Monster Integration - Chapter 1183 - Subterrane I

Chapter 1183 - Subterrane I

Chapter 1183 - Subterrane I


Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The abode finally crashed on the floor and with numerous stones, which has. .h.i.t on the floor and the abode.

As the abode crashed, a forceful impact crashed on me, and the thick protective layer surrounding me had burst apart, and the remaining force entered inside me.

Puh Puh Puh…

My Inheritance Armor absorbed all the force it could while remaining one transferred to my body and started to tear it apart. It crushed my internal organs and broke my bones; the force was so great that I vomited for a minute.

The power of the impact was soon spent, and my body started to heal itself speedily.

As I stabilized, I opened my eyes and looked at numbers and graphs flas.h.i.+ng in front of me. I am fortunate that mountainous rock did not crash directly above, or the cost of that would have been enormous.

My abode had damaged very much, and its energy reserved went to 0.5. I have to fill its energy reserve to start the abode's self-repair function before finding where the h.e.l.l I am.

Well, I already have a pretty good idea where I am after seeing the speed of falling and the distance of fall. I am in subterranean s.p.a.ce, and it is pretty deep, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh as getting out of it would be quite tricky.

I got out of the broken chair and floated toward my mangled abode energy storage. If the abode had been in perfectly good condition, I would not have needed to walk; I would have filled its storage from any place I want.

I soon reached the energy generator and opened its latch, which thankfully opened without any problem and dumbed energy crystals until it was full again.

As I added the crystal, another screen appeared in front of me and telling me 90% of the abode would be repaired with its self-repairing function.

I am quite happy seeing; it is the best abode I have, and the only thing better than it I have in my storage is my airs.h.i.+p, which I do not want to use as an abode.

With that done, I took out the packaged food and started to eat it. It is late into the night, and I have no wish to cook. I want to fill my stomach and get out to abode to see where I had fallen into and way out of it.

This time to my abode is covered in the layer rocks, but the layer is a lot smaller than before and wouldn't take me five minutes if I chose the right rock.

After eating, I rested a little bit before I open my eyes and looked at the screens in front of me. Some of the cameras have come online, but I could not see anything as my whole abode is covered in rocks and dusk.

I looked at screens before I walked toward the wall and tapped a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch, and the next moment, a small door appeared in the wall.

I picked up my sword and activated the enchantment as I carved out a piece of rock from the stone. I continued doing that as I kept digging into stone.


Two minutes later, I carved the way out of the rock and saw something which shocked me to the core.

What I saw in front of me vast glowing fields of plants; everything inside is luminous, from the smallest gra.s.s to the longest tree, and the other thing is that Cosmic Energy here is four times denser than above.

The scene is opposite from above, where nearly all fauna is dried and looked like near-death condition while here they are literally glowing; the only thing common about them that flora of both sides is br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality.

Especially that of here, the dense cosmic energy have filled them with the pure vitality. From the small hole I am in, I could see many herbs that are difficult to find outside as they are only found in the special environment.

I took in the scenery for a while, extended my senses, and saw no danger; I walked out of the rock. With me fully coming out of the rock, I found this subterranean world even more beautiful.

This place way bigger than I had initially thought; as I watched with Optical Skill, I see no end to it. Trees filled this subterranean world, but there are also monsters; there are clear signs of monsters here.

I was looking around when I saw a thing covered in purple lightning coming toward me at a dangerous speed, giving off the fatal feeling.

Its speed is so great that it grew more than a meter long within a second from the small purple ball.

Seeing this thing could strike me at any moment, I activated the 'Old Set' and whipped my sword at the thing that is coming at me.


My sword clashed against the thing covered in purple lightning, and I felt like Ive struct by the lightning storm itself.

A ma.s.sive amount of raw lightning energy spread over me, wanting to tear me apart, but fortunately, the inheritance ruins were ready as they sucked the who lightning storm the moment it struck me.

Step Step Step…

Still, I had to take a couple of steps back to manage the attack's physical power. While taking a step back, I looked at my attacker, which is now covered in little less lightning.

It is a Stag, a beautiful stag with enchanting deep purple horns. The stage is about two meters long has lightning flowing through its body, making it look like a monster that came out of artist design.

It is a beautiful monster, but it equally dangerous or more so. It is only Mid Duke but held more power than any Mild level Duke Ive ever seen.

Ive never seen any Duke Stage being strong as this Stage Monster, be it Grimm Monsters, Humans or Monsters, that include the monsters from above who I throught pretty powerful are not as strong as it.

Four times, powerful cosmic energy has made these monsters extremely powerful and made me realize how impossibly difficult it is for me to get out of this Subterranean world.