Monster Integration - Chapter 1303 - Let Me Tell You A Secrete

Chapter 1303 - Let Me Tell You A Secrete

Chapter 1303 - Let Me Tell You A Secrete

Sup Sup Sup…

Just as the vines erupted from the ground and drilled into humans' bodies, the Scarlet Houndman attacked, and its attack was nothing to be scoffed at.

It had launched thousands of dark red spiked worms; instead of having a mouth, they have a drill, and these tiny drills could be see spinning if one looked at them; I am sure that once these drills pierce through one body, they will tear it apart from inside out.

This attack was powerful enough to finish off thousands of people, but it had concentrated its whole on me, but the attack got no real reaction. I just looked at it as if it is nothing much, and the next moment near thousand beautiful crystalline leaves appeared around me.

Dang Dang Dang…

Rapid sounds of clash started to ring out as thousands of spiky worms begin to clash against it before getting absorbed by the runes making my rose cover stronger by the second.

As these spiky worms clas.h.i.+ng against my vines, I observed them. I noticed that at the point of their spike, there is very concentrated energy, which gives off a similar feeling as Poison Energy and Curse Energy is but is clearly different.

It is the base of this Special Worm Inheritance and has a very powerful piercing ability that even some Apex Hosts will not be able to stop with their defensive method.

The clash rang out for a few seconds before it stopped; all the spiky worms have been stopped.

"You will have to do better if you want to harm me," I said to it before tuned toward the Humans, who are now covered in the very thick layer of the crystalline vines. Instead of harness the roses of energy, vines used the energy it got from the words to grow themselves.

As for the Miasma, which I could not use for the growth, it got released in the environment. Since it is not the hospital, I could release it out without any fear.

"I had not expected I would find a human host of Apex Inheritance; killing you will get me a lot of benefits from my tribe," It said and came at me in a flash and at the same time tens of worms thick as my thighs and long as I went toward my vines which is covering the humans.

The worms are dangerouns, but my vines are more than sufficient to deal with them without my oversight. I should worry about myself; the speed and momentum of the Scarlet Houndaman coming at me raised all hair on my body.

It is the host of Apex Inheritance and not to forget a whole level above me. I am not an idiot enough to think that since it is special professions Grimm Monsters, it should be weak.

One should not think about it any inheritance, especially an Apex Inheritance, and I had not planned to. Ive activated the 'Old Set' right when I had entered the five hundred meters range of it; it was ready to be used at any moment.


Its metallic staff clashed against my sword, releasing force powerful enough to shake my body from top to bottom, and that was just a start, and it attacked a second time without waiting, and this using lot more power than the last time.


Step Step Step…

Our weapons have clashed again, sending more force into it that I had to take steps back continuously.

After practicing for a week with Essense of Miasmic Astral Rose, I had throught I would be able to deal against Apex Hosts at Prince stage; seeing every session with the essence of Miasmic Astral Rose give me benefits compare to a week of practice under my previous practice regime but it looked like I was little wrong.

I will still have to give my all to kill a smart and powerful opponents like this Scarlet Houndman. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is extremely smart and done that many proud Grimm Monsters would not do, despite knowing it.

After seeing its precious 'Worm Energy' is useless against me, it completely stopped using it. It started to attack me, pure, powerful physical attacks that are shaking every part of my body.

Seeing me taking steps back, the fiendish smiles on its face became even greater, and it came at me with even greater power, seeing that my expression couldn't help but change.


I cursed seeing that and powered up the runes further to counter against incoming attack.

"Die Human!" It said and swung its metallic staff at my head, wanting to crush my head with sheer power. I also swung my sword with as much as the strength I could muster and used all the raw power I had got from its previous attack.


Step Step Step…

As our weapons clashed, I again took the rapid steps back due to the sheer force that attacks struck me. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is not only physically powerful but also a skilled fighter.

It had been using perfect timing to attack me to maximize each of its attacks, and if not for my armor sucking all the sheer force that came at me, I would have blasted into pieces.

The physical strength of the Grimm Monsters is too great; it is not that humans could compare themselves with.


Attack after attack came, each became even more ferocious than others. Seeing the way it is attacking me, it had seemed to be gone in the controlled frenzy, which is quite surprising as it is not many Grimm Monsters that could do that; it is extremely hard.

Every attack is making me take a step back, but not a single one could injure me. I am perfectly fine without any injury; though it could push me back, it could not do anything against me.

It seemed to understand that point also as it suddenly stopped, and a smile returned on its face, which for an unknown reason, made an uncontrollable shudder ran through my body.

"Let me tell you a secrete about my Inheritance that very few people know about," It said while pulling out a very harmless smile on its face.