Monster Integration - Chapter 129 Getting Out Of Marsh IV

Chapter 129 Getting Out Of Marsh IV

It's been half an hour since we had set up a camp and had reached the end of the marsh as expected.

Tall lush green trees of the core region could be seen from the camp, I just have to walk half a mile to reach the thick woods of the core region.

Tomorrow we will walk into the core region, whenever I think of the core region my heart started to beat fast.

Today's monster was were even more dangerous than yesterday, I fought another monster on the same level as yellow skin crocodile.

Two monsters I barely able to kill while killing the other two, I got help from bitsy and jill.

Jill's progress could be said earth shattering in a few days, aside from level up she did not have any big change but what she gained is an immense experience.

She had gotten full control of her power, combined them with her speed ability and spindle skill which could pierce everything she had become a killing machine.

Her speed of progress can make one eye pop, with constant fighting every day from dawn to dusk made her real experience warrier, she did not look like rookie she once has been.

Lower B grade monsters like Yellow skin Crocodile will dead in hands within ten to fifteen minutes.

From the past two days, she had killed monster more than four times than me.

Many people advancing every day both in ability and level, I am seeing tens of people level up every day.

It is probably due to a c.o.c.ktail of pressure, resources, and environment, this realm is better to practice place than westblood, so it is normal for many leveling up everyday, id be surprised if this many people did not level up every day.

I've also heard that many people have leveled up twice ever since they have come to this realm.

But not all good things occurred in this realm, there are many deaths, aside from those deaths before the camp.

There had been deaths since when we entered this realm especially since we entered the marshland.

William had said earlier that there has fourteen death since we entered the marsh, they had tried to rescue but they could not reach the time.

My body is riddled with injuries, I had a drink healing potion earlier but its healing speed is slow, I will be relatively healed in the morning to fight for the day.

'Growl!' My stomach growled in hunger but I did not have anything to eat except for packages meat and herbs.

Some fruits I had with me, I gave some to the jill yesterday to thank her for saving me and those if which were left were eaten by Ashlyn and me.

For two days, Ashlyn is not out, so she did not have any chance to bring something back.

Aside from monster cores, the only gain I had today is an advancement in a supreme combat exercise.

I've reached the sixteenth circulation of it and if try hard enough I may able to create forth seal while in this realm.

Although it a long way for being enough for the core region but it still something.

Rachel asked us to the a.s.sembly center of the camp before dinner, she must have something to share with us that will help us in the core region.

Time pa.s.sed on and soon its time to go dinner, I am getting ready to go outside when knocking sounded on my tent.

"Wait a minute!" I said and quickly get out of camp after getting ready.

''What took you so long?" Jill questioned as I got out of the tent, I just smiled and didn't reply to her question.

I can not say that I was half naked when she knocked.

''William still with his girlfriend?" I asked, ''Yes, he is with her again, that girl really hypnotize my brother!" She said annoyedly.

"She did?" I asked back, there are many monsters with extremely weird abilities and I have read about some minsters which have hypnotization ability.

"No, she did not. Even if she had hypnotized ability and at sergeant stage, she would not able to hypnotize my brother," said Jill confidently.

I got startled hearing that and wanted to ask why she had so much confidence in a brother that even Sergeant stage evolver cant hypnotize him but we had already reached the center of the camp and this place is not good for asking such questions.

Most of the people of the camp already had come and some coming, Rachel had already arrived and now talking with her friends.

Soon all the people of the camp arrived and Rachel took center stage.

''I will not mince my words, the things I will say may hurt a lot of people and lot of you may disagree but It is for your survival." She said.

Suddenly the whole atmosphere turned heavy, Rachel always stoic and little serious whenever she speaks to the whole camp but she was never this serious, this must be really important for her to talk like that.

"We will stay in marsh three more days, our camps strength is not enough to venture into the core region," she said, everybody shocked hearing this especially adventurers.

Everyone had to boost in their power ever since they entered this realm, more so this forest but now she is telling everyone it is not enough!

''If we enter core region tomorrow, we will lose 15% people first and another 10% next day."

''The core region is extremely dangerous and different from other parts of this realm." She continued Without give ing us a chance to think.

"There you will find monsters both similar and somewhat different from what you have seen before, most of the monster's strength there categorized in B grade but you can also encounter monster with Lower and Upper B strength." She said stepped back to her place.

I thought she would add some pleasant words at but she didn't and she didn't need to, the bomb she has dropped is enough for people to lost in thought for a while.