Monster Integration - Chapter 1391 - Four Months

Chapter 1391 - Four Months

Chapter 1391 - Four Months


I let out a breath as I saw how many resources had left in my storage; once upon a time, I used to have shelf and shelf filled with resources, and now more than half of them have been emptied.

Even the resources given by the teacher, only one-third of them have remained, but all the resources that had remained, all of them are high grade. There is not a single, simple resource that has remained in my storage.

This breakthrough into Peak Stage of Prince Stage has increased my strength a lot, and if it had been a normal day, I would have gone out to fight the Ghouls but not now.

Four months period will complete within two hours, and I want to see whether Green Kings appeared or not, which they will not. Till now, there had never been a cycle of exactly five months, there had of five months one day, five months two days but never an exact five months, and I hope this will not be it too.

I waited with the basted breath and one, and half an hour later, I felt a change in cosmic energy, seeing that a change a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I sensed the normal change, the change that came every ten days, not one that changes mentioned in the diary that heralds the appearance of the Green Kings.

From now on, the Green Kings could appear at any time in this month; they may appear next second, next minutes, next hour, or the next day.

They can appear any time; the only saving grace d.a.m.n unpredictability that I will know when they appear; according to the diary, quite a scene occurs when they make their appearance.

I hope they take at least ten days before appearing; in that time, I might be able to level up to King Stage by completing the Inheritance and requirements that came with it.

But nothing could be said about them, as Ive said before, they could appear at any moment.


I shook my head and got up before walking out of my abode as I gulped a vial of powerful essence, which begin to burn my throat before my stomach. A month ago, herbal essense powerful as such would have killed me within ten seconds, but now it could only burn me a little.

I activated a special formation, and soon, 35% more cosmic energy begin to enter my body, giving me a slight respite from the burn I am feeling in my stomach.

In a month, I increased the power of Cosmic Energy formation from 10% to 35%, this progress greater than I had imagined; it's all due to the flash of inspiration I had when working on the formations.

Chew Chew!

With everything ready, I was about to ask Ashlyn to find me a Ghoul when suddenly she chirped. Informing me that there is Ghoul nearby.

"It looked like we won't be wasting precious few minutes," I said and flew toward the direction Ashlyn had motioned.

A minute later, I reached five hundred meters away from the Ghoul. This Ghoul looked quite old; in human years, it looked to be in its Mid-twenties, which is quite surprising.

Twenty years looking, King considered a very talented person, but in our organization is not considered much talented, considering when it was human, it was much older than it seemed as, from Prince Stage, aging began to slow down.

The higher one's level is the slower one age. The most powerful powerhouses could live up to five hundred years.

This one is not only older but also very fat, and its looked Inheritantly angry. This Ghoul, when it was human, must have some powerful backing; otherwise, he would not have been able to enter this.

"Hehe, Human!" It said with a cruel smile as bloodred Axe appeared in his hands. "Fatty!" I said with the same tone.

"YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Just as I said it, it completely exploded. Rage appeared on its face, and a bloodred aura came out of its body, and it came at me.


I was quite dumbstruck seeing its reaction; I was expected to be angry as the self-conscious person would do if they are 'Thin' or 'Fat.' But this reaction is a little too much.

"Die, You Son Of b.i.t.c.h!"

It rumbled and swung its bloodred Axe at me; my dumbstruck expressions smoothed, and forty-eight vines released from my back at the same times and sped toward fatty.

Seeing such an attack, even beady ragefilled eyes of fatty had shown slight surprise and as it smoothly moved its Axe toward the fatty.

Clang Clang Clang…

Metallic sounds begin to ring out as my vines attacked fatty from all the direction but this fatty a surprisingly agile and fast as its begin to defend against the forty eight vines.

If it had been two hours ago, the forty-eight vines would have forced a Ghoul to use its art immediately, but this fatty is handling it all without any problem.

The power of the Ghouls have doubled just now, and it won't be easy to defeat them, but it won't be much hard either. The last month had been very difficult for me, but it is also the month I made the most progress.

Ive made progress in leaps and bounds, and one thing in which I made the more recognizable progress. I had made tremendous progress in my fighting style; fighting these ancient b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and collected data on them have helped me greatly in refining my fighting style.

If I had fought with fatty a month ago with a similar number of vines having similar strength but no extra experience, I would have had that Axe in my chest.

These Ghouls b.a.s.t.a.r.d have really refined their fighting style and styles to unbelievable.

If I did not have these moves that I had created myself and knew every part of them, I would not have been able to defeat these ancient b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.