Monster Integration - Chapter 1218 - Meeting Old Friends III

Chapter 1218 - Meeting Old Friends III

Chapter 1218 - Meeting Old Friends III

"Micheal, I did not expect to see you here?" Jim said as he landed next to me. "Me, too; it's a pleasant surprise to see you here," I said while hugging him.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Micheal." I introduced myself to three others. Of the three are one is a young girl and two young men about my age.

Mary is a violet haired girl; she is tall with an enchanting figure and extremely beautiful features comparable to that of Rachel and is from Blazing Spear.

One of two young men is Jacob Madson; he is a very handsome young man with brown skin and black hair, and another young man is Nick Farruggio, who has average features like me, and both of them are from the Silverstone Academy.

"h.e.l.lo." Three of them replied and introduced themselves. I talked to Jim a few words before turned to three small vine spheres, which now have less than the one-meter diameter.

Seeing it needed my attention again, I turned toward them and focused all my attention on the three vines spheres after excusing myself. As I put all my focus on them, they again started to shrink rapidly, and half a minute later, the vines began to unravel and come inside me.


I heard a few gasped when the three Essense Roses unveiled themselves. These roses looked beautiful, the most beautiful essence roses, Ive ever harvested. The Grimm Monster was at peak Prince and very powerful as they could fight in such an environment without any problem.

"So, these are the Essence Roses seniors were praising so much," Mary said as she walked closer to the Essense Rose. "Your Academy is charging a pretty penny for them, especially us," Jim said as he observed the roses.

Except for Sky Saber, every other organization is paying about the same price for these Essense Roses; on the other hand, the Sky Saber is paying double; it is a take it or leave it offer for them.

If any other person had made it of Academy, including the Headmistress, they would not have accepted it. The Supreme Tag isn't just for the name, but it also held power; if not for personal animosity of them trying to kill me, they would not have accepted the higher price than the other supremes.

"Can I?" Jim and Mary asked in unison; they wanted to pluck the roses, and seeing they already thickly coated their hands, I nodded. One Cure Rose and Poison Rose plucked by Mary and Jim while Jacob, who asked late, plucked the last one.

"It is amazing what your Inheritance could do; harvesting the Essense of Grimm Monster in such pure form is not an easy thing," Jim said as he observed the Essense Rose.

"Keep it; I have enough of them in my storage," I said when they were returning the Essense Roses. Since I am already selling them to their organizations, they already know about it. So, I might as well gift them; a few Essence Roses would not affect me much.

"Chew, Chew!"

While we were talking, Ashlyn came back from wherever she had gone and attracted the attention of all of them again.

This is not the place where the normal monster lives; even powerful Prince stage monsters would die here in a second, but Ashlyn, a mutated Grey Spark Sparrow, is fine and dandy and not forget her earlier performance where she had easily killed princes with the single attack of hers.

"Ashlyn, its nice seeing you again," Jim said, seeing me landing on my shoulder and quickly fished out candy to her, which she expertly took from his hands and ate.

"Ive always expected Ashlyn is special but not expected this special," Jim said softly as he looked at Ashlyn, who have pure joy written on her place as she ate the candy; that candy must be quite special to put such a look on her face.

"Well, then I should get going now that the battle is over," I said and started to leave. I have already wasted enough time, and I don't think Sarah will appreciate seeing how she is giving me an evil eye from the back since the battle is finished.

"Micheal, stop." Jim asked when I had just taken a step, "You are heading to Crown Tree, right?" He asked, to that I nodded. "Why don't you come with us then? We are also heading to the Crown Tree as well." Jim asked earnestly, hearing that look of hesitation appeared on my face.

It would be a lie if I sat his offer did not impress me. His offer is very good; with such a powerful team, not only I will be safer, but I would get what I want with the less efforts, but there is Sarah, the look she is giving is making me fear getting murdered in my sleep.

"Yes, Micheal, come with us; having a healer like you will save us a lot of trouble if we get injured." Mary said suddenly, "Right, how can I forgot, you are qualified Medic; your addition will increase our survivability two-fold in the Crown Tree." Jim added.

I could feel the glower of Sarah becoming fiercer, but I did not care; these people can help me get what I from a dangerous place like Crown Tree. To get what I want, I could suffer a few days with a person like Sarah.

"Ok," I said finally and felt an intense glare from Sarah. "Good, with you with us, chances of any of us dying have lowered quite much," Jim said happily.

"Let's go; we have already wasted enough time with the Grimm Monsters; we will have to increase our speed if we want to reach the Crown Tree within two days." Rachel said coldly and took the lead.

Jim looked at me apologetically before he sped up behind his girlfriend. He is quite a courageous fellow; not many people dare to make their girlfriend angry.