Monster Integration - Chapter 1196 - Monster Slaying I

Chapter 1196 - Monster Slaying I

Chapter 1196 - Monster Slaying I

"Strength!" I said as I gripped my fist tightly; the Cosmic Energy pa.s.sed through me had also refined my body and made it stronger than I had imagined.

I am now strong enough that I could fight hand to hand against this dead Initial Duke monster, I may not win against it, but it will not be able to win against me too.

This is a huge thing as I am human, and this is a monster; getting such a strong body is extremely difficult for humans.

Normal humans of my stage could not bear such a ma.s.sive amount of Cosmic Energy; h.e.l.l, even those hosts of Apex Inheritances would not be able to bear the amount of Cosmic Energy I did earlier.

Even not all people with Apex Const.i.tution could bear it, only those with Healing Type Apex Const.i.tution or Const.i.tution that is resistant to Cosmic Energy.

Still, it was not all my Const.i.tution that helped; there is my healing type Rule Power and also the a.s.similation process, which sucked away cosmic energy as long as it entered inside me; if such amount of Cosmic Energy lingered inside me, I would be hundred times dead during a.s.similation.

'The monsters are reaching close.' I thought and waited in my abode; I am excited right now.

My Inheritance has gone through significant upgrades, Ive made big changes, and now I want to see how those changes played out in the battle.

Bang Bang Bang!

Few more seconds had pa.s.sed when the first monster destroyed the wall of abode and entered. It is Ox Monster; it entirely white except for azure big azure horns.

It is also bigger and powerful than the monsters Ive fought till now—it is Mid Prince Stage and now looking at me very angrily, and it was about to attack me when another two walls of abode broke, and two monsters stormed in.

Of the two new monsters, one is Boar Monster, and the other is Lion Monster; both of them are a similar size as the Ox Monster and are at Mid Level of Prince Stage like it.

The Boar Monster is an elemental fire monster, its whole body covered fire, and its tusk is red hot like metal in smith fire; it would be very nasty if those tusks were to touch me anywhere.

The Lion Monster seemed slightly different than all the Lion Monsters Ive come across so far; it is entirely black, not the color Ive seen on a lion monster; the only thing that is not black on this monster is its eyes, which are deep red.

The three monsters roared as they saw each other, their eyes blazing with power, ready to attack any moment.

Shake Shake Shake…

There was a staring contest going on between them when suddenly the abode started shaking heavily. I just looked up and understood why these monsters destroyed the abode walls, and now it can't bear a load of rocks above.

"See you out, little monsters," I said to monsters and waved before disappearing into huge holes they have made.

Moo Snort Roar!

They roared and followed me out immediately. When I reached outside, I found myself surrounded by even more monsters. There are eight monsters were already waiting for me outside.

Of the eight, seven are Dukes, and one is Prince Stage Monster. The Prince Stage is Snow Eagle at Initial Prince stage; it is not weaker than the other three monsters.

Moo Snort Roar Cry!

Soon three monsters came out, and as they did, the rocks have collapsed abode. Now, I am surrounded by four Prince Stage monsters; as for Dukes, they moved aside far, seeing the Prince Stage monsters take the stage.

These monsters did not roar at each other this time, just looked at me with killing intent blazing in their eyes.


It is a lion monster that attacked me first, and I have to say, it is the strangest attack ive ever seen. It had somehow turned to shadow and came at me.

It could be said it is transformed into a shadow, and I have quite shocked seeing it. It is a very difficult thing to do; to transform into semi elemental or pure elemental form, one needs a very high concentration of that element in them.

I would have very much loved to focus on this one monster, but others, too, have launched their attacks.

The Boar Monster launched two beams of highly concentrated fire through its tusks and came at me while the Ox monster came me directly with its azure horns glowing.

The last Snow Eagle has also flapped its wings and has launched snow arcs, which are as dangerouns as concentrated fire beams coming toward me.

All these attacks are coming at me with a moment of difference between them. If I had been Lord right now, these attacks would have killed with guarantee, but now they are nothing.

Zup Zup…

The fire rays and snow arcs came at me; first, these two are attacks extremely fast and appeared beside in second, but as they were about to pierce through me, I moved shoulder right and took a step back, effortlessly avoiding both of the attacking.

As I avoided the attack, three monsters were on me; the Lion Monster materialized in front of me with both claws coming at my chest, the Boar monster had its tusk aimed at my waist, and last white Ox monster wanted to impaled me from the behind.

Not to forget, the snow eagle is waiting for a chance to strike; as long as it saw the opportunity, it won't hesitate to dive down and tear me through its powerful claws.

Seeing the three monsters coming at me at the same, I walked two steps forward toward the Black claws that are coming at me, and right when they are about to strike my chest; I moved three steps left and dodged the claws and tusks of boar at the same time and now only white only remained whose horns are inches away from piercing my back if I did not dodge them next moment.