Monster Integration - Chapter 1182 - Collapse III

Chapter 1182 - Collapse III

Chapter 1182 - Collapse III

I had already prepared for all the emergencies, and the best way to deal with the collapse is to take shelter in the strong Abode, which is what I have done.

I already have a Prince Grade abode ready and just as I heard the shaking, Ive brought it out, entering inside.

As I entered the Abode, I activated its full defensive power without caring for the number of crystals; it would burn every minute. Here my life is on the line; this Abode is the only thing that could save me.

I opened all the security cameras; the dust and stones are still falling, but their intensity has increased, and it won't be long before the whole roof collapses.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

Just as I throught that, the whole roof collapsed and the roof above that before I found the floor my Abode on also collapsed and Abode started to fall.

The chair I was in enveloped me completely, casing me in a squishy bubbly layer to protect me from the shock.

The material that had covered me is thick but completely transparent that I could multiple screens flas.h.i.+ng around me without any problem.

I could see the roofs collapsing, and the stone mountain is coming down but not as fast as I had expected it to be. It is having a problem falling due to its huge size; it is getting stuck in a hard soul around the building.

But that will not stop it, just slowed down its fall, which is enough for me; I had expected it to fall on my Abode directly, and I don't know if my Abode would have survived the direct clash.


Finally, the Abode crashed into the 34th floor; even after enveloped in the protective layer, I felt a shock. My Abode had crashed into the 34th floor, the last floor, but the danger is not over; the bigger danger had yet to come.

The stone mountain is above me, and it will come down and fell directly on my Abode, and the worst thing is, I could not do anything against it. I am deep underground, and this Abode is my greatest protection.

Bang Bang Bang…

Few minutes there was silence, except some dust and nothing fell from above and Ive coined the idea of going out when suddenly the meteor shower had started.

The stone mountain above had somehow started to break, and huge stones are falling down like a meteor. When I looke at their footage, I couldn't help but feel fear; these meteors really big and coming down very fast.

The first few meteors had avoided the Abode before finally, a large stone crashed into it; the impact was very powerful that the Abode needed to burn a lot of energy in protection against it.

That was just a starting; after that, more and more stones crashed across it, and till the whole Abode got surrounded by the stones, I was able to see what is happening.

I released a few hundred cameras, but these stones seemed to contain something that is jamming the camera signal, so aside from the from my senses, I am completely blind here.

The stones kept falling one after another like tide but now that my Abode is encased in stones, the impact is not as large as before; it is minor. Still, I filled the abodes the energy storage full for any emergency that might come.

An hour pa.s.sed by, and the intensity of stones has lessened so much that there was barely any stone that was bigger than one meter fell down from above in the past five minutes.

"Chew Chew!"

I was thinking about sending Ashlyn out, which her smallest form for scouting when Ashlyn suddenly chirped. It is a warning of something coming; she said mountain big of stone is coming.

Hearing that, I acted without hesitation. I upped the defenses of the Abode manually after breaking all restrictions. This will damage the Abode; it will give it a higher defense for a few minutes.

I also increased the size of the protective layer on me. However, this mountainous stone will not crash directly as there are many rocks above the Abode, but the impact would be ma.s.sive.


I finally sensed the mountainous rock, and my mouth couldn't help but open up in horror, and that is all time I got when I felt an earthshaking impact.

It was extremely powerful and even covered in a thick layer, Ive felt it. It is was a good thing; I had my armor on; otherwise, I would have been heavily injured.

My Abode got damaged by the impact, which also wiped out 60% of energy my Abode possessed. Still, I am happy that I survived.

With Big Rock gone, I would no problem getting out of the underground. If my luck is a little good, then I will find a straight way to fly up, thanks to the path cleared by the big rock.

The only problem I will have to face was getting out of my Abode. It is buried a little deep in rocks, but I don't think that is much of a problem; my sword will easily cut through anything that is blocking us.

Shake Shake Shake…

I was having those thoughts when suddenly I felt the earth shake loudly, and that shake got stronger and stronger till I felt it collapsed and my Abode falling with the bunch of huge rocks around me.

'How is this possible?' Earlier, when I expanded my sources, I saw a hundred-meter long thick layer of natural soil and rocks, but it looked like I was wrong to think that later of soil and rocks continued downward.

The Abode is falling with rocks, cras.h.i.+ng here and there but still falling downward. Encased in a protective layer, I looked at the percentage of the energy remained in the Abode and the damage it is receiving.

The damage to the Abode is increasing, and its energy level is also going down speedily, seeing that I don't know if I will survive the fall or not.