Monster Integration - Chapter 1201 - Amethyst Ape II

Chapter 1201 - Amethyst Ape II

Chapter 1201 - Amethyst Ape II


The Amethyst Ape growled in rage, seeing its earlier attack did not affect me, and attacked again. This time, its attack is stronger and faster, and it is also using its ability as its Amethyst Fist is s.h.i.+ning.


My sword clashed against the fist, and I couldn't help but get surprised. The attack is powerful, but the energy is released from its way to the peculiar flavor that if not for me sensing extremely thick berserk energy in the attack, I would have throught it would have been Inheritance Energy.

The berserk energy that monsters have also goes through a transformation as they level up; depending on the environment they are born in, their energy also acquires particular traits. Like in this subterranean, the monsters berserk energy have a very high percentage of the cosmic energy


Its growled again and attacked with more strength. The glow on its fist brightened up that when the fist is coming toward me, I could see the air breaking apart by it.


My sword moved as its fist moved and clashed against its fist halfway and neutralized its whole attack and crushed and converted all the energies it had sent at me.

As I neutralized its attack, it did not launch another attack right away but looked at me for a moment.

Its eyes are filled with killing intent toward me, but there is also the hunger; I am sure that if I had died by its hands, it would not waste any time killing me.


It looked at me for a second before letting out a loud growl. That exact moment two amethyst hands materialized right below its original hand, which it banged across its chest loudly with its original hands.

I looked at the two new hands in surprise. I have come across the four-armed ape, but those hands were its original hands while these two hands which had just appeared are its ability.

It had banged its arms to its chest before it attacked me with it; it had attacked me with four of its arms. From attacking me using a single-arm to attacking me with the four arms and power behind these powerful arms is shuddering.

A single punch from these Arms could blast any High Prince Stage monster here in pieces, and I am about to face the four Arms simultaneously. Such attacks couldn't help but made me really excited.

The runes lighted up inside me, and so is the weight enchantment of my sword as I moved my sword toward the coming punches. Ever since I leveled up to the Duke, I had been searching for such an opponent which would challenge me to bring out my real strength and now I have come across such opponent.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…


My sword moved at a fantastic speed and clashed against all the four powerful punches that had come at me, but the monster has none of that as it had growled in anger and started attacked me with punches at even greater speed.

Bang Bang Bang…

Ape monster is attacking me fury; our attacks are now becoming completely invisible to the n.a.k.e.d eyes, even people of the same level as we will only see the after image.

We have created a stand where we are fighting; we have created a crater around us, except for the two-meter long s.p.a.ce we are fighting, everything else around us had been bogged down.

Since it had started fighting with four arms, I had been trying to explode it with my Art's power, seeing how every attack contained a huge amount of energy, but I had been unsuccessful till now.

The 2nd level of my Art seemed to insufficient to blow it completely. Now, I regret not focusing enough on my Art but seeing how so many things bogging down on me, there no time to spend on the Art.

Still, it is not like I am hurrying to kill it, I am enjoying the fight very much, and currently, Old Set is enough to fight against it. When I feel it had offered everything it could to me, I will use the moves of the Rose Domination.


We were fighting when suddenly the front side became porcupine; thousands of long thin crystalline needles appeared on its body.

Sup Sup Sup…

Just as they appeared, they all released at me. Thousands of needles are coming toward me with incredible speed. This attack is too sudden, and seeing Amethyst's big beefy body, one would not expect it would launch some attack and probably skewed by the thousands of needles.

These needles are very thin, which makes them look delicate, and one might mistake them as faint, which could be easily defended using normal defensive methods if it is got deployed in time, but they would be very mistaken about these needles.

These needles may look delicate, but they are jammed packed with energy, and every single of the needles held power to blast a big hole in one's body, and one should also forget about defending them against them by using an average defensive method; these needles are very fast and very sharp.

Even if one successfully activated the defensive method before these needles have stuck them, they will still be a danger as these needles held power to pierce through anything.

'Rose Cover!' When needles were right in front of me, and the next moment, hundreds of rose petals have appeared around me. This move of mine had gone through the big change in the upgrade; the number of petals has been directly halved into half.

From above thousand petals, now only five hundred and thirty-three petals are surrounding me. Though the number of petals has decreased, its defensive ability has increased tremendously.

I had removed couple formation and changed into a different formation, which helped me cut energy petals into half while also increasing its defensive many times; it was a complete win-win solution.