Monster Integration - Chapter 1217 - Meeting Old Friends II

Chapter 1217 - Meeting Old Friends II

Chapter 1217 - Meeting Old Friends II

"All you kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, we will deal with the rest of the group." Shouted a Duke stage Grimm Monsters to all princes before he and the other three Dukes attacked Jim and other whole twenty Prince Stage Grimm Monsters came at me.

Thud Thud Thud…

A second later, bodies of Grimm Monster started falling on the ground till all the twenty Prince stage Grimm Monsters that attacked us fell on the ground with thuds; that made the battle stopped again before they could engage in more than one move again.

Again, I found myself the center of attention, but I did not even look back at them; instead, I focused on the three Prince Stage Special Professions Grimm Monsters I am harvesting.

Harvesting a sing Prince stage Grimm Monster is not much of a problem for me, but currently, I am facing one as I am not only harvesting one but three Grimm Monsters.

Still, their number would not be a problem with the progress I made; the real problem is extra help from the world I usually get, making the harvesting process easier.

Now, I am not in the world; though I am in its sphere of influence and still getting help, I would not be much as I would when I am present in the world.

So, I closed my eyes and concentrate my all on harvesting the three Special Profession Grimm Monsters. As for the Grimm Monsters, I know Ashlyn could handle them if dared to attack me.

I completely focused on the three vines spears dividing my attention equally toward three platforms.

I could feel the strain on my mind building as I worked on three spheres; in this upgrade, I took a lot of control back, and now I am dealing with most of the things myself, which had put a lot of strain on myself.

If my body and soul had not been this strong, I would have found myself bleeding in several holes in my body right now.

Finally, after what felt like hours, I finished killing all three Princes Stage Grimm Monster. This f.u.c.kers may not look much, but they have huge vitality, the fifty-meter-long vine spheres they had created through their vitality before they died.

There is still much vitality in their body that expands the spheres' diameters by another fifty percent, but there is no need for that now that the Grimm Monsters are dead.

Three spheres started shrinking, and when they were just ten-meter diameters, their shrinking speed started to slow down, seeing that I opened my eyes. The process will be a little slow, but pressure on me also lessened quite a bit that I now I could open my eyes.

While I process three bodies, I also look at the battle raging that even powerful monsters nearby, which are usually attracted by the smallest sounds, are staying away from the fight.

These people are really powerful; if I had not been tied down to harvesting, I would have joined the battle too.

Of the five humans, two people stand out greatly, one Sarah and another is Mary St John, who is from Blazing Spear. If Sarah's attacks were filled with technique and accuracy, then Mary's were pure power.

The destructiveness of her attacks is even made of wonder if my Rose Cover will be able to stand against such destructive attacks of her only after Fiery Spear one will understand why Blazing Spear knew their unbridled destructive might.

Though her attacks are powerful, her energy control is not; sorry, I am wrong. She has fine energy control, but it is not enough to control the nature of Inheritance Energy she practice.

The nature of her Inheritance Energy is like a raging river; it is exceptionally hard to control. It is commendable that she is controlling her energy to this degree. If she could control this unruly Inheritance energy in the future, she would become one most of the most powerful people of her generation.

From what teacher had made me memorize, the name of her Inheritance is Blazing Spear. The core Inheritance of her organization, which is named after this Inheritance.

She is the first person in three hundred years to get this Inheritance, so I was surprised seeing her here; I did not think her organization would come to this Ruin seeing the importance of this Inheritance to them.

The battle continued as three vines speared continued to shrink; both parties seemed to be h.e.l.l-bent on killing each other using every bit of move they have in their a.r.s.enal.

It is quite an experience for me; I was able to see the Apex Inheritance holders' power. Every one of them is powerful, including Jim; the force behind every move made by them is amazing.

Even though I don't want to admit, I was quite impressed with Sarah; she is really powerful and looked very good with those beautiful metallic wings behind her. These wings are incorporeal but still looked amazing.

I can't imagine how beautiful they will look when they became Corporal at King Stage. Rachel had told me their Angel Set would become fully corporal at the King Stage, and that is also when they will be to harness the real power of their Inheritance.

Not only them, but most of the Apex Inheritance hosts and other Inheritances also started to show their real power at King Stage. King Stage is Middle Point in practice or the actual start of becoming a world powerhouse.

Though they are fighting with great power, I was not attacked even once; h.e.l.l, even a stray attack did not come in my direction. Whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, they stayed steer clear of me.

Suddenly, the all-out of fight stopped, and humans and Grimm Monsters separated and looked at each other.

"Humans, you are quite good; next time we meet, it will be your death." Said leading Grimm Monsters haughtily before it looked at me, and surprise expressions flashed on their eyes as it did not notice Ashlyn on my shoulder.


It gripped its weapon tightly as if contemplating whether to attack me or not before it help with the humph.