Monster Integration - Chapter 1306 - Worm Essence Rose

Chapter 1306 - Worm Essence Rose

Chapter 1306 - Worm Essence Rose


It cursed loudly seeing the roses and started to look for ways to escape. It understood its condition very well, it is exhausted using its ability, and the roses coming at it are very dangerous; the sooner it moved out of their circle better.

It is trying to escape, but how can I let that? It is finally at the stage where I wanted it to be, and it would be utterly shameful if I did not nail it down after fighting it for so long.

'First Boost!' 'Rose Vine!'

So, I started using all the moves I had been holding back; seeing its running away, I activated the first boost, which I had not activated all this time, and sped toward it to intercept it and at the same time activated the rose vines.

As I moved toward it, the vines erupted from the ground and started to bind it; simultaneously, the Roses has converted into petals and coming toward it to form the Rose; the closer they came, the stronger the bindings would become.

But despite two binding workings on it, it was able to move at a pretty fast that if not for me appearing in front of it to stop it, it would have escaped the binding of the Rose.

"Die Human!" It shouted and attacked, and despite being weakened and suppressed under two bindings, its attack was pretty powerful.


My sword clashed against its staff, and at the same time, the Rose had formed around it, multiplying the shackling power of domain multiple times, but despite that, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was still able to move.


It defended against my attack, and before a crazy expression appeared on its face. "Let me go human, or I'll burn my core my core to get out, and that time, it will be impossible for you to survive," It said.

It is absolutely true; it is a stage above me and also a host of apex inheritance; burning its core will grant it huge power that will enable it to kill me in a single attack.

"Do it." What it said might be true, but there ways to deal with it. What I am doing is very risky, but I have no choice; leaving such a disaster for the future simply not worth it, especially when it is a special profession Grimm Monster and have a powerful ability like Conversion, which made its power equal to fight type Apex Inheritance hosts of the same level.

A surprised expression flashed across its eyes as it looked at me as seeing I am bluffing or not, but what it was, complete seriousness. I had meant what I had said, let it burn itself and see my way worked or not.

"Then, ready to die, human!" It said while blaring its teeth; as next moment, its aura disappeared, and at the same, the huge muscles that appeared on its body desspeared at a visible rate before an explosive aura shot throught its body. It moved toward me with a fiendish expression on its face.

Puch Puch Puch Puch

It had just taken a step when suddenly sounds of piercing rang out, and vines on its body begin to make explosive ground that when it finished taking seconds to step toward me, its covered fully in vines and at the third step, it had fully stopped with its staff being stopped mid-distance between us, which also covered by the vines next moment.


It scremed through the vines, but as it started to move while burning, its core even fasted, but nothing happened. The four points of vines have pierced through its body and now covering its core, harnessing its for their growth.

It was a very risky move; if I had been second late, my head would have exploded like a watermelon.

I had waited to use thing move for more than two hours. The conversion ability made its body overflowing with physical energy increased its defense that even sharper points of vines would not be able to pierce through it.

I had to wait for the muscles of Physical Energy to disappear, and the moment they disappeared, I made the vines pierced through its body.

My Inheritance may be strong, but I could not underestimate Apex Inheritances. They contained unlimited power; one has to harness it.

That is why both races had a fear of Apex Inheritance; they did not know when someone abnormal would be born and harness the power of Apex Inheritance beyond the normal.

It is extremely difficult to harness the power of Apex Inheritance beyond the normal standard. In more than ten thousand year war, there had been two persons were able to do it from both races.

One was from the Grimm Monsters side and the other from our side, and it was our luck that both of them had born. If not for that, we would have been utterly conquered three thousand years ago.


The Scarlet Houndman is still screaming like mad as the veins crazily started sucking it, like before the vines did not grow abnormally. These crystal vines could strengthen themselves further with energy, which begets the need to grow huge as a hill.

Though, they still grow as they suck the energy, just not as much as before. Soon the vines covered the whole before they started contracting slowly, and my eyes couldn't see helo but become excited.

This Scarlet Houndman will be the first Apex Inheritance Host, which essence I will harvest into the Essense Rose. The one Apex Inheritance host I had killed a few days ago was not Special Profession Grimm Monsters, which I could harvest into the essence rose.

The vines contracted, and before finally a minute later, the Rose revealed itself. The rose ugly and magnificent at the same time.

It is vomit green color, and one could see small worms crawling inside, but when one senses the majestic aura coming from it, one couldn't help but feel awe.