Monster Integration - Chapter 1197 - Monster Slaying II

Chapter 1197 - Monster Slaying II

Chapter 1197 - Monster Slaying II

Seeing the azure horns of the about to pierce through my back, I turned around, and my eyes locked on the White Ox.

I could see victory in its eyes as it looked at me. But, suddenly, that emotion of victory transformed that of alarm, and azure energy from its horns started to spread from its body.


Still, before it could consolidate around it, its head pierced through my sword, killing it immediately. A moment later, its body has desspeared into my storage, and only my sword has remained.

The killing happened so quickly that even Snow Eagle from above would have barely able to track it.

Like my Armor, my sword did not have a big change, but if one looked at it, they would think something about it had changed definitely.

The Enchantments, look, the dimension, and weight of the sword had remained changed.

Even those who think the sword had changed will have a hard time finding out what had changed, even I needed a moment to realize what had changed about my sword.

Except for the power, it's the blade of my sword, which had changed the most. It had become even more transparent, it was already transparent, but now it had become even more.


Sup Sup Sup…

The killing had shocked the monster, but it did not take them long to recover from it, and attacked with even more fury. The Snow Eagle above launched tens of snowy Arcs, and the Boar Monster had charged also started to laugh one fire ray after another, and Shadow Lion transformed into shadows again and came at me.

This time their attacks are even faster, but they did not feel dangerous to me.

Zup Zup Zup…

I faced the fiery bolts and snowy arcs with a smile; as I dodged them, I did not move more than a step to launch the numerous attacks coming at one after another.

I am dodging the attacks the long rang attacks and dodging the shadow claws that would come out of the shadow that Lion Monster had transformed into.

This random claws attack of Lion Monsters is far more dangerous than the two long-range attacks. The semi corporal state of its claws makes it attacks very tricky to deal with; if not for that, I would not have entertained these two monsters for long.

This Lion is very interesting; I have never seen such a monster before. Ive read about such monsters, but they are rare and only found in higher stages, as only in high stage do they get such high elemental concentration to do something like this.

At its semi corporal state, its very difficult to attack it as most attack powers did not even touch it. So, I did not try; I continue dodging the attack.

I will only attack when I see the optimum opportunity, though I could still kill it, which will make me use more energy than I am willing to make and its not like, I am not having fun.

Dodging is fun, and it also helps me learn controls of my Armor; in this upgrade, I have made very big changes, especially in the department of control.

Earlier, I used to use a lot of formation to help me control my Armor, but now in this upgrade, I have removed 60% of those formations and controlled the function Ive used the formation for with my mind.

It helps reduce the energy need and put a lot of stress in my mind with me controlling all the functions on my own and need high energy control.

I am currently at my limit controlling all the Armor functions; I wonder how long I could keep controlling it, seeing the stress, I am feeling right now.

I could have gone a little easy on removing some control aiding formation, but I wanted to go the hard way to train myself, and with the progress, I am making in Tome, I don't it won't take long before it would be a breeze for me to operate the Armor.

I plan to remove 95% of all control aiding formations; whether I will remove it when I am Duke or when I reached Prince or above would depend upon the way my control progress.

'A Chance!' I said in my mind; the Shadow Lion had to attack me with semi corporal claws, and all of which I had dodged without question, and now getting frustrated, it had finally made its claw corporal.

As its claw became corporal, runes inside me lit up, and my one hand released from my sword and moved at the speed it is invisible to it.


By the time it realized what is happening, a silvery hand had already grasped its foot and yanked it above. It resisted, but it was no use; the surprise and power that I am using are far above what it can resist.


As I yanked it back, I pierced my sword directly into its head. I had started to go incorporeal, but my strike's power was too great that it had immediately vaporized its brain.

That exact moment, the snow eagle swooped down to attack me, till now the snow eagle had always attacked from the sky, never coming down and but now it did it, and it came with astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

It only took a moment to appear above me and used its powerful claws to crush my brains, but suddenly a look of confusion appeared in its eyes when it noticed I desspeared from my spot, and all its claw got was my afterimage.

"Looking for me," I asked from above and brought down my sword on its horror field face.


Its tried to move away and use the defensive ability it has, but it did not get a chance to do that; my sword pierced through its skull before it could try any w.i.l.l.y tactic.


"Three are dead; only you have remained now," I said as I appeared beside the Boar monster and brough down my sword at its skull.