Monster Integration - Chapter 117 Black Earth Bear III

Chapter 117 Black Earth Bear III

"Bang!" "Puh!" I crashed against a tree and vomited a mouthful of blood due to shock!

I thought the monster would kill me but when looked up, I saw jill is fighting the black earth bear.

"f.u.c.k f.u.c.k!" I cursed myself as Senses the seal of supreme combat exercise is sucking my vitality.

Just seconds before, I used my skill forcefully and it sucked a lot of vitality and now seal is also doing the same!

If I didn't do something right now then I am really going to end up in worst condition.

I somehow moved my broken hand toward my right pocket to take out a fistful bottle of potions.

All of them were vitality potion bottles, this is what seal of supreme combat exercise needs most.

I drank one bottle of potion after another without care as just as drank it, the seal would suck it all.

It's at the ninth bottle when seal stopped sucking vitality and moved toward mana.

Seeing that, I took out a few mana potion bottles from pocked a started to drink them.

jill could buy me a few minutes before I am good enough to fight.

Soon cool sensation started to spread every part of my body healing it, making it stronger.

This sensation really feels very soothing, I just want to keep reveal in it but soon it's gone.

"Unnh!" I checked my body to see only half my injuries are healed, I first got startled seeing that but I soon remember an important thing about it.

Supreme combat exercise main job is, making the body's strength increase means making it faster and stronger and its other benefits are just side perks.

Healing energy is one of the sides perks, if I was still in private grade, this energy would be enough to bring me back from death but at the Specialist grade, it is not enough to fully heal my injuries.

Still, I am very satisfied as most of my bones are healed and only minor fractures remain.

With three seals, my body had become strong enough that I will be able to dodge most of the monster moves as long as I didn't make any mistakes and most importantly. I can use the power of three tides right now, with it and jill's help, we can definitely kill it.

I quickly drank the healing potion to heal the rest of my injuries and got up to help jill.

Jill seemed to be perfectly controlling the monster but her body also had various injuries, although her injuries are not as serious as mine were, they are still serious.

''Jill, keep it busy I am going to attack it with my skill!" I said.

Her face looked confused for the moment but she nodded.

She may be feeling confused because many times I attacked this monster before with my skill, except for a few scratches on its body, it wouldn't able do anything.

''First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!" I shouted loudly as I consecutively activated the power of all three strikes and ran toward the monster.

There is no point of using power first and the second tide other than waste mana as they are barely able to put some scratches on its defense.

So, it's best to power third tide directly, it will save me excess of mana and also will give me a little more time.

''Roar!" It roared at me, seeing I am coming toward it will full momentum.

It wanted to attack but stopped when jill also activated her 'Stars In Twilight' skill.

Now is the best chance! I thought an attack at its hand directly, I want to try to cut it, halving its strength half.

"Roar!" It roared when it saw my sword coming towards its hand and wanted to stop it but it is obstructed by jill's sword.

''Slice….." My sword slice on its arm but soon my expression turned ugly as my sword obstructed by the bone.

My sword able sliced past its tough defense layer and flesh after it but as soon as it touched its bone, it stopped advancing.

The expression on my face turned ugly seeing this, I thought if not truly able to cut its arm in two, I would at least cut it half, leave it dangling.

It will be near useless but it is obstructed and did not cause much damage even after using the full power of three tides.

Only if I use the power of the fourth tide forcefully, will I able to cut the arm in two but that is my last option as I still have one more option.

"Roar!" I swiped it other claw toward me but I quickly dodge it with remaining skill power I had in my body.

It angrily came toward me but it was stopped by jill and after drinking the potion, I also went to fight with it.

"Jill doesn't use any skill for a while!" I said she looked at me questioning at first but seeing I wasn't answering back she just nodded and went back to fighting.

It will take ten minutes before I can use my skill again and that is when I will execute to plan to kill the monster.

Jill and I kept fighting the monster, it is less fighting more like dodging its dangerous claws.

We may speed and strength increased a little, I can dodge its attack more effective, despite that I received many of it claw scratches on my body.

Time pa.s.sed and soon ten minutes pa.s.sed, it is time I can use my skill again.

''Jill can you pierce monsters skull if I stopped monster for attacking you for few seconds?" I asked jill while fighting the black earth Bear.

She didn't say anything for a while, ''If you can make sure, the monster wouldn't attack me at any condition, just for two seconds, then sure I can kill it." She said with confidence.

She may have less fighting experience than anyone else but she has utter confidence in herself to what she promised.

"Okay, I will give four seconds! For four second I keep monster at bay and it will not attack you in any condition!" I she nodded and put some distance between monster and her.

"Piercing Spindle" ''First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!" Both us activated our skill at the same time.

Just that I had to keep busy this monster and she had to kill it.

"Roar!" it roars seeing jill moving toward it back and move to attack, gets very agitated whenever jill used that spindle skill of her.

There are already three holes because of it, in its body, mad that it is but it still h to keep sense toward the danger.

''Bang Bang!" countered both of its claws with the full power of my skill, still, I felt the immense force coursing through me and injuring my bones organs.

I had to hold it back, without giving it a chance to attack jill at any condition or all efforts will be wasted.

I had to give the time to jill that I promised, I let go my s.h.i.+eld and sword and gripped both of its claws with my bare hands.

"Roooooar!" "Ahhhh!I gripped large claws with my tiny hand, a stream of falling slowly could be seeing.

The monster roared loudly as to get out my hand but I wouldn't let go, I started to feed all mana and vitality that had it seals without reservation.

My both palms are sliced bone-deep and blood is flowing through them.

It looked like minutes had pa.s.sed but barely three seconds had pa.s.sed but every second felt like a year due to this immense pain

"Puch! I finally heard that sharp sound of a sword piercing the skull and its lifeless body fall into the ground with me.