Monster Integration - Chapter 1190 - Bread I

Chapter 1190 - Bread I

Chapter 1190 - Bread I

Like I had expected, as soon as I opened the seal, the smell drifted to her, she flashed before me.

If not for me been already prepared, she would have directly dipped into that soup pot. I am somehow able to stop Ashlyn for enough time before I put soup down on the counter.


Once again, the sound came out of my mouth; the soup is delicious, more delicious than when I had tasted for the first time. Though he had crafted the soup better with much better skill, drinking it, I know it is not real.

The soup I am drinking now is very much real, its taste is fantastic, and its gentle, wonderful energies are spreading throught every part of the body.

This best thing about the soup, making roaring energy so gentle that even an infant could drink it. The only have skills to do something like this are Alchemists, and now I could do this.

I understand the value of the lessons of that man teaching me; I could feel my control over the energy strengthening, and my grasp over the world energy has increased as well.

This control has given me the 1st Recipe; I wonder what kind of energy control I will have mastered the other recipes and reached the end.

I soon shook my of my daydreams; the recipes ahead were going to be difficult, and as for reaching the end, I don't want to think about that too much.

We finished the whole soup and still felt a little hungry. I had cooked soup in huge quant.i.ties; it was not only for today but also for tomorrow, and we finished it all.

After dinner, Ashlyn slept immediately while I spread sensors in whole and around the abode. My holowatch watch will give me a huge shock if anyone aside from Ashyn and me.

It is quite risky, but I do not have a choice. I want to go to my inheritance s.p.a.ce and make changes to my Inheritance.

With that done, I laid on the couch and closed my eyes for the next moment; I am in my inheritance s.p.a.ce and front of my Inheritance Armor with Golden Ring above its head.

If I wanted to, I could upgrade my Armor within hours.

In the day, Ive got what I wanted and could easily make changes and upgrade, but I will not do that.

The time I had spent in Tome had introduced me to new possibilities and widened my horizon to a whole new world. It had also given me some new ideas, and I want to apply everything Ive learned into my Inheritance.

It might take time, but the result will worth it.

With that, I tapped a few times on the Inheritance Armor, and the next moment, it started to fall into pieces. I will do a complete overhaul, refining, perfecting, and changing the formations that need to be.

If this upgrade went as I expect, it would be complete so impressive that even the teacher will get shocked seeing it.

With Armor separated into pieces, I went to work, and within a few seconds, I forgot everything. The only thing I have in my mind is my Inheritance.

If others were to see me now, they would see me drawing the runes in the air before adding into formation; sometimes, I would shake my head and destroy the whole formation.

A few hours later, fields of Runes appeared around me. There are hundreds of Runic Formations and thousands of solo runes floating around me.


Time pa.s.sed, and before long, I found my whole body shake. Seeing that, I looked at the sea of formation before disappearing from my Inheritance s.p.a.ce.

There is no need to connect all of them; if I did, they would be turned into some deformed humanoid made of runes, and there is still a lot of work remained to be done on them before that, I will not connect them.

I opened my eyes got off the couch before awakening Ashlyn. With that done, I turned back to the bed and slept on it.

Ashlyn waked me up in the late morning, where I again cooked the soup which Ashlyn wanted, and I also wanted to eat it. After we finished our lunch, I Ashlyn slept while I laid comfortably on the bed and opened the Tome.

I opened the Tome and reach the second page; now that I had mastered the Recipe, I could turn the third page. When I tried it the first time, I could not do that, but now I could.

I stare at the third page, and a few seconds later, I found myself back in the familiar environment.

"The second Recipe is bread, a simple bread made of common ingredients." He said and motioned a few ingredients on the kitchen table.

These ingredients are in the same grade as the

"The breads name is Aske Bread; it was a common bread made in every household of my world." He said, and started the process.

He first mixed the yeast in water before adding some sugar and oil before adding the flour. He mixed them all till the mixture has become thick enough to be kneaded on the counter.

His every movement looked smooth and practiced as he is doing it for every. If one were to see it, one would find it effortless feel he can do it too, but this process is anything but simple.

From mixing the first material to the dough's kneading, he used his energy very precious, manipulating every aspect of the process according to his need.

Especially in kneading, I could see his energy spreading inside the dough in every part of the dough, manipulating, driving the energies that a dough contains.

"The dough is ready; it had perfect elasticity that we need, and energy inside it also became the way we wanted, there is no need to keep it, we can directly bake it." He said before, attracting my gaze toward the dough.

"We are not going to use any instrument for baking but will create the heat cage." He said, and invisible energy covered the dough before it turned the fain read slowly.