Monster Integration - Chapter 116 Black Earth Bear II

Chapter 116 Black Earth Bear II

''f.u.c.king s.h.i.+t!" I cursed myself as I wiped the blood off my lips, this time injuries are really serious.

I quickly took out a healing potion and drank it in one gulp, its good thing that partnered with Jill who has speed type ability, otherwise, my condition would have bee way worse.

I take a look battlefield to see all that nearly all the people are fighting except for few Corporal level expert who is roaming the battlefield and helping those who are in critical condition.

Rachel also watching the fight from the tall tree, I've never seen her fight in five days, I've been in the forest.

She always finds a high ground in the battle and keeps watch on the battlefield without doing anything.

Seeing the whole battlefield is busy and it will take t

Seeing my injuries had started to heal, I started attacking the monster again, this time just little more careful.

"Jill! I'll distract it a little, you try and your skill on it!" I said, from what I saw so far, she had two powerful skill which has greater power than my nine raging strikes, the only problem is she is not well proficient in fighting.

She had gained quite a fighting experience these days but it is still not enough if I had her skills, I may alone have able to kill this bear.

''Okay, I will try!" She said,

With Jill waiting for the right moment to strike, the monster's all attack get concentrated on me.

This black earth bear is abnormally swift and that I am really having a hard time dredging its moves despite circulating 24th move.

The pain I am feeling using 24th move really immense, it is comparable to when in use three of my techniques together.

I really trying to break the wall of a 24th move to create the third but its really hard, the immense pain is at it is but there is also this giant wall blocking my way, no matter how much I try, it wouldn't break down.

I am not going to back down either, future fights will be really dangerous and this monster is just glimpse of the core region, the monster inside the core region will be more dangerous than the one I am fighting right now.

''Piercing Spindle!" I heard jill shout as she swiftly attacks the monster, her sword had turned into the blue spindle which has a very sharp edge.

"Pierce!" the spindle completely pierced the monster defense without any obstruction. I completely was blown away seeing the power of this skill.

The Black Earth Bears defense just produce slight cracks when I used the full power of my skill but an ack of her skill directly pierced its skin without any obstruction but the regrettable thing it, it missed the vital spot.

Jill was going for its heart but at last moment, the monster sensed the danger and moved a little, Jill had completely missed it and piercing the nonvital part below the heart.

If the month or two of fighting experience, with her ability which gives her agility and speed and that terrifying skill, she would have directly able to kill it.

"Roar" The monster roared loudly in pain, although her attack is missed it still created a very deep wound.

I had already put some distance and jills attack the monster if she had missed the attack, at least I will be out of its immediate attack range for a while.

It frenziedly attacked jill but she able to dodge its attack with her speed and agility.

This monster's vitality is really strong, despite a deep wound on its body, there no change in its attack and as the time pa.s.sed on, the wound on body started to heal.

As the fight progressed on, its attacks become more ferocious, the only thing I concentrated on dodging its attack.

Whenever my sword clashed with its claws, I felt immense shock travel through my arm.

Despite being a Knight grade sword, it can't fully block the shock, many of my bones had been because of it.

Not only that, I was many times thrown away monsters claws, its good thing I had my s.h.i.+eld with me or me might be really dead right.

Expect for keeping it busy whenever jill attack with her skill, I put all my concentration on obstruction of Supreme combat exercise, that will have given a slight chance to defeat it.

If one looked at the monster body, one will find countless injuries on its body, some of even had little blood flowing through them.

They were all inflicted by jill, whenever she attacked, she left a wound on the monster.

The injuries looked fatal but all of them were nonvital, the only time jill comes close to fatally injuring it when she attacks its neck but she still missed short.

''Stars in twilight!" Jill again attack with the skill, this skill did not have the piercing ability like her other skill but it is still very powerful in its own capability.

Her sword started to emit faint darkness and stars could be seen twinkling on it as it inches closer to the monster.

''Clank! " monster stopped her skill head-on with its claws and except for scars there are not even scratches on it.

"You drink potions I will handle it for while!" I said as I saw jill pale and b.l.o.o.d.y face.

Despite her swift speed, she has not uninjured, she was. .h.i.t by monster two times and one time she had loudly crashed against the tree, breaking her numerous bones.

"Roar!" it roaringly came toward me seeing jill swiftly retreating, I circulate 24th move of super combat excessive for full power.

"Clank clank clank!" 'crack! Crack!' it attacked me such swift speed that it never before that, I had to counter the claws with my swords.

"Bang!" 'Crack' I blasted backward as I defended against its attack with my s.h.i.+eld, this attack was really powerful it broke some bones of my hand.

As I stabilizing myself, my face paled as I saw monster swiftly coming over.

I am f.u.c.ked! I am in no condition to wave my s.h.i.+eld to counter it, I saw the corner of my eyes jill is coming toward me swiftly but it is too late, the monster is way too near me.

Gritting my teeth, I again tried to break the wall but I couldn't break that wall, still, I kept trying.

Where are those f.u.c.king Corporal grade evolvers who supposed to rescue us? I ask in indignation.

Left with no choice, I moved my sword and s.h.i.+eld to counter it.

''First strike! Second Strike!" I forcefully activated the skill without caring for consequences.

I can feel that skill is sucking my vitality to use as fuel to power up the skill.

I didn't have time to care about this issue as huge claws inches away from me.

''Bang!" Both of monsters huge claws struck my s.h.i.+eld and I can feel the immense force strike coursing in my body, breaking my bones, injuring my internal organs as flung away by the strike.

''Boom!" Another change occurs in my body, as the immense force descended on me, it helps me break out of the 24th cycle of supreme combat exercise, thus starting the creation of the third seal.