Monster Integration - Chapter 1214 - Apex Host

Chapter 1214 - Apex Host

Chapter 1214 - Apex Host

Puchi Puchi Puchi!

Three Rose blades had pierced through the three Prince Stage Grimm Monsters. The blades did not give them time to put their defense before they reaped their lives.

I was looking at the falling bodies of Grimm Monster when suddenly I sensed danger. That very moment, the runes lit up inside me, and my sword appeared in my hands, and I slashed back.


A loud metallic sound rang out when my sword clashed against the invisible blade, and the next moment a Grimm Monster holding a thin green blade had appeared.

"I did not think you would be able to block it," Mantisman said in a grating raspy voice, which is very uncomfortable to hear.

In front of me is a green monster from the rare Mantimen tribe, members of this tribe are very, which makes them very good for quick a.s.signation attack.

The mantis man in front of me is just six meters tall with a completely green body. Its body may look soft with a natural green armor covering it wholly, but it is extremely st.u.r.dy.

The surprising thing is about this matisman is that it is at Duke Stage, Initial Duke, to be exact, just like me, but despite that, it was able to get ten meters distance from me without me discovering it.

"You should work on your speed," I said flatly. What I had just said is lie; its speed is amazing; the reason I was able to discover it because of its killing intent. It had done a very good job controlling it, but it was still present, and I had sensed it.

"Thank You for your advice; after killing you, I will surely work on it." It said and desspeared.


As it did, I moved my sword behind my back, which again clashed against the invisible blade of the Mantisman, but unlike last time, this time, it did no visible instead, its blade desspeared, and it appeared again, and this time, it is coming for my chest.


It continued launching attack after attack; each of its attacks is invisible and right. If it had been normal Duke, even a price would have died ten times under.

Its speed is amazing that if not for the latest upgrade and changes I made, I would have stared at such speed in envy. The invisibility is not a method or skill of it; it is pure speed.

It is not invisible to me; my senses have already locked on it and tracking its every movement, which is why I am so effortlessly countering its attacks.

It continued to attack me for a few minutes when it suddenly stood five meters ahead of me, a perfect attacking range.

"I had not expected I would come across the holder of the Apex inheritance." It said as it looked at me seriously.

"Likewise," I said. Yes, this Grimm Monster is a holder of Apex Inheritance, and I have to kill it.

Killing the holder of Apex inheritance is not the only question of pride or cutting off future trouble for one's race but also of the prize. Killing it will get me a price from the Pyramid.

There is a fixed price on each stage of the holder of Apex Inheritance, and I have seen the list of prizes and already decided what I want in its exchange, and seeing its gaze, it is likely to have also decided what it wants in exchange of me.

Like us, they also put a price on each human apex Inheritance holder, and from what I know, the prizes they offer are amazing. Unfortunately for it, even if it can kill me, it will not get a price since I am not a holder of the Apex Inheritance.

"Shall we start then?" It asked and attacked before getting my answer, a good strategy.

"Hundred Stary Cuts." It said, and the next moment, I saw blades coming at me from every direction; they had completely blocked anyway for my retreat.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d used a powerful attack from the start wanting to kill me at a single attack without wasting any time. It seemed to understand the philosophy of 'The only enemy is the dead enermy.'

Unfortunately for it, I would not die such easily, especially under such an attack. It looks like it is time to show the power of the upgraded Old Set.

'Old Set- First Burst.'

I said, and the next moment a torrent like energy spread into the runes, and I moved like I never moved before.

Khach Khach Khach…

I became a complete blur as my sword started to move at a very fast speed; it did not counter the blades but cut through them in speed that is even Mantisman was having a problem seeing its clear.

"Star Piercing!"

I had just destroyed its blade when I heard its voice in front of me and found sensed its blade descending toward my head like a shooting star at an incredible speed.


A smile couldn't help but appeared on my face seeing that, and the next moment, I desspeared from my spot and appeared above it directly, it was above me, but now I had appeared above it.

As I appeared above it, I brought down my sword with all my strength; not only that, I even activated both of my enchantments at full power; the weight one especially made my sword akin to a meteor as it increased the weight of my sword very much which in turn increased its descending momentum.

The attack's speed caught Mantisman by surprise. It knew the speed my sword descended; it will be hard for it dodges completely, so it had immediately activated its defensive method.

A starry green layer covered immediately and seeing I know it is a top-level defensive method. Seeing it smile couldn't appear on my face, I am using the full power of 'Old Set' every bit of it, and top of it are my enchantments with full power.

I want to see such a powerful attack fare against the powerful defensive method of Apex Inheritance.


Finally, my sword clashed against the Starry Green s.h.i.+eld of it, and at first contact, it held on and made a banging sound before it pierced through the sword s.h.i.+eld before it moved toward the Grimm Monster.

It had tried to move when my sword was descending down and near succeeded, but I too moved my sword at last moment and pierced toward its heard, and finally, my sword touched its heart.


My sword was about to pierce through its heart when suddenly it disappeared; it only took me a moment to realize what had happened.

"Displacement Talisman," I said with gritted teeth; this is a problem in fighting with a host of Apex Inheritance; it is d.a.m.n difficult to kill them with all the Talismans they have on them.

Almost every f.u.c.k.i.n.g host of Apex Inheritance has them, not only on the Grimm Monster side but also on the Human side. If one's Organisation could not provide it, the Pyramid would provide it to them.

The host of Apex Inheritances are the greatest battle resource; if they did not, they would reach the Tyrant Stage without any difficulty with nearly all of them reaching the peak of it, so how can their organizations and Pyramid not invest greatly in their safety.