Monster Integration - Chapter 1200 - Amethyst Ape I

Chapter 1200 - Amethyst Ape I

Chapter 1200 - Amethyst Ape I

I took out a special storage bottle and walked toward the Small Lake when I suddenly stopped, and a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I slowly walked toward Small Lake.

As I reached the Small Lake, I crouched down and dipped the bottle into it, and started to fill it.


Barely ten seconds pa.s.sed since I started to fill the bottle when suddenly, I saw a while tail coming at me with extraordinary speed, a speed that even amazed me.


A sword appeared in my hands, and right that moment and it clashed against the incoming while blue heavily, and that is just a start as the next moment, I saw more than ten blurs coming toward me from the Small Lake.

Seeing that sword disappeared from my hand and next moment, vines released at a breakneck speed, and before these white blurs could go back to the Small Lake s, in just two seconds, my Vines have caught thirteen Mid Level Prince fish monsters.

A bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I caught such a big haul. These finishes grew in Cosmic Energy Rich water; the cosmic energy inside them is far greater than the monster present on the ground.

I killed all the fish monsters without damaging them even a bit before storing them before calling back the vine.

Sup Sup Sup

My vine was about to go inside me when three White Blurs came out of the small Lake. These while blurs are bigger than before, and their speed is way faster.

These fish monsters have made times their attacks well, but they made a slight mistake. Their every moment was under my gaze; their perfect timed attack was no surprise to me at all.

The vine, which was about to completely seeped inside me, suddenly bloomed and transformed into the net, and before these three blurs could fathom what is happening.

"Three Fishes Caught," I said happily as thin thorns bloomed out of vines and killed the fish monster before giving them a chance to counter-attack. The one attacked me now was High-Grade Prince Stage Fish Monsters.

This attack of mine may seem simple, but it requires me to do in-depth planning within a few seconds. I wanted to catch these fish monsters without damaging them, and perfect planning was the best way.

I stored the three monsters before I started to fill the water into the bottle; a few minutes later, the water level could be seen receding, and ten minutes later, there is barely any water left in the small Lake.

Me draining the Lake will not affect flora and fauna around this Lake. The Lake had an underground source; it will be filled within a few days.

"Let's go," I said to Ashlyn; finding such a fish monster was quite a luck. I will keep these fishes stored in perfect condition and only cook it when I find a Tome fish recipe; I am sure there will be a fish recipe in the first ten recipes.

Such treasures rarely come across; it would be a shame if I did not use them in the best possible way.

As Ashlyn lead me deeper, we come across many lakes, but the underground source and I emptied them all with their fishes and water, but in all the lakes, the highest level fish monster I could find was High-Level Prince Stage.

Not only in Lake but on the surface too, Ive only come across many High Prince Stage Monster but not a single Peak Prince Monster, but I will soon. The density of Cosmic energy is increasing and, with it, the power of the monster too.

Now, most of the monsters I am encountering now Prince Stage Monsters are barely any Prince Stage Monsters.


I killed another High Prince Monster and about to store its body when I heard a loud growl. When I looked back, I saw Ape coming toward me. An Amethyst Ape to exact seeing how every part of its back covered in thick Amethyst Armor.

"Finally!" I said and was happy that Ashlyn at quite a distance as she could not take this monster from.

A few minutes ago, Ashlyn had informed me about finding Peak Prince Monster, and when I asked her to keep it occupied, she told me she already killed it; I could sense the gloating in her voice.

Now, it is my time to fight a Peak Prince, the highest level this Ruin could allow, that makes these Princes very powerful, especially older ones who have reached the peak stage of Prince for more than decades.

The older they are, the more powerful they will be. They will have great battle experience and have every inch of their bodies stuffed with the Cosmic energy, making them very powerful.

I don't know whether this Amethyst Ape is young or old, but it is pretty powerful; I could sense its blazing battle power even from a distance, which is making my battle spirit burn higher and higher.

Soon it reached a hundred meters ahead of me, and I got a good look at it. It is little more than two and meters long with a very beefy body covered in amethyst Armor, which is especially thick at its fists.

The thumping sound grew louder as it got close to me, and when it was about fifty meters ahead of me, it suddenly increased and appeared in front of me with its fist, which is bigger than my head, aiming at my head.

Seeing that my sword also while moving, its weight is also increasing rapidly, and its increased till it started to release the amount of pressure as the fist of the Ape Monster.


A banging sound rang out as my sword clashed against the Amethyst Apes Fist.

The Ape monster has a clear look of surprise in its eyes as if wondering how a puny human who is complete stage lower than it could counter its blow without even shaking.