Monster Integration - Chapter 111 In To The Scind Fores

Chapter 111 In To The Scind Fores

When I reach the training field, there were already a hundred some people there and more are coming by the minute.

I just sit on the small rock by the tree waiting for all people to appear, as time ticks by more are more people started coming.

By the time ticks, 7:30, nearly four hundred people waited by the training ground.

This time organization youth didn't come together, they come with alone and groups.

Jill and her brother, Rachel with her two friends also arrived and seeing me jill come to me while her brother talking smiling to Rachel's friend.

When there are only ten minutes to eight, almost all the people had arrived and there is barely anyone seen coming.

''Everyone had arrived, it is time to leave the camp!" Said Rachel while standing on the rock.

''I will still repeat what I said yesterday, the format is really dangerous, don't go outside the visible range of your teammates, the monster they are very dangerous, you will be dead before you can think!" She said and ordered the whole camp follow behind her.

We quickly formed into rough teams as we practiced yesterday.

We walk toward the back exit which is connected to the scind forest, we had to wait for a little as other groups were also leaving.

Within an hour this camp will become a ghost town and those of wasn't able to reach camp in a given time will be left behind.

But no worries, the camp leader left a chance for them, there are large board placed around the camp, saying that if they can wait and survive for a month, they will be rescued.

This realm's limit might be at the only Corporal level but it is still a gold mine in the eyes of the organization, they will never leave it alone.

It's just that, its stable entrance and exit is in the core region of scind forest, which are extremely unsuitable for normal members.

Only elite peak Corporal members could survive scind forest solo but they will surely make arrangements such their normal member could also train in this realm.

It will be another jewel in their hand, for resources like ores, herbs and training elite members.

Because of these resources of training, free adventurers could never compare to even a normal member of the organization, much less elite ones.

Everybody is chatting happily but all them stopped as woods of scind forest come into view.

All us gripped our weapons tightly to fight off any attack that comes in our way.

While Rachel said that three days will be lightest and these will be minimum danger seeing our quant.i.ty but still everyone's heart gripped seeing the forest.

We silently entered the woods but no monster attack came, as we walk inside, I even thought if any monster will attack or not.

"Growl!" "Bang bang bang….." monster growl come out woods and attacks but before it could go near perforation, it got bombarded by tens of attack.

Poor monster! Everyone nerves were quite tight, even if their neighbor to make a loud sound they would have an attack him unhesitatingly much less the monster who attacks with a large growl.

Without much care that poor monster bombarded by tens of attacks, some even used skills, no matter how powerful the monster was it was going to die after receiving so much attack at once.

I got little startled sensing the monster at Initial level of Corporal grade, even at the boundary corporal grade monsters found in this forest.

Many people nerves loosen after attacking the monster and as we walk deeper we attack by monsters every few minutes but it got dealt by those at the outer layer of the group.

We being middle rarely get any change to fight the monster but watching the fight, I am sure about the one thing though that monster here is more powerful, dangerous and crazy compared to the monster in other areas.

I let out sigh relief seeing most of the monsters that attacked after the first monster is at Specialist grade, only a few are Corporal grade.

Yesterday when Rachel said this forest is infected with some kind energy that made monsters powerful and crazy, I thought this forest would be gloomy and lifeless but it is the opposite.

It feels bright and s.h.i.+ny all tall trees oozed vibrant atmosphere, it looked like some paradise land but if one is sensitive enough he would notice that there is some kind of energy lingering around it.

It does not affect humans and their bonded monsters but those monster who was not bonded started to lose their mind as they spend time inside it.

As we went deeper the monster attacks also increased as tens on monster attacking by the minute but they were killed before they reach the arm distance of the group.

Five hundred people facing ten to twenty monster every minute, its joke as they were easily killed without much pressure.

It will probably tomorrow or day after that, will I get to chance to fight the monster in the forest.

"Chew!" Ashlyn chirping while playing with Jill's little stag, I got very surprised when I saw this first time.

When I traveled to the camp with jill and her brother, Ashlyn didn't get much friendly with Jill's stag but since morning today, Ashlyn has been quite friendly with little stag of jill.

It's not friendly but more like becoming its boss, she has put jill's stag in her control by feeding it some unknown herbs she kept bringing from the forest.

Jill's first objected Ashlyn feeding her precious monster unknown herbs but seeing they are harmless she did not say anything.

Ashlyn did not listen to me and flew into the forest whenever she caught the smell of something delicious.

Sometimes she ate them, sometimes she feeds it to the little stag and sometimes she gives it to me.

I many times ask telepathically if she found any miracle fruit in them but she shook her head saying no.

I share the fruits given to me by Ashlyn with jill as most of them are very tasty while I put herbs in my backpack.

The first time she had given me herb, I was about to throw it thinking it useless but jill identified it and said it is quite precious, from that moment, whatever Ashlyn brings something, I put them in my backpack.

She never used to bring things to me when we first enter this realm, as it was not enough for her to eat it but ever since we entered this forest she couldn't stop bringing something every hour.

The only thing makes me relieve that, she didn't go much far and always came back within ten to fifteen minutes.