Monster Integration - Chapter 1324 - Net Of Pink I

Chapter 1324 - Net Of Pink I

Chapter 1324 - Net Of Pink I

Everything has been part of one big plan; it had closed all the entrances, and now I had been caged inside this ruin with millions of other humans who are trapped in the Pink Jelly.

I looked at the closed entrance for a moment before flew toward another entrance, there are two realm gates in the camp, and I wanted to check on the other one before I think about my next course of action.

"Its closes too," I said with a sigh as I looked at the second gate; it is flas.h.i.+ng in the light, but there is no s.p.a.ce entrance for it to stabilize; it had completely disappeared as if it did not exist at all.


Seeing it, I couldn't help but sigh at all. I wanted to ask for help and save these people, but with the Emperor Stage powerhouses bound in the jelly-like, the rest and entrances closed, I couldn't bring help at all.

Now, not only the survival of the other humans are in danger, but I am also in danger. I may be safe now, but I won't be for long. I am very sure once it had dealt with all the humans it had captured, it will my turn.

Even if it did not go directly against me, it might indirectly do something that will finish me off, like changing the Realm's environment or simply destroying it.

"The north, it is," I muttered and flew toward the north direction; I really don't want to take a risk against the bing that could control such wast realm, which I am sure even powerful than the Tyrants.

Still, there is some confidence that I would get out of this predicament seeing hidden beings have talked. The hidden being has never outwardly shown its power, but it has done and help me with things that are beyond the powers of anyone in the world.

As I flew through the camp, I saw nets of Pink everywhere, covering humans everywhere. The scene looked strangely beautiful but also is also very shuddering that I had quickened my face toward the gate of the camp.

Fortunately, the camp gate was opened; I had just moved a few jelly coc.o.o.ns around humans who are likely running toward the gate when the Mist has begun to behave strangely as there seemed to too much traffic on the gate.

Chew Chew

I had just walked out of the huge gate into the wast forest in front of me when a familiar chirp rang out as Ashlyn came out.

As she did, my expression changed, suddenly seeing how Mist behaves against. The Mist seemed to fear Ashlyn as it had repelled around her. Now, this Mist has gone bat s.h.i.+t crazy, encasing everyone in Jelly; I feared it would sense Ashlyn and do something dangerouns.


I had just started to panic when I saw Mist had no change, or I might say, it is behaving with her as it is behaving with me, just pa.s.sing through her without doing anything.

I was quite surprised as I could not sense Rule Bending power or any other power that made her invisible from the Mist.

I remained surprised for a few moments before a smile appeared on my face, and I shoot my head. Nothing could be predicted about Ashlyn; she will always be going to give me surprises.

With Ashlyn's lead, I begin to travel through the dense forest, which is completely silent. There is no single sound of monsters that could be heard, forget monsters, there is not even a sound of the Grimm Monsters.

In my twenty days, I come to know lots of things about this ruin, and one thing that monsters are everywhere; they could be found within a kilometers

Monsters have seemed to have disappeared completely; there are the only sign of humans and Grimm Monsters. The cac.o.o.ns are everywhere in the forest, especially close to the camp; they are filled with humans.

As I went a little deeper into the forest, I have started to come across Grimm Monsters' cac.o.o.ns, and they are different from the cac.o.o.ns of humans.

These cac.o.o.ns are sucking up the lifeforce of the Grimm Monsters and sending them out through the nets.

I had not noticed it first, but I started to notice the change when I saw their vitals declining at a slow speed. When I decided to observe the changes, I was shocked to notice this pink Jelly is not only harvesting its essence but its very soul.

It is impossible to do that; the soul is the only that that could not be harvested, but it is doing that somehow. I could feel it clearly that the soul of Grimm Monsters is weakening slowly.

The soul is a very mysterious thing, thought to be impossible to harvest, but now whatever it is doing it.

Feeling both curious and horrified, I decided to focus on the process as much as I could. Though I was not able to understand how it is harvesting the souls of Grimm Monster, I was able to see the way it is harvesting the essence.

It had given me huge information on how to harvest Grimm Monsters' essence; it is a way is far too sophisticated and fast, and if I applied it when I harvest the essence Roses from the Grimm Monsters.

Ive committed everything Ive observed into my memory; the value of this information is immense. Not only in harvesting the essence Roses from the Grimm Monsters but also in healing the humans.

The physiology of the two races is vastly different, but there is some knowledge that could use, which could make the healing process couple of seconds faster. That would be immensely helpful.

The process of harvesting mat seemed slow, but when one applied it to millions of Grimm Monsters are bound across the Realm, then it would seem extremely fast.

Now the question is why it is only harvesting the Grimm Monsters, I have checked on the humans a couple of times, and there is no change in humans except for them being unconscious and bound in Jelly.