Monster Integration - Chapter 1392 - 32nd

Chapter 1392 - 32nd

Chapter 1392 - 32nd

"Come in,"

I said to knock that sounded on my door, the door opened next second, and 'Ramsy' walked in.

Ramsy is a thin middle-aged man with a scholarly vibe; he is the head overseer of the 'Black Castle.' That held the Ruin Gate of the 'I' Ruin, the only resource site that the Academy held in his hands.

"Have you got the confirmation?" I asked him directly; I had asked Ramsy to come to me when he got the confirmation.

"Yes, in thirty days, the current cycle of Ruin will complete, and we will be able to open the Ruin Gate on the 32nd day when the cosmic energy of the Ruin will reach its lowest." He informed.

"How sure are you about your prediction?" I asked, "About 90%," He replied. Though most of the time, they can never be fully sure their prediction held, especially when they predict this close to the end cycle.

In the previous cycle, the real date of ruin opening was predicted a month ago, and I had call Micheal back a month early.

"Thank You, Ramsy. I will prepare the list of people to enter the Ruin in the coming cycle." I said; he nodded and left the room.

A silence downed in the room whenever his name is mentioned. The atmosphere became quite heavy.

"How is our preparation for the World Champions.h.i.+p?" I ask Josie; I have given her responsibility for training our selected members for the World Champions.h.i.+p.

For every organization, the World Champions.h.i.+p is a great opportunity to show off and attract talents from all over the Central Continent and the world. If their organization had a good performance, they wouldn't have to worry about attracting the seeds for at least a decade.

"They are better than one we had last decade but not by much; only Ellie has potential," Josie replied, purposely avoiding the elephant in the room.

"What do you think her chances would be in the Champions.h.i.+p?" I asked about my daughter, who had gone through great change in the past few months.

"If I compare her current power with the member that partic.i.p.ated in previous World Champions.h.i.+p, I would say she would get into Top 10, but this time the people that are partic.i.p.ating are monsters, she would be lucky if she were to squeeze into Top 50," Josie said.


I couldn't help but sigh hearing that the intel I have received this past few months could be said alarming to the extreme. The seeds of this generation are showing potential never appeared.

In my confuters, there is a list of more than twenty Kings who are able to defeat the Emperors. These Emperors are not normal; each of them had some bloodline or Apex Inheritance.

In this generation, there is a five to six times increase in the number of people with Bloodline and Apex Inheritance. There are some pure monsters in them that if I did not hear about them from a very reliable source, I would not have to believe it.

My daughter had made a huge improvement in the past months, credited to her hard work and Atavism of her bloodline that had to begin.

I wish I could help more reach the 1st stage of her Bloodline Atavism; that way, her power will explode further but the resources required to complete that steps are too peculiar and rare.

I had tried with all I could, but the resources I was able to gather were not many, and those who have it are not willing to share, even if those resources are no use to them.

No, organizations want to strengthen others in these times; if I asked them after the champions.h.i.+p is over, they would not have any problem giving them to me. Its not like like I could blame them; I am doing the same with some special resources that only we have.

"You had gone to visit Micheal's parents yesterday; what did they say?" Josie said, mentioning the elephant in the room.

"Still, not worried about him," Josie said, reading the expression.

When the Ruin's connection is broken, the first people I had called were Micheal's parents, and when I told them about Micheal's circ.u.mstances, they were shocked and slightly sad but not worried.

His father was extremely worried, but his mother was not much; she even smiled, saying 'the ruin will give her son a good chance to grow.' I was quite shocked by hearing those words.

Yesterday, I visited them; his mother repeated the same words. I don't know what to think about those words.

"Do you think her confidence came from the battle that happened twenty-six years ago?" Josie asked. "I don't know!" I said, shaking my head.

The battle of twenty-six years ago was not as simple as people know; many secrets deep secrets were involved in the battle that only higher-ups of Supremes are privy to, and of course, Micheal's mother as she is the sole survivor of that battle.

I had tried to ask her the reason for confidence, but she evaded the answer with her smile.

"I chose to believe in his mother and hope that I see my student soon," I said; this is the only hope I have about my student, and I chose to believe in it.

Josie nodded and began to describe to me the progress of the charges Ive handed to her.

This Continental Champions.h.i.+p is very important for Academy; for the past few decades, the Academy's performance had been abysmal. In the last compet.i.tion, the Academy's performance had improved, but it is still not enough.

This time, I had seen huge potential in Micheal, a potential big enough to shocked the world, but then the accident happened.

It is very maddening for me not to know whether my student is living or not, and if he is living, how he is doing?

Every thought of that felt like torture, and the only thing I could do is hope, hope that he survives in Ruin that no one had survived in thousands of years.