Monster Integration - Chapter 1304 - Conversion

Chapter 1304 - Conversion

Chapter 1304 - Conversion

"My Inheritance have ability call Conversion, through which I could convert my Inheritance Energy into any energy." It said.

As I heard it, an expression of shock appeared on my face; this ability is crazy, and if it is going to what I think it will do, then I am f.u.c.k.i.e.d, really f.u.c.k.i.e.d.

"You are right; I am going to cover my Inheritance Energy into pure physical energy." It said as I had guessed. Since it's powerful inheritance energy is not working against me, it might as well convert it and beat the s.h.i.+t out of me.

As it finished speaking, I felt its aura rise to an unbelievable degree, and muscle on its body started to grow; it became the most muscled Grimm Monster Ive ever seen.

Its muscles increased so much that its height has increased by one meter, and it became a red giant. It looked like someone had pumped a tankful of steroids inside it give it such heavy muscles.

"Hehe, Human, I hope you will last more than a minute." It said with a scary laugh, and the next moment, I found it appeared directly in front of me and swinging its metallic gemmed staff at me to blow me up like a balloon.


I had to use every bit of power I had in my Armor to move my sword defensively before its staff crashed against my sword.

Bang Bang Bang…

As its staff clashed against me, I felt immense power cras.h.i.+ng into me. I felt like a whole mountain had crashed into me as I found myself flying back, cras.h.i.+ng against the numerous trees as I flew back like rocked.

Cras.h.i.+ng against the numerous trees, all I could do is hold on to my sword at my hands, which are still shaking as they experienced the mountainous force cras.h.i.+ng into me.

The force is far greater than I had imagined; it so powerful that if it had been my n.a.k.e.d body, it would have turned it into the blood mist. Even my bones would have turned into powder, that is how powerful this attack was, and this is just starting.

I could see it coming toward me with a near-invisible speed to my senses; I have to try my all to keep my eyes locked on it.


Another attack came at me, and this even more powerful than before; it had increased my momentum even further, and now I am breaking trees at an even faster speed.

I could even see a couple of blurry monsters, which usually attack at sight, are now running with their tail tucked between their legs. They do not dare to make a sound, they in their little brain understand that this is not the force they could content against even if they have the numbers.


Attack after came at me, with each attack sending me hundreds of meters from my previous place. Seeing the blurring scenery pa.s.sed by, I think I had pa.s.sed the Creeks territory and entered the neighboring territory.

I wanted to stop and catch my breath, but all I could do use all my strength to defend against its attack. Ever since the first attack, my feet had not touched the ground; for a few minutes, I had been shooting back like a rocket.

"Your Inheritance is strange, but no matter how strange it is, it will be destroyed, and you will die." The Scarlet Houndman said as it appeared in front of me and swung its staff at me using more power than before, and I used all my strength, mainly converted power I got from it, to defend.

Weapons clashed, and I shot back again, and like always, there were not many injuries in me.

I am shooting back at every attack, and that is all. Under my Armor, ive became an impenetrable tank; nearly all the force coming toward me is getting absorbed and converted by my runes.

The crystallization of runes had brought the unlimited potential to my runes; they can absorb a lot more force than I am getting hit with, so then why I am shooting back at every attack of its.

It is because my inheritance is not working efficiently; my runes have potential, but my inheritance structure inefficient that it was incapable of using them to all their potential.

I could not be wholly blamed for it; I did not have the data to make my Armor ready for that deficiency. If I had fought a powerful Physical Type opponent before, I would have better prepared.

I have to keep Armor in balance so that it will absorb not only the physical force but also energy attacks without a problem. Giving advantage to one aspect would lessen the power of another; it could be said to another reason for its efficiency.

While I am shooting back, I am making changes in my runes. Currently, I could not create a new formation, but I could modify them a little without creating and destroying the runes.

I am trying to modify the Armor so that it will able to absorb all the physical force that is coming toward me. I am very close to making that happened; in a minute or two, I will have the formations ready, and that time, its physical power would be no threat to me.

Waiting minutes or two would not be a problem for me seeing it had gone to a controlled frenzy and the only thing it wanted to do is attack me with a more powerful attack.

Each attack of its building momentum for the next, making each attack harder than the previous.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and such four minutes have pa.s.sed. It had taken longer than I had expected, but my Armor finally is ready. Now, I want to see if it had the power to push me back again.

Its attack had come again, and this time too, I had to use all my strength and raw power I got from it to move my sword to counter, but unlike all the other times, this time it will be different.