Monster Integration - Chapter 1172 - Breakthrough

Chapter 1172 - Breakthrough

Chapter 1172 - Breakthrough

Chew Chew…

Ashlyn praised as she laid on her stomach, I too laid on the couch to rest. The day of intense fighting had tired me out quite great; I just want to rest a little before I have to go to my three hour night s.h.i.+ft at the Hospital.

'Tring Tring!'

I was just resting when my holowatch rang and when I looked, I saw it was the teacher.

It had been quite a while since I had talked to the teacher; the last time I had seen her, it was two weeks ago when she told me she would perform the experiments on the essence Roses.

"h.e.l.lo," I said as I accepted the call, a projection of the teacher's office appeared on my holowatch. She was not alone in the office; in front of her were thirteen fourteen-year-old girls sitting nervously.

"Micheal, we finally had a breakthrough in the research of the Essence Rose." The teacher Said, sounding clearly very happy as she motioned toward the young girl sitting in front of her.

"What did you find out?" I asked, feeling quite excited, the teacher had told me she is doing research into it, and I thought it would take a month before I could see the result.

"Bella, take out your Totem Artifact." Teacher said to the young girl, "Yes, Headmistress." the young girl said, and the next moment, she had taken out a beautiful Green Rapier.

The Rapier is beautiful and had a delicate design; on its blade and guard, I could see the design of thorns and roses. The imagination of this young girl is quite great to actualize such a beautiful design.

"This Totem Artifact of Bella used a Duke Level Essense Rose as base materials, and I have to say, the results we have got are quite shocking." She said white beaming with pride.

I am quite surprised hearing it, though the teacher had told me that Essense Roses could be used in the Totem Artifact.

Still, these Roses are not simple; they are harvested from the very Essence of the Grimm Monsters and contain a trace amount of very high-level power; the power is part of comprehension of the creator of the Inheritance; every inheritance has that.

When I was creating the Rose move with the throught of Harvesting the Grimm Monster itself, this had stumped me, and had to create hundreds of formations with the help of Rule Bending power before I was able to get what I had needed.

So, I am quite surprised when I heard a thirteen, fourteen-year girl was able to mold the essence Rose to create the Totem Artifact through it, and I am very sure the essence of Grimm Monsters would strike back with its all against its mortal enemy.

Teacher seemed to notice my question, too, as she answered, "It is impossible for a Knight to a.s.similate the Essence Rose of Duke level on their own, which will try to kill the host with all its power."

"For a.s.similation little help is needed, from what I had observed, at least Duke should be present during the a.s.similation to suppress the wild energies of the Essence Rose." She explained.

So that is how it is; at least King Level power is needed during the suppression. I wish I had been there to watch the process; it would have given me lots of inspiration.

"Are the Roses only work on Knight or Lords above artifact are also fine with a.s.similation?" I asked, hearing that she shook her head. "Currently, it is only working on Knight." "When we tried with Lords and above, their Totem seeds and Artifact produced intense resistance." She replied with slight disappointment.

I am not surprised; the higher one goes, the more one resists the Grimm Energies. "It is a matter of time. It won't be long before we find the way around that too." The teacher said she sounds very hopeful; it looks like she already has the lead.

"How is the power of Totem Artifact," I asked the important question, hearing that smile on the teacher's face brightened up like a morning sun.

"It is very amazing, just a simple nick on the blade could kill any knight within a minute, and that is when it is nicked by a n.a.k.e.d blade without any energy transmission."

"When she transmits the energy, the curse became powerful enough to kill any Knight within a second." She said, seeing that I couldn't help but get shocked. Even with all strangeness, my totem artifact was never this powerful at the Knight Stage.

"Wow, I've never expected it would make the Totem Artifact this powerful," I said in awe. My expectations were based on my totem artifact; still, if I had such a Totem Artifact, it would have made a lot of things easier for me.

"Though its poison is powerful, she could only use normal poison; the powerful poison drained her in a single attack." Teacher said. It is still better than my Totem Artifact; she just to nick the skin of her opponent and wait for a minute for it to die.

"Does it affect Humans only or Grimm Monsters too?" I asked, "According to our research, it did not matter if it was Grimm Monsters or humans. It will work the same way." She said, hearing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Have you tried other Essense Roses, the Cursed Ones, and Insect one?" I asked; in the battles in weeks, I was lucky enough to come across four Insect masters; in this battlefield, they are extremely rare compared to Curse Masters and Poison Masters.

"No, we have not tried them yet. We have just found a suitable candidate to test the Curse Essence Rose and will try with him tomorrow; I will call you after we have done with it." She said.

"Ok." It is important to get the right candidate for any experiments, and this one is very special. If Grimm Monsters knew what was happening and who was doing it, my life would be in danger.