Monster Integration - Chapter 1307 - Return

Chapter 1307 - Return

Chapter 1307 - Return

I took the Worm Essense Rose, stored it inside the crystal box, and called out my vines and roses inside me before looking at people hiding in trees.

There are both humans and Grimm Monsters; most of Grimm Monsters were killed by Ashlyn sneakily, but there are still many more hiding there, and luckily there is no King Stage Grimm Monster powerhouse this time.

Seeing is no Grimm Monster came to challenge me, a light smile appeared on my face, and I took the air. Ashlyn had inspected the area front, and there is no King Stage Grimm Monsters ahead.

A few seconds later, after I left, a small battle started between Grimm Monsters and humans watching my fight; some Grimm Monsters have even dared follow me; they were easily dealt with by Ashlyn.

I went to creeks territory, finished my unfinished part of a mission, which only took me a few hours before I started making my way back to the Outpost.

On the way, Ashlyn and I killed any Grimm Monsters we have come across, and I have to say there were many of them but including King Stage Grimm Monsters.

The people who entered this Miasmic Paradice depend too much on luck. Since the soul sense does not work here, it is very difficult to identify one's power; it had to lead to a lot of confusion and deaths since they do not know the power of their opponent till they are actively sending out their aura.

It is a good thing, my soul senses have started working, and there is Ashlyn, whose soul sense is working just fine; I don't have to worry about coming across the King Stage powerhouse.

By the time the sun started to rise, I have returned to the Outpost and immediately sent a message to Mira for our third date, and to my surprise, I got the message right back with smile emoji.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face. To be honest, I had not expected to get a reply soon; I had thought she would be sleeping, but I was too impatient to wait for a few hours.

With a goofy smile on my face, I flew toward my Quarters, and a few minutes later, I reached, and a goofy smile was still hanging on my face.

I am just too happy about my date, and I hope nothing happened today like yesterday, which made her and I cancel our date again; this date is too important for my relations.h.i.+p.

Smiling goofily, I walked to a small room and started to fill the bowl tub, and when its filled, I added a drop of diluted Miasmic Astral Rose essence before stepping inside the tub.

As I stepped inside, the goofy smile on my face vanished instantly as the intense pain hit me; there was now nothing in my mind other than consuming energies in the tub as fast as possible to get rid of the torturous pain I am feeling.

The pain caused by the Miasmic Solution is intense, but I had gotten a little used to it for the past week, but still, I shudder a few times when I got into the tub.

I'm not too fond of such intense pain as no sane person would, but I have to do it for my progress, and every battle I fought further reinforces my view about practicing hard.

I know how difficult this Grimm Monster was; I had to give my all to defeat. If It had pure fighting type Grimm Monsters with Apex Inheritance, then I don't know whether I would have been able to win against it or not.

The Conversion ability of Scarlet Houndman was amazing; it had given it more raw physical power than the pure fighting type host of Apex Inheritance would have, but this monster does not have any method to use such sheer power.

This Scarlet Houndman was simply idiot; it had not practiced any other offensive methods than its worm method; it had likely thought if its worm powers do not defeat the enemy, then they be wouldn't be defeated by the pure physical power.

In one way, it was right; most people found it that a certain profession Grimm Monsters much harder to deal with than their conventional fighter kin, the abilities of them too strange and powerful for anyone to guard against.

Only someone like me who has even strange powers than special profession Grimm Monsters could easily deal with them compared to their conventional fighter counterparts.

It took me a little more than half an hour to consume all the energy present in the tub. After finis.h.i.+ng with practice, I got out of the tub and walked to the shower to clean myself.

When I got out of the shower, I found there was storage on my bed. Seeing that smiled and put it into the storage ring before scanning it with my senses; there, I saw hundreds of more shelves filled with things.

This storage is from Ashlyn; it contains bodies of all the Grimm Monsters she had killed, and since she had killed hundreds of Grimm Monsters today, I got hundreds of storage devices that filled hundreds of huge shelves in my storage.

There is huge stuff already sorted by the runic formation that blood-red being had created to make its life easy after it occupies my body, but in turn, it got killed Ashlyn and hidden being inside me.

I checked each storage, checking all the resources. So, I know what I have in my storage. It took me more than ten minutes to scan the shelves roughly, but when I withdrew my sense, there was a content smile on my face.

I am gathering resources at a greater speed than I had expected; if this continues, then I won; 't have to worry about the resources. In a month, I will gather all the resources I would need for my level up.