Monster Integration - Chapter 130 Getting Out Of Marsh V Final

Chapter 130 Getting Out Of Marsh V Final

No one idiot enough object Rachels advise training three more days for training.

25% percent dying in the first two days in the core region, that's insane! Even if the number is exaggerated, it's still an insane number of death if one only 10% die.

No one said anything and everyone started to dine discussing this in between their friends.

Jill and I discussed, she had already known this from her and not quite shocked like the rest of us.

She seems quite happy with this new and when asked she affirmed saying 'at least I now have few days to train before fighting the real monsters.'

It startled me that she considered the monsters in the core region the real monster.

She may have less experience in fighting the monster but she is knowledgeable about many things.

She must have someone at a very high level at her organization to know these things, she seems just like him whose parents are upper echelons of his organization.

I ate with Ashlyn till our stomach full before returning to our tent with jill.

In the camp, I did not do much except for going over the material Rachel had given two days about the marsh.

Now that we are staying for two more days, it is imperative for me to reinforce my understanding of the monsters here.

I read the doc.u.ment a few times before I completely memorized details of each and every monster written here.

The information here is not detailed enough, it still has basic information about the monster about their abilities and a rough understanding of their strength and weakness.

Although it didn't have information about half the monster we fight against in the marsh but still, this information had saved me a lot of trouble.

After an hour of study, I lay on the floor of the tent to sleep, I would have read more if not me being injured and needs rest to heal relatively by morning.

Time pa.s.sed by and soon three days pa.s.sed and one thing I have to about three days is 'h.e.l.l'.

These three days have been complete h.e.l.l, Max and Rachel had taken us toward the dangerous group of monster to fight.

The only saving grace of these three days is that Rachel and Max also started a rescue, they would rescue people who were at death's door.

Although deaths still happened but not as much as first two days in the marsh.

The three days had been h.e.l.l but I had a slight increase in my strength.

In the first two days, my supreme combat exercise had reached 22nd circulation, I tried to circulate the 23rd but the pain is so immense that I could not bear it.

I also gained quite a bit of fighting experience, especially fighting bipedal monsters which are most powerful of the bunch.

This is the night of the third day, tomorrow we will enter the core region and fight against the monsters to go back to home.