Monster Integration - Chapter 1189 - Cooking II

Chapter 1189 - Cooking II

Chapter 1189 - Cooking II

I rested for half an hour before I opened my eyes, though I had spent more than twelve hours in the book. I had not felt much tired; I felt like my time in the book was a dream that I could perfectly remember.

I got up and walked to the hole, filled it with even more rocks and other things. If the monster discovers an abode, it will need at least half an hour to break through the rocks' defense to see my abode, which will be enough for me to know the mother's attack.

I plan to stay in the book for a similar time as earlier to at max, I will be spending fifteen minutes in the book, and I will always check if any monster found my abode or not.

It is not the perfect plan, but it is the best plan to help me use the Tome as much as possible while staying relatively vigilant against the monsters.

With that done, I sat comfortably on the couch and opened the Tome. I would have like to go to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and work on my Inheritance, but Ashlyn is still sleeping.

Still, its good; by the time Ashlyn woke up, I will have the first recipe mastered and will able to work on the Inheritance with better comprehension.

Soon, I entered the Tome and started with cooking. I felt very joyful when I cook, especially now when I could use my energy to cook; it felt amazing.

I continued to progress with each attempt, and soon Ive crossed 70 points and continued making progress when I suddenly stopped making any progress at 77.

Ive reached the big hurdle or could say that I have reached the limit of my current comprehension and could not progress no matter how much I tried.

I had asked Am about the reason for stalled progress, to which he remained mute; the only thing he said was that I have to find the reason myself.

It took me quite a while, more than thirty hours of tries or thirty minutes outside, but I had been finally figured out the reason. It is quite simple when I think about it.

The reason is me, till now I was cooking due to my experience. The skill I have gotten from years of cooking, it is some with energy control. Ive cooked using them but did not try any different approach or create a different approach.

The system I had been using had rigid and had outlived its usefulness, and now if I want to progress, I have to create a different approach; otherwise, I will never be able to progress, no matter how many tips and tricks I try.

It is quite a simple answer, but it is difficult to create a different approach to cooking and energy manipulation. It's a good thing; I have time in my hand, and as long as I try, I will eventually find a good approach.

I am fortunate to find this Tome; if not for it, I would have taken years to learn about my narrow approach. The teacher seemed to know about it; though she did not say it directly, she often hinted at it.

I started cooking to find a new approach, and I have to say that finding a new approach is even more challenging than I thought, as my cooking had directly dipped to 48 points.

Still, I did not get discouraged and continued trying, and I tried for more than a hundred hours before finally seeing the hope. I first had the breakthrough in energy control before in cooking after another near hundred hours.

As I made the breakthroughs, my cooking started to progress. The progress is not spontaneous; it is relatively slow, but I am happy with it.

"81 points out of 100, congratulation on pa.s.sing the boundary. Do you want me to teach you the second recipe, then?" The Elf asked, to that I shook my head.

"No, I will continue with this recipe till I got the 90 points," I said. I am not an obsessed achiever who wants to achieve everything, but I am not mediocre either; I will not satisfy for less when I can get more.

So, I had already decided that I will only move on to the next recipe when I get 90 or above points.

The higher one goes, the more difficult it became to move; after 85 points, it became very difficult to move forward, I had to try ten times to get a single point.

It's a good thing I have all the time in the world, but it is still very tiring to practice, but I continued despite the tiredness and difficulty.

"90 Points you have reached your target. Do you want to get on with the next recipe?" he asked, to that I shook my head. "No, I am quite tired; I will learn the next recipe when I return," I said and returned.

I messaged my brows tiredly as I opened my eyes before spotting now woke up Ashlyn. Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my eyes, and as I put the Tome down and laid down on my couch to sleep.

I had only rested by half an hour in the intervals between tones, which is not enough, seeing I had practiced for more than five hundred years.

It was late afternoon when I slept and woke up in the evening; after freshening up, I went kitchen to cook, though I had cooked for more than five hundred times and many times tasted my food, that was in the fantasy world, that was not real world no matter how real it felt.

So, I have to cook real food and cook what I had practiced for hundreds of hours.

I took out the materials from storage and began to cook. My hands move at a practice speed; I felt no difference in cooking here or in a fantasy world.

Forty minutes later, I opened the seal on the kitchen, which I had placed in fear of Ashlyn; I know how she gets when she saw something delicious.