Monster Integration - Chapter 110 Undescended

Chapter 110 Undescended

''Tring Tring Tring!" I am woken up by my alarm, I stopped the buzzing and get up.

I feel quite refreshed as I woke up, yesterday after talking to jill, I went market to eat and slept right after coming back.

I didn't even read, which I do daily for two hours, I wanted to get long comfortable sleep before I walk into the forest with rest.

After dinner yesterday, I roamed a market for a while with Ashlyn to see if something could catch her eyes but no such luck.

There is still little dark outside as I quickly went for the bath before it became crowded and I won't be able to find a spot for a bath.

I want to feel refreshed and clean for last time before I enter the forest with the group, I don't think I will get a chance to take a proper bath for more than a week.

Back into my camp, I took a pot in my had and started to heat it.

I had brought a meal package yesterday for today; since yesterday midnight all the shop has been closed.

It was a good idea, I didn't have to cook and get to eat the tasty food in the morning.

I laid on the tent floor as there is still an hour before time to a.s.semble on the training field.

It feels quite nice to just lay on the bed, swimming in the river of thoughts and memories.

Its been two weeks since I entered this realm, my parents had to be worried sick about me.

I had promised to call them once a week very least but now, it been two weeks.

I just hope they hadn't gone to the Redglow city to search for me, that's the city I told my parents I was in.

Soon only half an hour remaining to 7:30, I got up and removed brush from my backpack.

Ever since I entered this realm, I hardly brushed Ashlyn feathers.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn comes out of me seeing a brush in my hand.

I picked her in my hand and started to brush her feathers.

Ashlyn is a little clean freak, opposite to other monsters who loved to roll on the dirt and play in the mud, Ashlyn, on the other hand, she prefers her silver feather sparkling.

Whenever she saw water, she would always take a small dip, especially when she dirtied herself while eating.

''cheeeew!" She let out a chirp of contentment as I move the brush around her stomach.

While brus.h.i.+ng her, I fell into deep thoughts.

The power of Ashlyn is very low, in westblood she was able to beat the monsters same level as her but here she is having a problem beating the normal monster save level as her.

To elite monsters, she barely able to do something.

It is not that she has low training, every day she flew away and practice throwing swirling and concentrated b.a.l.l.s of fire.

The fault is that her species, which is one of the lowest monsters grade monsters in the world.

Grey spark sparrow whom she mutated from is a very weak monster, they are more like pets which don't have much power.

Due to being mutated, she is probably double stronger that Grey Spark Sparrow of the same level.

I've searched for high and low on the web and even asked Jim if there is some potion which can increase his battle power?

He said there is some potion but they are above his reach, even above the reach of anybody in the republic.

He said even if found such potion, they will only able to advance Ashlyn's power by only 10%.

He said that I should let Ashlyn eat the small amount monster's core daily, especially fire elemental, that may help in making Ashlyn's fire ability stronger.

As I said the main problem is Ashlyn species, this one of secret knowledge that Jim shared with me.

He said that almost all the monsters in the world are descended from some high-level monsters, there is always some dormant bloodline/strain in their body and some time that strain get activated we called it the awakening of strain or bloodline.

These monsters are known as descendent monsters and 99.999% monster fall into this category but there is 0.001% monster that disnt fit into this category.

They are known as Undescended monsters, these undescended monster species have no higher level strain on their bodies as they are born with their current since the dawn of time.

Most of these Undescended monsters species had gone extinct but some of them survived and Grey Spark Sparrow is one of them.

The reason that grey spark sparrow had survived the extinction are two reasons, first is their cowardly nature and second is their reproductive ability.

Because they're terrifying reproductive ability, grey spark sparrows are one the most commonly found monsters in the world.

Although not having a higher strain or weak ability doesn't make that they cant progress, there is always a way, Nature always leaves a way for all species advancement and it only up to us to find that.

And I decided to find that way, not only for me and for Ashlyn as well.

No matter how many new monsters I bond with the near future, no monster will replace the special feeling I had for her, no matter how powerful that monster is.

''Well, its enough for today," I said as I put away the brush and Ashlyn flew away from my hand.

Seeing only ten minutes are left, I pack all the remaining things in my backpack and deactivate the tent before putting it back into my backpack.

When packing my tent and about to leave, I spotted rhea talking to two girls and one boy.

She gave a nod and smile as our eyes met, giving her a small smile I walked towards the training field with Ashlyn on my shoulder.