want to let go of this G.o.d-given chance and fighting back against the s.h.i.+eld, but as the Gold, Violet energy spread through the Curse Sea, it slowly begins to calm down.

Chew Chew!


I am seeing what is happening to the Curse Sea when I heard a familiar chirp of Ashlyn and the roar of Green King right after.

When I opened my eyes, I found I am Ashlyn's back, and we are streaking across the sky at a very fast speed Green King chasing us madly.

When I looked at the Green King, I couldn't help but feel surprised as I saw clear traces of Ashlyn's attack on it, some traces of silver fire could be on it. It does seem any injured by the attack, but it is extremely angry; the anger is literally radiating from it.

I was watching it when suddenly I had sensed something which brought back horror to my barely relieved face.

The s.h.i.+eld managed to throw out 99.9% of the energy of the Green King, but 0.1% had remained, and this remained injuries which are spread the whole surface of my body.

Now that energies begin acting, they started sucking the cosmic energy from outside, and the speed of it is already great that it won't take even a minute for me to turn into Ghoul.

The huge amount of essence I had drunk ten minutes ago, already melted, and now these energies are rampaging through my body, begin to turn me into a Ghoul.


I cursed inside my mind, with a mysterious s.h.i.+eld throwing the energy away and Ashlyn whisking from Green King; I had throught I had survived, but no, I had not survived it; instead, I had fallen into a deeper hole.

Feeling this huge amount of cosmic energy coming into my body, I can't help but wonder whether getting injured by normal Ghoul and Green King is some sort of rite of pa.s.sage to survive this ruin.

Both of the Excellencies who survived the ruin had gotten injured by the normal Ghoul and the Green King, but regretfully, the method they had mentioned is special to themselves, and I could not use them.