Monster Integration - Chapter 1205 - Broken Inheritances I

Chapter 1205 - Broken Inheritances I

Chapter 1205 - Broken Inheritances I

With the first Hallway done, I moved toward another. This place is huge and what I had just seen was the tip of the Iceberg. There are many more things that remained to be explored in this place.

After I finished with the first Hallway, I walked toward the right as this is the only direction I could walk since I had entered the building from the end left.

There is another big hallway with even more rooms at the right than the Hallway I had explored.

'Is this hostel or something?' I asked myself, there are too many rooms and these rooms are also medium size, which made me think like it may be a hostel or something.

This just my conjecture; it may be something else; I had made my deduction from my experience, which I had gotten from my world. This may be some training facility with rooms having some exotic instruments in them.

I kept an open mind and kept my mind alert to notice anything that could give me a glimpse of what this place could be.

With that throught, I started to explore the rooms in the Hallway; this time, I moved with precious and did not waste much time in any room if they did not have anything interesting.

I started to check one room after another, but like the Hallway I had explored before, Ive found nothing but garbage. In little more than an hour, I had finished exploring another hallway.

"Chew, Chew!"

I looked another two hallways and thought which way to go when suddenly Ashlyn chirped as she motioned toward the 1st room of the left Hallway with her little wing.

"Did you sensed something?" I asked with hope filled voice, to which she nodded with little head; getting the confirmation from her, I floated toward the Hallway on the left and stood before the 1st room.

I couldn't help but feel excited; this is the first time Ashlyn had sensed something after we entered this Palace.

Seeing there is no door, I floated inside and stopped soon after; in front of me, it big piece of roof covering the floor. Like many rooms, some parts of the floor had collapsed here.

"Is that the thing you have sensed under that block?" I asked Ashlyn, to which she again bobbed her head in affirmation. Seeing her conformation, I once again looked at the roof's piece, covering more than half of the room.

I float beside the block and gently touched it; some part of it crumpled, but not all, some remained, seeing that smile couldn't help but appeared on my face as I turned to Ashlyn.

"Ashlyn, would you mind taking away that block," I said to her, hearing that she flew down from my shoulder and landed on the block of the roof and next moment, the whole block has been desspeared entirely.

"Good girl," I said as I petted her. Ashlyn also has the storage; that is where she had put that block away. I would have done the if not for my soul energy being heavily suppressed inside the Palace, not only soul energy but also my Inheritance energy.

I can barely use 5% of my capacity, which is enough for me to fly and use the moves of Old Set as for using moves of Rose Domination here; this is a dream.

If any monster attacked me now, I would be in huge trouble; though they may not use their energy, they still have their strong bodies, which had been refined under this thick Cosmic Energy since the birth.

Still, I am not worried; I don't think there will be a monster in this Palace. The monsters did not prefer to roam the place where they are restricted in any way, and this place restricts their energy and soul; they will not step inside this place, and even if I come across any monster by chance, Ashlyn will able to handle it with her strength.


My thoughts came back to myself when I saw Ashlyn submerging herself in a small pond; I wanted to stop her but seeing she has never done something which she had never been sure of.


A second later, she came out of the pond and sat beside it with her eyes closed; the black tar-like substance she was covered in started to s.h.i.+ne gently as it began to seep inside her slowly.

When the block of roof desspeared, we come across a small pond filled with Tar like substance. This substance is very strange and does not release any aura, not even slightly; it just looked like a normal tar.

But seeing how Ashlyn took a dip inside it and came back just as quickly and now actively sucking up the Tar that is sticking around her body is enough for me to know this Tar anything but simple and not forget the warning Ashlyn gave me as came out of the Tar pond.

Before she closed her eyes, she had warned me not to touch the Tar with my hands, so I will wait till Ashlyn finished before asking her what the h.e.l.l it is and how I should handle it.

I looked at Ashlyn for a few minutes, and seeing it might take her quite a while to suck all the Tar inside her, I walked out of the room to inspect the other rooms to use the time efficiently.

I started to inspect the rooms again, but this time without Ashlyn. When she wakes up, I will again go over these rooms with Ashlyn in case I missed something.

I inspected one room after another, but unluckily, I did not find anything in the room Ive had expected, and one and a half hour pa.s.sed as such.

Ashlyn was still not woken up, so I decided to explore the other Hallway, where I also did not find anything.

When I was exploring one last room of Hallway in the right, Ashlyn woke up as she called me through our link, which thankfully is not suppressed in this Palace.