Monster Integration - Chapter 1171 - Boom II

Chapter 1171 - Boom II

Chapter 1171 - Boom II


Our weapons clashed loudly and the next moment, its expressions changed abruptly and a look of horror appeared on the ist face, and the next moment, it had activated a couple of defensive methods.

Seeing that, I shook my head; the attack of mine is quite sneaky and very hard to guard against unless one knew about it before or there is a huge power difference, and this Grimm Monster did not meet both the conditions.


The energies around it became all chaotic, and blood came out of its mouth before a m.u.f.fled boom rang out, which felt like a single boom and a combination of multiple booms.

The booming sound had just been over when suddenly Scarlet Lionman I was fighting turned into a paste of blood and bone before falling. One moment it is perfectly fine while the next moment its body turns into a puddle of blood and flesh before falling down.

This is the 2nd move of Eldritch Sword Art; unlike from outward explosion, it creates an inward explosion which barely produces any sound and is extremely lethal; it is a mighty move; those who did not know about it find it very hard to guard against it.

I had comprehended it a few months ago during my free time. There are tens of powerful Arts in Academy, some of them possess shocking power to shame moves I've created, if I wanted to, I would have taken any of them, with me being Headmistress Student, barely any art is out of my range, but I did not.

Comprehending Art takes time and effort; I would spend that time and effort on my own moves than Art, who had great potential. My moves may not be comparable to some of the very powerful arts now, but it won't long before they reached similar power and surpa.s.sed them.

I looked around and saw Rove and Gina are still fighting against the Scarlet Lionmen, as Jimmy had finished the Grimm Monsters he was fighting a while ago; he was quite quick since he only had one Scarlet Lionman to fight against.

I burned the goo that Scarlet Lionman had turned into and scavenged the artifacts off its dead friend's body before hiding behind the tree at a distance and waiting for the fight to be over.

A minute after, my fight was over, Gina finished her struggle, and ten minutes after that, Rove finally killed the Scarlet Lionman he was fighting. He was in a quite bad shape when he finished his fight, but after a few minutes of rest and a couple of potions later, he became ready to fight again.

We continued our search again, and half an hour later, we found a group of seven Grimm Monsters, which were quite powerful; our team had spent quite an effort to finish them off.

Time pa.s.sed by, and evening came, and we continued fighting and only stopped around eight after fighting a very dangerous fight. It was against the Curse Master and it six Duke level Guards who were f.u.c.k.i.n.g powerful; they were the most powerful Grimm Monsters Ive ever fought.

They were more powerful than the Princes we have fought on the battlefield and took us more than an hour to finish them off. By the time the fight was over, all my teammates were injured to some degree.

I, too, got injured, but to me, it did not matter much unless my injuries were heavy. The healing abilities my Apex const.i.tution provides are beyond compare. There are very few injuries from which I could not recover in a few seconds.

"The trip to the wild was worth it; the Grimm Monsters there were challenging," Jimmy said as we got out of the forest. Hearing that, I couldn't help but nod.

It has benefited me a lot. I used to think the current level of my Inheritance is pretty powerful but fighting them, I understood I am far from being unearthing the potential of the Const.i.tution and matching that off with my Inheritance.

My fight with Samual had spoiled me thinking I could deal with any Supreme Level Inheritance Hosts but fighting these Grimm Monsters in Wild; I understood I could not.

Like us, Grimm Monsters, too, have Supreme Level Inheritances, and the funny thing is, I've not come across a holder of any Supreme Level Inheritance since I have entered the battlefield.

When I had asked Jimmy if he had come across any Supreme Level Inheritance holder a few days ago, he had literally shuddered. He had told me he had come across only once and barely survived.

A host of Supreme Inheritances and Bloodlines are very powerful, and they became even more powerful as they comprehend the essence of their Inheritances. Samuel was just a joke who could bring out the true power of his Inheritance. There are very few jokers like him.

Organisation usually trained Supreme Inheritance members very strictly and seeing the embarra.s.sing performance of the Samual. I am sure the Sky Saber will not leave him alone till he produces some decent results.

An hour later, we reached the city gates, and after a few minutes of the strict inspections before we were allowed to enter the city. There were separated our loot into four parts as we usually do before moving toward our quarters.

Jimmy, Rove, and Gina lived quite close to each other while I am a little distance away from them. They live in Hunters Quarters while I live in healers quarters, which are many times better than hunters quarters.

I've been to Jimmy's quarters, though it is about the same size as mine; it is way worse in the interior. It looked more like quarters as it and less like an apartment than mine is.

Not only mine, but even smaller healers quarters are also better than hunters quarters. I have seen Charlotte's quitter, though it is small, it is quite good. Seeing that, it is clear that even a Lord Stage healer gets better treatment than the Elite Duke hunters.