Monster Integration - Chapter 1144 - Healing I

Chapter 1144 - Healing I

Chapter 1144 - Healing I


The airs.h.i.+p finally landed, and I got my controls back from the Air Controller of Fort Ardon. I checked everything with control before I walked out of the airs.h.i.+p with Charlotte behind me.

I had just walked out of the Airs.h.i.+p and Charlotte when I found someone appearing beside us suddenly. He startled me and scared a s.h.i.+t out of Charlotte. She despite living in Supreme where powerhouses like flies couldn't get used to someone appearing beside them suddenly.

He is a young man with a bald head and looked to be a few years older than us, and from his aura, he is a King Stage powerhouse.

"Are Micheal Zaar and Charlotte Hanson?" He asked, to that, we both nodded, "Please come with us, the healers needed urgently at the Hospital." He said as he gripped our shoulders, and before I could say anything, I found myself flying at extremely fast speed.

If not for his energy covering us, the friction of air acting against us would have torn us to shreds. There is a vast, vast difference in the abilities of the Lord and King Stage powerhouse.

A minute later, we finally stopped, and I found myself in the hospital. I could see many injured people getting transported inside with swift speed.

"Let's go in; there is huge help needed from your guys." He said and took us inside the hospital.

Charlotte is having a hard time, I could feel her anxiety building seeing b.l.o.o.d.y chaos here, but all I can do is press her hands into mine; it seemed to loosen her anxiety a little as she quickened her steps.

The hospital is in complete chaos, but I could see there is perfect order in the chaos. The staff is handing the patients efficiently, transporting patients into different wards according to their ailment and condition.

The condition of patients was horrible, in the academies Hospital, each patient was clean. The only horribleness I saw was the symptoms of their curse but here everything is different.

Soon we pa.s.sed through the door of one of the wards, and I saw hundreds of patients screaming madly as healers trying to heal them. Just one look at them is enough for me to know that all of them had been inflicted with a curse and their condition is extremely serious.

Here most of the patients are Dukes and Prince stage powerhouses; there are some lords but not many. Lord's are rare in the Grimm Battlefield of the Central Continent seeing nearly all Grimm Monsters that presents are Dukes stage and above.

"Georgina, I have brought more healers." Our guide said in a clear voice, and the next moment, women the same age as our bald guide appeared in front of us wearing a white coat like all healers.

She is from Wisdom Tower and belongs to Red Flag Guild; the two badges are clearly seen on her whole coat.

She is a beautiful woman with strawberry colored hair but currently, she is looking quite tired. Before our guide had called her, she seemed to be in the midst of healing the patient.

"Micheal, Charlotte welcome, as you can see, you are an emergency healing ward." She said as she motioned toward the patients lying on the beds.

"The condition of every patient here is precarious; they will die if they don't heal them soon. So I need you guys to quickly get to work and save as much of lives you can." She said everything in one breath before she went to heal the patients when one healer shouted for her.

"Charlotte, focus. Calm your anxiety and start healing." I said to Charlotte who had seemed to start hyperventilating.

"Don't rush; rus.h.i.+ng will only make things difficult; you just focus on one patient and heal him; as you get used to it, you will be able to heal more people," I said to her and pressed her hands more rea.s.suringly before moving forward.

If it had been any other time, I would have guided her patiently, but people are dying every minute and we have to try everything to save them.

I stopped in the middle corner of the ward and Green Black Armor appeared on my body. As it did, wines started to release from both of my hands and started stabbing into patients.

Usually, I looked at patients for a while before I started healing them but here is no time. All the patients are in quite a serious condition and there is not to waste on the unnecessary things.

It is a good thing that all the patients here are bound in powerful restraints, so I won't waste time restraining them.

Soon, my vines stabbed into the stomachs of nineteen Dukes and eight lords, with my current speed, I could heal twenty Dukes or hundred of Lords at once. The princes are beyond my limit for now.


The loud scream rang through the ward, there were already screaming patents, but their screams were not as loud as these twenty people. They had screamed so loud that made the focus of attention at the moment.

The screams are really louder than normal; usually, I take slow when I spread the vines into the bodies of patients, and they still scream. This time, I spread th.o.r.n.y vines into their bodies within seconds instead of minutes.


It's going to hurt, but it is nothing compared to what will happen next. As the vines spread through the bodies of the patients, I started the curse extraction, and this time too, I did not hold back, and screams that came out shook the whole ward.

Hearing the screams, lots of people broke into our ward, thinking something unexpected had happened, but when they saw the scene, they stopped short with aghast expressions.

They saw a devil of the boy plunged th.o.r.n.y vines into the bodies of patients and now doing something very nasty to them. They want to shout to stop him, but for some reason, no words came out of their mouths.

They were watching everything with aghast expressions when suddenly, something very unexpected happened. They saw a tense of buds forming on the vines, and a second later, those buds grew and started to bloom into beautiful Black roses.

They were stumped seeing such a scene; how can that devil of the boy create something like this.

"Please help me cut these roses and be careful; these roses are made of pure curse energy; a n.a.k.e.d touch could inflict a curse on you." said the devil of the body as he threw the storage bag at one of Duke level enforcers.

The enforcers caught the storage, and a second later, he started to pluck the roses carefully and stored them into the blue boxes he had taken out from the storages.

Fifteen minutes later, all the screams stopped as I took the vines out of the bodies of healed patients. I did not let the vines disintegrate into healing energy to heal the remaining injuries in patients' bodies; that would be a waste of my precious energy.

I have so many people to heal, and these people's curse had been extracted, and whatever injuries they have left could be healed with potions.