Monster Integration - Chapter 1323 - Cage

Chapter 1323 - Cage

Chapter 1323 - Cage

As I heard the hidden being said 'meld my aura,' I did without asking questions; I also called me my vines inside my for better effect.

Hidden being never talked to me unless it is important, so I did it when he said that. With the help of Rule Bending Power, I became one with one environment that even sense of Emperor would have difficulty finding me unless they see me with their eyes or especially concentrate on my location.

For a few seconds, nothing happened when suddenly I saw the dense pink mist coming from everywhere.

The walls that were supposed to stop the aura seemed to have lost effect—the dense pink mist pa.s.sing through everything that was supposed to stop it.

"What is happening?... where the h.e.l.l is this mist coming from?..." The shouts started to ring out from everywhere, and chaos begins to spread. I repeatedly asked hidden what is happening, but I got no answer from it.

Suddenly, the dense pink mist that had spread everywhere had a big change; it started to move towards the humans, and before they could do anything, humans found themselves covered with thick pink Jelly that ping mist transformed into and with each pa.s.sed second, that layer has become thicker and thicker.

The humans around me struggled, but no matter what they did, they struggled; they were able to do anything against it. Even Kings were helpless against this pink Jelly that mist has turned into.

I watched in horror as humans around covered in Jelly and struggled to get out till the Jelly have become so thick they could not move even an inch.

I used my optical abilities and saw that the human inside the Jelly had fallen unconscious. The mist that had been trying to kill them a few minutes ago has gone completely dormant, no longer wanting to tear them apart.

I had just seen that silver lining when the Jelly had reacted again; it started to spread the tendrils and begin to connect with the other jelly coc.o.o.ns till they formed the jelly net around the ward.

Everything has fallen to silence; there was not a single sound could be heard; what had happened to my ward seemed to have happened everywhere.

"What is happening?" I said in horror. Everything was fine a minute ago, and now everything turned into a scene of some really bad horror movie.

"A LITTLE RUNAWAY SPIDER HAD SPREAD ITS NET OVER THE REALM." The hidden being inside me said. What is a little spider, what this f.u.c.k.i.n.g net? I don't f.u.c.k.i.n.g understand.

"Please tell me what is happening?" I said in a complete begging tone; I have a really bad feeling over it and knew all the humans, millions and millions of them, including Mira and my healer's friends, might be in danger.


It took me quite a few seconds to process what it said before I calmed my emotions and flew out of my ward, trying to touch those jelly nets as less as possible.

As I got out of my ward, I saw pink jelly nets and cac.o.o.ns everywhere; there seemed to be no end of them, seeing that horror could appear on my face.

It is an absolute horror, could make even a Tyrant panic seeing such a scene. I am panicking, but I have forcefully shove it down; it is not time to panic.

The Hidden Being said, I have to walk the north to find the answers and save all the humans, but I am not walking north. The answer may lay there, but I don't have naïve thoughts of me solving everything, even with the help of a hidden being.

I will go to the north, but after finding powerful help and informing them about what had happened.


I went toward the department head's office, and when I reached it, I opened the door directly without knocking. If she is present, I could always apologize for the transgressions.

When I opened the door, I found the department head but not in the state I had been expecting to find her. She is too covered in Jelly and Is completely unconscious.

I wanted to tear the thick Jelly caging her apart, but I could see it not only spread outward but inward; it is inside her. It reacted when I did anything; it might not only be harmful to her but also for me.

The reason it had not discovered me because I had melded into the environment. I am invisible to it, including my energy. The mist is pa.s.sing through, but unable to do anything.

To it, I am nothing, and how could it react and harm nothing. Still, I had to extremely careful; the rule-bending power is not omniscient; once it had discovered me, it will try its all to bound me in Jelly.

Checking on the department head once again, I walked out of her cabin. If she is bound in the Jelly, then other Emperor Stage powerhouses are also bound in Jelly. Then there is no way I could get help from the person inside unless someone has an ability like myself that could help them evade the mist's detection.

Till now, I have not come across such a person, but I am sure some people would surely have it, especially those with Apex Inheritance and Bloodline.

Be that as maybe; I am not to shout to attract their attention; my best bet would be bringing help from outside.

"F.u.c.k Me!"

I couldn't stop myself from cursing out loudly; the entrance had disappeared. The s.p.a.ce entrance of the realm is no more, there is a gate that is working fine, but there is no s.p.a.ce entrance for it to stabilize.

It could mean only one thing, whoever is controlling the mist has planned it all, from opened the multiple entrances to caging everyone by closing the realm s.p.a.ce.