Monster Integration - Chapter 1116 - Student II

Chapter 1116 - Student II

Chapter 1116 - Student II

"The road further is difficult for you, but there are ways to deal with it." The gentle voice of the Headmistress rang out when I was deep in my thoughts.

"What way?" I asked if there is something that could help me with the curse; I am ready to do it; it will not only help me with my curse but might help me with my mothers.

"Have heard about Healing Heart Inheritance?" She asked, "Yes, It is healing Type Inheritance with the strictest condition." I replied, I studied all the inheritances, and in all the inheritances, the one which has the most strict condition is Healing Heart Inheritance.

This Healing Heart Inheritance is from the Academy, and its conditions are even stricter than Inheritance of the two Supremes.

"You could accept the Clear Heart Inheritance, Your Apex Const.i.tution with Healing and Curse aspect is the best to host for this inheritance."

"The Academy will support you fully; with it, not only will you progress faster but also be able to heal the curses, it is one of the best Inheritances in the world to deal with the Curses." The Headmistress said with her eyes twinkling like stars.

I couldn't help but get surprised when I heard it; I've read about the conditions and know how difficult they are but hearing the headmistress, I could tell that they are willing to vie all the conditions, which had come as a great surprise to me.

"I am sorry, Headmistress, I can't accept that Inheritance, as you know, I had already accepted the Inheritance," I said, I liked my inheritance very much, and even if there Scythe of a curse at my neck, I will not destroy Inheritance.

The Headmistress seemed to want to say something and even opened her mouth to say it but closed it with a sigh, "Kids these days, so stubborn about their choices.' Headmistress said with a sigh before she looked at me.

"Are you willing to be my student?" Headmistress asked suddenly, and that stumped me immediately. I had thought she would be angry at me or might even say something about me rejecting her advice, but I had never expected her to ask me to be her student.

"Are you an expert in Runes?" A question came out of my mouth before I could stop it. I wanted to ask this question more politely and respectfully, but it came out directly, and I was about to apologize for my rude behavior when a chimelike laugh came out of the Headmistress's throat.

"I do not dare to call myself an expert in Runology, but there is no one Academy who has better knowledge about runes than me except, of course, some of the seniors who had retired," she said, hearing that smile couldn't help but bloom across my face.

"Then, I would be very happy to accept you as my teacher Headmistress," I said respectfully to that she nodded with a satisfied smile.

"Good, from tomorrow your lessons will begin, but I have to warn you though, most of them will be about healing, and I will try my all to convince you to destroy your Inheritance and accept Healing Heart Inheritance." Headmistress said, "and from today, call me a teacher instead of a Headmistress." She said.

"Yes, teacher," I said; I talked with the Headmistress for a few more minutes, where she asked me a few questions about my breakthrough before I got up and walked out of the door.

"How are you feeling?" I had just walked out of the office when a familiar voice asked, "Fine, the curse is completely sealed inside me." I replied to Elina, aside from Elina, the other two people are sitting in this waiting room, a man who might be Elina's father and professor.

"Thank You for saving me earlier, professor, if not for your timely rescue, the curse would have gripped me in its claws," I said the curse would not have killed me, it does not have the power to do that due to seals, but it would be made me incapable of practicing, so when it got the power to break the seal, it would kill me in a single attack.

To that, she just smiled, and I was about to say something to her when I remembered something and immediately took out the gold t.u.r.d; the professor had once boasted that she is very good at appraising things. If I found something good like wine, I should give it to her to appraise.

Though I know she was just covertly asking for more wine, I still want to make use of those words spoken by the professor, "I had found these things in Ruin and researched quite hard about them, even the knowledge of natural materials has no information about these things."

"Would you mind telling me what it is? I have a bunch of them in my sto" I was continuing when suddenly a man appeared in front of me and took a gold turn in his hands and observed before his eyes started s.h.i.+ning like a golden thing which he was holding.

"Boy, did you say you have more of these things, take all out? The Hawthorn Sea will pay any price for it?" The man said as he looked at me with s.h.i.+ning eyes as if he saw the treasure.

"Snort! Robert, you are really shameless; let me see what is this thing that brought out your shamelessness." Professor said she appeared beside the man and s.n.a.t.c.hed the gold t.u.r.d from the man's hands before he could say anything.

"Oh, I've never thought we would get this thing," Professor muttered before she turned to me, "Micheal, it seemed like you are very good at finding precious things first the thousands of years aged wine, and now this," Professor said while looking at me with twinkling eyes.

"Professor, what is it?" I asked. I had already a faint idea about it, but I still decided to ask, "This Micheal is a very precious thing, it is what we called Unblemished Mold, the things that could help one construct the unparalleled Totem Artifacts." Professor replied.