Monster Integration - Chapter 1215 - Miracle Fruit

Chapter 1215 - Miracle Fruit

Chapter 1215 - Miracle Fruit


I landed a little unstably on the ground and sat down, I am feeling quite tired, and my body is aching everywhere. The power of the First Burst is more than what I can handle right now; just a few seconds of use have let me all tired in body and mind.

This is the real reason I had started to go through the Torturous refining. The move provided me with an awesome burst of power, but it also has a strict condition, all of which I am barely meeting.

It requires not only a strong body and soul but also requires to have strengthened runes. I am refining my body and soul daily with cosmic water-rich energy, but I could not do anything about my Inheritance Strengthening.

First, Ive used everything I have during the a.s.similation; even though Ive found quite a good things subterranean that could help me strengthen my Inheritance by a little bit, I am not skilled enough to create a strengthening solution.

Till now, all the strengthening solutions I used were specially prepared by Tyrant level Alchemist. I use Tyrant Level Alchemist not just because I have access to but also because they have the expertise I need.

For a.s.similation, I could use any resource I want; it gets crushed and converted to energy for them to a.s.similate into my body, but the strengthening is different.

Each strengthening solution I use serves a specific purpose; if I use any material for strengthening, then my Inheritance would not be as strong as I want or work as I need it to be.

Its not that I need to have only special strengthening solutions for strengthening. Of all strengthening materials, I could use 30% of any materials I want, but 70% had to be specially made strengthening material.

The crown has produced something which I could directly use for strengthening. The material is so good I would not need Alchemist's help, and if I had an Alchemist, it would turn even more amazing.

The First Burst of Old Set may very be straining, but the power it displayed better than I had imagined; otherwise, the fight with the Apex Inheritance holder would not have ended this soon.

This Mantisman I had fought was especially tricky as it had speed in its hands; those with speed are very hard to deal with.

I rested for ten minutes before I got up and flew high till I see the crown tree at a distance. I have about eleven to twelve days in this ruin and will need four to five days to reach the Crown Tree, and for that, I will have to use significant speed.

I had measured the time by the distance, not to forget obstacles I will have to deal with the Grimm Monsters, better yet monsters.

The most dangerous aspect of Crown Tree is not, which is harmless itself or the exceptionally thick Cosmic Energy, which may be more than a hundred times denser than what I had expected in subterranean.

It is the monsters that are the most dangerous aspect of Crown Three. These monsters grew under Crown Tree are extremely dangerous. Far more dangerous powerful the Monsters of Subterranean.

Initially, I had planned to check a few sites before heading to the crown tree, but I decided to head there early. Getting the Crown Tree thing would not be very easy; many people have died, including Supreme Inheritance hosts.

If I got what I needed in time, I could always head toward the sites I had decided to check for the treasure, but before that, I should take the bodies of Grimm Monsters.


These are Prince Stage Grimm Monsters; they were average, but they will still offer s.h.i.+t loud of mana crystal. So, I quickly dumped them and about to move on when a sound was released from my storage ring.

I have heard this sound only two times; it only rang out when that thing appeared in my storage. I immediately looked inside my storage and saw that thing, on a specially a.s.signed crystal shelf.

Miracle Fruit!

The Grimm Monsters have miracle fruit in their storage. When I stored their bodies inside my storage and automatically sorted it, it found the Miracle fruit and automatically pinged me.

I immediately took it out to observe it; it did not take me long to know that it is the most common type of Miracle Fruit. The level up one and seeing its level, it is for Dukes, if I ate it, it would directly help me reach the Prince Stage.

I am not an idiot enough to eat it; level up is not important to me, or at least until I made enough improvements in my armor. This Fruit will be very important for my strengthening; with the miracle fruit in my hands, the comic energy-filled water and herbs I got from the Subterranean, I have all the materials I need for creating the Strengthening Solution; the only thing I need is skilled Alchemist.

I already had no problem getting the Academy's resources from what I am providing the Academy with. With this me giving them Inheritance, I will demand any resources I want from the Academy.

Till now, I had been holding back on resources due to propriety, but now I will not. Academy had many rare and precious resources stored in a vault for thousands of years, and now they will all be for my expense.

As long as I need it, I will have it, and n.o.body will say no to be; not even a council will able to do anything against my demands.

I looked at Miracle Fruit for quite a while before putting it back into my storage and moved toward the Crown Tree.

I did not fly even though it will be much faster; like me, Grimm Monsters will also be going to Crown Tree, and seeing this forest is filled with dry looking short trees, flying will directly put a target on my back, which I don't want; undisturbed travel will make me reach my destination quickly.