Monster Integration - Chapter 1117 - Lakehouse

Chapter 1117 - Lakehouse

Chapter 1117 - Lakehouse

"How much do you have? Give me all of them? The Academy will pay the right price for it." Professor said. Hearing that, I took out 60% of the yellow gold t.u.r.d I have, they have created a small glittering pile on the ground.

There must be close to two hundred yellow golden nuggets in there, seeing them all of their eyes start blazing. Greed is blazing in their eyes as they look at the golden yellow nuggets.

"So much Unblemished Mold, I don't think anyone had found the unblemished mold in such quant.i.ty before." said the Professor with amazement as she crouched down and started to look at each nugget as they are some precious gems.

The first mold I've got was not this precious; I've had it checked on multiple places. This mold had used many precious materials and got refined in that being's white fire, which I think is the real reason they have become so precious.

"Yes, it is really in huge quant.i.ty, a century ago, Blazing Spear found fifty-some pieces of it, and they still gloat about it even now." said the man as unceremoniously sat down beside the Professor and looked at them with s.h.i.+ning eyes.


I was just about to ask to leave the room sneakily when the door behind me opened, and the teacher walked out, "What are you peo" she said but stopped midway and appeared beside me and looked at the golden yellow nuggets.

"Is this what I think it is?" The teacher asked as she took one of the golden yellow nuggets in her hands. "Yes, Unblemished Mold, and there are two hundred and seven pieces of them," Professor said gleefully.

"Two hundred and seven." The teacher said slowly while still looking at the nugget in her hands. "Honey, you have to give me some, you know I have made concessions for you earlier, you have to return the favor now." The man said suddenly, immediately falling under the sharp gazes of two women.

He did not seem to cower under their gaze; instead, he met their gazes head-on. "Or I could just inform the Organisation about the earlier matter." He said while casting his eyes at me for a moment.

Professor wanted to say something, but before she could, the teacher spoke, "How much do you want?" the teacher asked with a sigh, "Half." the man answered in one word.

"Robert, you must be high to think we will give you half of it." Professor snapped next second, "Then, 40%." Said the man, and this time it was the teacher who had snapped. They continued to negotiate hard till the teacher and Professor agreed to give 25% of the pile to the man.

After the negotiation finished, another intense argument broke out about which nuggets he should take. Their sizes are not similar, and seeing how precious they are, the man wanted to take the maximum benefits, but the two women weren't going to weren't relenting either.

Seeing it was not going to be over soon, I quietly moved toward the exit and found I was not the only one; Elina also followed me, soon we walked out of the room where those three people were arguing.

"Sorry for the family drama, they weren't like that usually," Elina said with slight embarra.s.sment. "It's nothing, every family has their own drama," I said, though my parents rarely argue, I have seen them argue many times throughout the years.

"Congratulations on becoming Lord." Elina said again, "Thank You." I replied before I turned to her, "I will have to move out of Gla.s.s Tower now, right?" I asked, "Yes, now that you have become Lord, you can't stay in the Gla.s.s Tower." She Replied.

"That is such a beautiful place," I said with a sad sigh; the tower was not only beautiful, but it also has that vine, which created a very calm environment.

"There are many beautiful places for lords to stay too." She said and tapped a few b.u.t.tons on the holowatch, and the next moment, projections of multiple buildings appeared.

I had seen some of them before while others were unknown, but one thing is clear about them. Each building is beautiful as a gla.s.s tower; some are even more beautiful and could be said the architecture marvels.

But my gaze fell on the simple house in the middle, the house looked simple and made of wood, and the most amazing thing about it was that it was on the lake like a houseboat.

"Wait, can I get a lakehouse?" I asked excitedly; I wanted to live in a lake house ever since I saw them, but I did not think Lord could have them, but since it is she had shown it, it means I could live in them.

"Normal Lords can't live in them, only those who performed a distinguishable merit for academy or did something great or in the top 10 Lord's chart could live in them," Elina said.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but feel sad as I've done nothing that Elina had mentioned.

"But you will have no problem in getting a lake house; you are an official student of Headmistress that alone gives you the right to live in them,"

"Not to forget the extremely precious pile of things you have dropped there, which have to earn you a right to live there," Elina said, hearing that I couldn't help but turn ecstatic.

"It means I can apply for it?" I asked excitedly, "Yes." she said. Hearing that answer, Immediately opened the accommodation portal of the Academy and tapped a few b.u.t.tons.

Soon, projections of six lake houses appeared in front of me; only six of them are available for the Lord; I looked at each of them and discussed them with Elina.

It took me an hour, but I finally selected the lake house and applied for it; as soon as my application got approval, I will s.h.i.+ft into my new home, a beautiful lake house.