Monster Integration - Chapter 1161 - Rule Bending

Chapter 1161 - Rule Bending

Chapter 1161 - Rule Bending

"F.u.c.k, I am tired," I said; I have been healing for the day and feeling extremly tired but seeing there are patients, I continued to heal.

Finally, when the afternoon came the next day, I found no one to heal and directly slumped on the bed, and this time, no one woke me from my sleep.

I had been awake for more than two days, and in these two days, I had been either fighting or healing. It had completely worn me off, and in the last few hours, I had been going through with sheer willpower.

When I woke up, it was evening. Opening my eyes, I found the hall again filled with patients and healers healing them, but these patients' conditions are not precarious; they could at least live for a day or two without healers' needs.

"You have woken up." I heard a familiar voice just as I got up and saw Georgina coming toward me. She looks a lot better than she had a few hours ago; it seems like she too got the rest.

"How are you feeling?" She asked as she said on the chair beside the bed, "Good but very hungry." I replied truthfully.

"I will not waste your time then; there is someone who likes to meet you, someone who has enough access to give you what you want for your Roses." She said.

"I can't today; I am still too tired and hungry to deal with any important stuff," I said in half-lie; though I am hungry, I have even more important stuff tonight for which I am feeling extremely excited.

"Don't worry, that person will arrive in the fort tomorrow." She said, "Ok, them." I said as I got up from the bed and walked toward the door.

I have healed all the patients I could, and also the healers here are perfectly capable of healing all the patients that are present here.

I walked out of the hospital while replying to a friend; by the time I reached my Quarters, I've done with. The first thing I did after reaching my quarter is to shower before heating up and eating packaged food.

It is quite tasty; though I still like to eat food made with my own hands, I feel too hungry to cook for myself. If not for being blood caked all over my body, I would not have showered before eating.

After I ate, I directly walked into the practice room and took our Experiment Table Artifact. With the table out, I took out a delicate crystal box and opened it; inside, the box is a dark black rose, which is dark at night and has tiny red specs on it.

"Essense Rose!" I muttered as I looked at the beautiful yet very dangerous thing. I have been waiting to study this thing for too long, but now I will do it, and the benefits I will get will be immense.

The normal roses I harvest only give a glimpse of the upper layer of the Special Inheritances and their working, but here I could gain much more; the Essence Rose, as I named it, is showing real Essence of the Inheritance.

I covered my hands thickly with mana before I gently took out the Essence Rose from the box and placed it on the observation pad of the table. I did that; I sent mana into a couple of nodes and activated multiple nodes on the table with my mana.

As I did, the runes on the table lit, and the observation pad started to s.h.i.+ne; usually, it took barely a second for a table to scan the Rose and create a hologram of it, but several seconds had pa.s.sed,d and the table still had not finished scanning it completely.

It alone shows how powerful the Essence Rose is from the normal roses I got from the inflicted patients.

Finally, when the count reached nine seconds did the hologram of the rose appear above the real rose. It is just as beautiful, and now I will observe every inch of it, just a thought of it, making me excited.

I selected one petal from the rose and expanded it to the size of the table to my surprise; the petal is still packed with runes and formats of Inheritance Energy. I had to select the part of the petal and magnify it and also use my special eye move to magnify it more, so I could see what I want.

"Amazing," I muttered as I saw the magnified leaf. The working of Curse Inheritance Energy is clear in my eyes, I could see how it is formed and how it worked, and I couldn't help but feel impressed.

This is very detailed, and I am barely able to understand some things, but I know how precious it is. A tiny part of the leaf contains so much information that I have started to salivate.

One glimpse of it is enough for me to salivate; I know I had picked up the treasure with immense value; this rose shows the real working of the Special Inheritance Energies of the Grimm Monsters.

The normal rose is nothing in front of it. It could be said to be a diluted, contaminated part of it. The curse energy, when entered inside the human, it changes a little.

The Essence Rose is different; it is harvested directly from the Grimm Monsters very essence. It is the closest thing one could get seeing their Inheritance, and this makes it extremely valuable.

Though it only shows the Inheritance up to the Duke Stage, it is still valuable. If I am not wrong, the organization will flock over to get it, and only I could produce it because only I have the Curse and Healing Const.i.tution.

Even others who have these const.i.tutions could not harvest the normal Roses, much less Essence Roses. The real key to harvesting them lies in the Rule Bending aspect of the Const.i.tution; without it harvesting the roses is impossible.