Monster Integration - Chapter 1206 - Broken Inheritances II

Chapter 1206 - Broken Inheritances II

Chapter 1206 - Broken Inheritances II

"So, what is it?" I asked Ashlyn as I stared at the pond. The Tar inside the pond is very mysterious and very dangerous that Ashlyn warned me not to touch it.

"Chew Chew Chew Chew…"

Ashlyn chirped, and hearing that; I want to message my forehead heavily. She said she did not what this black Tar like substance is, but it contains an enormous amount of energy and some other things that are very harmful to the current me,

I thought for a while before I took out a small runic bottle. It is just thumb size and has dense runic formation carved on it; it is one of the things that the teacher had given me, and it is best for this scenario.


I added energy into the dark blue colored bottle, and all the runes of it lit up; as they did, I threw the bottle into the Tar pond. It went inside the Tar and disappeared; a second later, I saw the tar pond's level decreasing at the visible rate.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face; no matter how dangerouns that Tar was, it still got sucked into a bottle that the teacher had given me.

The tar pond was deeper than I had throught, but within a minute, it got wholly sucked by the bottle that not even a drop of it has remained. Now in the place where the pond had been just a big dry hole and the small blue bottle.

There is another thing, a broken tablet of about palm size. I first thought it was of a marble piece but soon saw dense formations of microscopic runes covering every part of it.

I first picked up the bottle and stored it inside before looking at Tablet, which seemed fine except for very, very tiny runes carved on it. I felt no danger from it and picked up.

I was about to store it in my storage when I realized how big a mistake I made by directly touching it.


Just as I touched the Tablet, a mournful scream rang through my mouth. The incoherent jumble of information a.s.saults my mind, the information present in Tablet in a colossal amount that I felt dying.

'I am going to be mad!' I thought through the burning pain, the information in the Tablet is too much and is very chaotic, I can see it is infiltrating my mind, and it is not a good thing.

If it had been a knowledge crystal that contained a vast amount of knowledge, it would not have been painful at all as the knowledge in a knowledge crystal is organized.

Its came with a special mechanism that did not corrupt memories or knowledge present in one's mind and also very gentle when imprinting the knowledge.

Unlike the gentle stream of knowledge Crystal, the information in Tablet is like a cold raging river filled with sharp Ice that will destroy anything through which it is pa.s.sed.

That is why I am sure that if this broken Tablet could transmit all the chaotic information in me, I would turn mad as everything would be corrupted by it.

Chew Chew!

I was panicking when suddenly a familiar chirp rang through my mind, and all the chaotic information that is coming toward me being diverted. Instead of coming to my mind, the information is going toward my inheritance core.

The new information but old information entered inside me and started to corrupt in different places, diverted into Inheritance Core.

It continued for a couple of minutes when suddenly I felt the Tablet in my hands turned to dust; when I opened my eyes and looked, I found the Tablet had really turned to dust.

I closed my eyes and processed whatever I have gleaned from that mind breaking torrent of chaotic information.

A minute later, I opened my eyes with a look of understanding filled in them. I now underground why this building survived under such thick cosmic energy for more than fifty thousand years and why it has of the materials that suppressed the soul energy such heavily.

"Inheritance Palace," I said ecstatically; if I am not wrong, then this building is Inheritance Palace, the most important place in any organization, and the piece that I had just picked up was a broken piece of Inheritance Crytal.

This revelation couldn't help but bring a bright smile to my face. This discovery changes everything; for Inheritance, I am even willing to spend a full week here.

Discovery or creation of any new inheritance brings a significant change in any organization. If I can find an inheritance and bring it back to the Academy, the power of the Academy will start to rise in a few years.

More Inheritances means more choices; even if I did not find a complete inheritance and found just a piece of it as I had a few minutes ago, the teacher would be ecstatic.

The value of the Inheritance is too great, and I intend to find one. This is why, despite feeling intense headache and tiredness due to an earlier incident, I move to inspect rooms with Ashlyn.

The first thing we inspected is two hallways I inspected earlier; I wanted to double-check them with Ashlyn's sense. I inspected the rooms with her but found nothing interesting in them.

With them done, I moved toward the new hallways and started to inspect them as such evening had come, but I continued in the hope of maybe I will find something, but I did not.

Except for finding more proof that it is Inheritance Palace, I did not find anything interesting.

I continued till late evening before I finally stopped. I found a good stable place to set up an abode, which fortunately got activated. I feared it would not, seeing my holowatch experiencing slight glitches.

After setting up an abode, I showered and cooked before eating with Ashlyn and slept right after. I am feeling drained after what I had experienced with the broken inheritance tablet earlier.