Monster Integration - Chapter 1160 - Battle Ends

Chapter 1160 - Battle Ends

Chapter 1160 - Battle Ends

The morning comes, and the battle is still raging, humans and Grimm Monsters are fighting against each other without feeling a shred of tiredness.

The bodies are littered in the group, but n.o.body has time to care for them, all of them busy killing the enemies that are alive.

The battle had been going on for a quarter of the day, and there seemed to be no signs of stopping; both sides were fighting as if tiredness did not exist.

My team and I are also busy killing the Grimm Monsters, taking a huge risk now and then to kill especially powerful Special Profession Grimm Monsters.

Of every thousand normal Grimm Monsters, there is one Special Profession Grimm Monster. One might think they are very rare but not so rare as one thinks when one sees the huge number of Grimm Monsters are sp.a.w.ned.

There are too many Special Profession Grimm Monsters on the floor, we have killed more than seventy of them, but there are still more; at any time, I could at least sense three of them in a thousand meters range.

There is nothing we could do about their numbers except to kill them; the more we kill them, the less they will become a huge problem in the future. This is a formula our ancestors used for thousands of years, and we also use that.

You have to keep killing, and there will be a day where there will no more Grimm Monsters to kill.

Like everybody else on the battlefield, we continue killing Grimm Monsters. We targeted one special Profession Grimm Monster after another, going so far that we made a record of killing seven special professions Grimm Monsters within an hour.

It was a great surprise but also not when one observes the trend of the battle. When it first started, the Grimm Monsters were suppressing us at least four times, but by the late evening, we came to a standstill, and since the morning, it is we that are suppressing them.

I could see the humans having an advantage in the battle, and that is our specialty. Give us enough time, and we will turn the tide on you; as long as we get enough time, we will flip the abyssal difference between our strength.

"Battle Is Over, Retreat!" In mid Afternoon we had just finished our target and moved toward another when a booming sound rang out.

Both sides stopped as if they practiced it hundreds of times and started to move back while collecting the bodies of our people.

The Grimm Monster did not do it; they just started to retreat toward their fortress without giving a glance at fallen bodies of people. I am wrong; these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds did touch the bodies to loot the artifacts as the retreat.

Tap Tap Tap…

I collected bodies and tapped on the bodies of humans, which I had found infected. Though the energy I had sent inside won't heal thor curse, it will seal it for a few hours that will save them a lot of trouble and even death if the curse is fast reacting.

After both of the forces separated, we took up the air and made a retreat toward Fort Ardor, and Grimm Monsters did not attack us from behind; the same thing was done by Grimm Monsters when they attacked and retreated two days ago.

It seemed like today's battle; the rules were being followed. I could see the faces of my fellow humans relaxing when we reached closer to the fort. The closer we are to the for, the safer we will be.

Thud Thud Thud…

"See you guys," I said to my team as I sped toward the Gate. After the battle, people will have to go through the inspection before they can enter back into the fort, which takes a few hours, but there are always exceptions.

I moved to the gate, which is open but strictly guarded by Kings. When I grew closer with my speed, a couple of powerful guards looked at me, ready to stop anyone who enters without proper permission, but when they saw the projection of the pa.s.s I am showing, they visibly relaxed and let me in with a respectful nod.

It is my healer's ID and also to let me in the city. As I entered the city, I pa.s.sed through the Teleportation Gate and appeared in the plaza in front of the Hospital.

When I entered the hospital, I found it in the same state as I saw it for the first time. The patients everywhere; some looked fine where others looked so horrendous that one would vomit just after taking a look.

"Micheal, thank G.o.d you have come; it was getting extremely pressuring here," Georgina said as she saw me coming; I nodded at her before looking at the ward. It is jammed packed, there are patients everywhere but not many healers to heal them.

I could see healers are trying their all, but there are not enough of them to heal; I even saw Charlotte, who was very concentrated on healing the patient that she did not notice; I appeared beside her.

The color of my armor changed to Green Black, and runes appeared in my eyes, and as I saw the condition of each and every patient in the hospital before vines extended from my hands.


The next moment the vines pierced through the stomachs of the patients, and mournful screams started to ring out through the Ward as vines began to spread through their body.

These screams of them had reached even higher degrees when I started to extract the poison, and this time, their screams are even higher during the extraction that it normally is.

I am not surprised; in the day where I harvested so many Grimm Monsters specialists, I have gained greater control over the extraction. Its greater speed made healing faster, but the pain is also greater.

The screams attracted the attention of the healers for a few seconds, but since they already heard it last time, they just gave me a look before they continued with their jobs.